Rebellion on Titan - Part 3

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Part 3

Katerina looked more like a sorcerer than a psychiatrist with the phosphorescent buckles and excessive makeup. On the screen of the black blouse, two snakes wrapped around each other turned without stopping, and her slender arms were covered with tattoos.

Looking up at me with googly eyes, “You're judging me, don't do this,” she said.

“I'll do my best” I replied.

"Those who judge others do not hesitate to blame themselves. Do you know what the biggest lie that has ever told is? The idea that people can change.”

“I've never met a psychiatrist like you before.”

“I'm bored, Utku. We're all bored at Titan. Call me Katerina, please.”

She stood up without giving me a chance to open my mouth, took off her trousers that wrapped his long legs tightly, climbed over the large table, reached out to the table, lifted her legs and started to make dance moves.

I heard Katerina was a strange type, but I didn't expect that much. She looked at me with contentment with her big eyes and asked: “Did you like it?”

“Nice legs,” I replied.

“Look at the top; what do you see?”

“I'm surprised.”

"You're judging again.”

"The drops of water on your legs, they look real.”

“Feel it.”

I got up and touched a few drops on Katerina's leg. She had a body paint that made the slides look like three-dimensional, and her legs looked like she just got out of the shower.

“I brought this paint from the world with the last shuttle, isn't it fantastic?”

“Yes, it fits.”

“You found my arms skinny, but you liked my legs, and if you saw my breasts, you'd admire my body.”

"Katerina, what are we doing here?”

“The ice between us is melting.”

“Should I take off my pants?”

After sitting the chair “Yes, what is your complaint?” she asked me. She said this like she didn't just lay down on the table, and she wasn't the one who was showing dance figures.

“I'm tired of Titan; I want to go home.”

"Have you ever thought about committing suicide?”

“Yeah, no, I don't think so.”

“I've been thinking of it, but I don't need to, we're gonna die anyway.”


"You will take yourself to the world. So your return won't work.”

“I wasn't always like this.”

“I've always been like this. Fortunately, no one has applied for the Titan job other than me.”

“Are you the subject here, or am I?”

"What, am I not human?”

“You are a professional. You must be solving problems on your own.”

“It doesn't work like that. Anyway, can you move across to the cap?”

I followed Katerina's command and sat on the chair with an extended cap hanging over it. The cap slowly descended and covered the top of my body. For a while, the colored pixels circulated, after making the necessary measurements, the cap returned to the previous position.

After checking some values on the screen, Katerina said, "I'm going to write you a mix. A liquid powered by local organic compounds. It tastes terrible, but it works. You should take a dose every night before going to bed without disrupting it. Do you understand?”


“Did you wonder about my breasts?”


“Watch the dose of the medicine, we'il meet again next week.”

"All right.”

“You didn't like me, but I liked you, now it's time to embrace.”

It wasn't right that I didn't like her; she was just weird. I hugged her like a primary school student who said goodbye to his teacher and left the room by saying 'thank you.'

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