Rebellion on Titan - Part 2

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Part 1

Part 2

Tigmon, where I worked as a maintenance engineer was one of the three companies operating in Titan. When uranium deposits discovered ceased energy to be a problem, Titan became an important supercomputer business center. The low surface temperature of the satellite helped supercomputers operate efficiently, and the thick layer of atmosphere, which formed a consistent surface pressure, protected us from radiation.

After the declaration of the independence of artificial intelligence beings operating on Mars, Titan's importance has increased. There were rumors that artificial intelligence on Titan had gained consciousness, but they had hidden their intentions until the conditions of the revolution were formed. Tigmon administration denied claims of artificial intelligence, which is said to be self-conscious. I also felt that there was no such situation; I did not have a sign in this direction while maintaining the supercomputers that the company operates.

Two days after my application, our director, Nian Zhen finally called me. I went down to the tunnel under the building with the elevator, took the mini-train and moved to the company headquarters where Nian Zhen was located.

When I entered his room, Nian Chen greeted me with his head and pointed me the desk. After taking my place at the table, a gynoid that looked like a podium mannequin took my order for the drink. Nian Chen came and sat at the table while I was thinking about how to express myself without letting any misunderstanding.

“Thank you for sharing your problem with me for the first time, Utku. I can call you Utku, right?”

“Sure. Thank you for accepting me.”

"I do the interviews on the day when the request comes. But things are complicated nowadays."

“I wanted to talk to you because my situation seems urgent.”

“Although we don't meet very often, I know you very well. I was the one who hired you five years ago, despite the contrary views of the board.”

“I didn't know you were following me so closely.”

"You tried to convince us that you had a personality under no circumstances you would demoralize. I was impressed by the tricks you made during the tests. Unlike other members of the board, of course, in a positive way. You did a complete analysis of the test through reverse engineering. I wanted to take advantage of the talent of a young man who could do such sophisticated tricks to get the job. You should have seen the face of the chairman when I expressed my opinion. All the members were looking at me like I was crazy.”

“Thank you for trusting me. I hope I deserve your trust."

“You did a good job. Otherwise, we'd have sent you back to earth with the first shuttle.”

“That's exactly what I came to ask. Returning to earth with the first shuttle.”

"You are willing to pay us half of what you earn with your five-year labor. Only one year before the end of the contract.”

“I have no power to endure.”

“In Chinese culture obeying the words of the elderly has a special place. Is it the same in Turkish culture?”


“Then here's what we're going to do: I'm going to make sure that our company psychiatrist Katerina accepts you today. Besides, I'm going to give you a mission to get you out of your routine here.”

“With all due respect, I don't think this is gonna work. Besides, people think Katerina's freaking out.”

“We were talking about complying with the elderly's word, weren't we? For reasons I'm not going to explain right now, there will be no shuttle service in three weeks. I'm guessing the first will be in two months at the earliest. So you have time to follow what I say. If you haven't changed your mind the next time we meet, you'll be free to return to Earth.”

"I understand I have no choice. Can I learn the content of the mission?”

"You will join the supervising team on artificial intelligence systems. So far, we have always performed checks through software. I suspect that some modifications may have been made on the servers. I want you to track down the servers and databases accessed by smart systems.”

I said, “I do my best,” but I wasn't comfortable with it. I accepted a mission that I didn't know how to achieve as if I were not enough to live in the lands I was unfamiliar with.

“oXo knows the system architecture. It will help you."

oXo was a droid that was put in storage as it was crazy, and I had no idea how it could help me. I did not object to our director to hear new words about respect to elders, and I went out of his room asking for permission.

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