Rebellion on Titan - Part 5

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Part 5

Katerina's medicine revived my body along with my mind. As soon as I got up in the morning, I checked the photos showing the last status of the villa my father built for me in Istanbul. The building of the villa was finally completed; only the garden arrangement was left. I uploaded the photos my father sent to the architecture program to update the simulation of my villa. I went into the villa wearing my virtual reality gadget, and I liked the inside of the house that finally took the shape I dreamed of. Although the bathroom wall tiles did not satisfy me, I decided to ignore the issue by thinking that a new change would bring my father to the point of rebellion. I went to the garden after trying different furniture alternatives suggested by the simulation.

I accepted the size and location of the pool proposed by the simulation, and the main focus was what flowers and trees would be in the garden, and how they would be distributed into the garden. I tried different alternatives for a long time, but I couldn't reach a definite conclusion because I didn't know what I wanted. When the simulation brought a golden retriever dog into the garden, I went to play with the animal and put aside the tree and flower issue. I came out of the simulation by locating the artesian well and the maintenance room on the insistence of the simulated customer representative. After all, I was able to choose plants when they were building the pool and the artesian well.

Red alert was issued when I was wearing my clothes to go to the Control Center. The red signal was about the problem with indoor air conditioning, so it followed the announcement stated that all personnel would prepare for boarding Air Vehicles. Oxygen level in my room was already dropping. I had to get to the terminal where the aircraft was located. I got out of the house, went down to the elevator and went underground to take the mini-train. However, the door to the mini-train line was closed. I worked hard to get the entry into manual fashion using the control panel, but I didn't succeed. My friends from the care center came to me and tried to help me, but the result didn't change.

We decided that the situation was helpless, and we went upstairs again. My efforts to reach the company management and the Smart Systems Audit Center through the internal communication system did not result. For the first time since I came to Titan, we were faced with such a failure, and the backup ventilation system was not activated.

The oxygen level in the building was not only dropping, but the building quickly cooled down in the minutes following the failure. Because the elevators were not working, we went upstairs using the stairs and entered the transition room to wear our flight clothes.

When we tried to put on our flight clothes, all three of us were trembling in the cold. Fortunately, the clothes had independent heating systems and oxygen tubes that could handle sometime. Unlike mine, there were small electric motors and propellers on the gears of friends, but this difference was not very important, as there was no safe place to go. After we warmed up our bodies in the clothes, we went to the terrace. I felt like going to the corporate headquarters would be a good idea because senior officials were there and I assumed that they would be given priority in solving the problem.

Now that it was night in Titan, the dark sky even looked darker. We could only see what the headlights of the flight suits show. My friends hurried to go to the Corporate Center as fast as they could. I decided not to leave the terrace without clear information to use my oxygen correctly. I heard the second announcement that everyone should leave the inner space and get on the planes. There was no mention of the cause of the failure and when to fix it. After making sure that I could not reach anywhere, I took off from the terrace with strong wing flaps. I could find out where the shuttles were headed if I went up and ran the perimeter. Failure in one or more of the buildings should have been resolved.

When I managed to get high enough, I saw that aircraft were flying around down there. Like the fireflies flying in the dark, they were wandering in the air without going any distance. Something inside me said that we were experiencing a failure, that Intelligent Systems ignited the revolution on Titan. Was it reasonable to start the revolution with such a massacre? During the great Mars revolution, artificial intelligence systems declared that people could continue their work, and in the years following the revolution, the Mars administration continued to pay their wages to benefit from their services.

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