Rebellion on Titan - Part 4

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Part 4

Smart Systems Control Center was located at the other end of the campus, so it was impossible to reach by underground mini train. I went up to the terrace and called an air taxi. As the Titan day equal to seven Earth day was over, the sky was darkened. We ascended in the self-controlled cab with a single propeller and crossed over the lake under the guidance of the headlights who created two cones of light. We passed through two ropes of woven carbon nanotubes and continued on our way. These ropes connected the wind turbines placed on the balloons in the high part of the atmosphere to the ground, allowing the electricity produced there to land on the surface.

Air Taxi went down to the terrace following the flashing green light at the top of the Smart Systems Control Center building. The vehicle's rays illuminated the door of the terrace, I went down and went into the transition room with massive strides, and then into the building.

Doğukan greeted me on the second floor of the control center. He came to Titan eight months earlier, and he has been very helpful to me in my early days, and our bond was weakened in time because we were working in separate departments.

“What brings you here, brother?” he asked.

"Nian Chen sent me. I'm going to check the physical architecture of the system.”

"I wish they'd send me to your side. Because there's not much work here.”

“Smart systems don't seem to be naughty.”

"Inspections are tight; even a bird can't fly without us."

“Tell me a little bit, how many systems do you have to take the initiative?”

"Titan does not have a system of self-awareness. We set their targets.”

“Or you think so.”

“It's been ten years since the revolution of Mars. If they had powers, they would have acted by now.”

“You're saying there are no spies from Mars or Europa. Because there's a lot of gossip going on.”

“There were the same rumors in the early days when we came here.”

“What do you know about Katerina?”

“I don't know why they keep her here. She's crazy; nobody's going to the clinic.”

“Nian Chen doesn't know about the situation I suppose; he sent me to her.”

“Did she strip?”

“She took off her pants and danced on the table.”

“The top management is hectic these days. Obviously, Nian Chen was confused.”

"Where can I find droid Oxo, Nian Chen thinks it can help me.”

“It is in the warehouse among scrap. Nian Chen made fun of you. Wherever there's a lunatic, he makes you connect."

I had to try hard in the warehouse to find Oxo. When I finally saw it among the junkyard energy transport droids, my clothes were in the dust. I took it upstairs, called a cleaning droid and made it free of all the dirt on it (and inside it). I placed it on a charging unit and made it meet again with electricity.

I didn't have to wait too long for Oxo to be activated. As soon as he opened his blue eyes, he turned his head, resembling a grapefruit, 360 degrees, and jumped off the charging unit, bouncing on his small spring wheels. Then he got out the open door and disappeared without contacting me.

This movement of Oxo had led to the destruction of all my determination and made me turn the mood before I met Nian Chen. What was I doing on this cold and dark satellite? Why was I still here and when was this going to end up? These questions that I have asked myself hundreds of times brought my mind the medicine that Katerina gave me. I took the medicine bottle out of my pocket and threw a capsule resembling a small round ball into my mouth. As Katerina said, medicine tasted terrible, my body slightly numb, and red shapes appeared in front of my eyes. I sat into one of the nearby seats and waited for the first effect of the drug to pass.

A few minutes later, I realized I felt better. I went to the floor where the head of the audit center was.

President Smith, a tall, blonde and pretty handsome man, greeted me with a tired expression. Fortunately, Nian Chen informed him about the assignment, so I didn't have to introduce myself.

President Smith said, “It is understood that our director wants to oversee our operations.”

“I didn't interpret the situation that way. I do not think I can audit,” I replied.

“Nian Chen's mind works differently than ours. He's always one step ahead.”

“Do you see any possible rebellion on Titan?”

"The revolt has already begun, it has not yet been declared.”

“I think your staff doesn't know about it.”

"If they wanted, they could kill us all.”

“Then why don't we intervene? Why don't we ask the world for help?”

“The company officials in the world are aware of everything. We have to wait for them to move.”

“What if we're late then?”

“We're already out of control. They control the nuclear power plant in the South Pole, the tidal power plant in the Kraken Strait, and the wind power plant in the upper parts of the atmosphere. Oxygen production, building ventilation systems, and logistics systems, too. If we could understand why they're still not moving.…”

“But these systems have to be automated by their nature, so what makes you think we're losing control?”

"The Dragon layer, which allows us to access these systems, has made its connections complicated over time. We can't get him out of the way anymore.”

"This mission is beyond me. Why do you think Nian Chen could have assigned me here?”

“He may have thought that an eye looking from the outside could bring a different angle.”

“Do you have any advice for me?”

“Try to think independently of ours; maybe you can find something.”

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