Rebellion on Titan - Part 1

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My heart was pounding when I left myself in the void from the roof of the maintenance center. Thanks to my wings opened side to side, after some time in the air, my heart beats went in to order, I flapped my arms a few times, balanced myself, and I began to fly towards the lake area. During my years here, my back and shoulder muscles developed, so I could fly and maneuver as I wish. Under the mustard colored sky, the lake looked lighter than the terrestrial areas, and the buildings floating on the lake barely seemed in the dark.

After leaving the lake behind, I came across buildings like a dark column in the sky. I continued to fly around the premises, and I saw the pale river flowing across the mountains. I continued to fly up to the hills by flapping wings. When I approached the mountains, an expression appeared in front of my eyes that I had entered the forbidden zone, but I did not consider this warning. I wanted to celebrate my 40th birthday in a different place at all costs.

The Shape of the terrain behind the mountains was entirely different from the surroundings of our settlement. There were deep valleys, sand-covered desert areas, and randomly scattered large hills. I glided using the wind to the high elevation, and I landed on frozen sand. I took my wings from my flight suit and put them aside, leaning on the oxygen tubes on my back and breathed for a while. I asked my flight suit's main control software to paint the landscape in front of my eyes to the color of the countryside in the world. The software did it so correctly that I would almost cry because of the landscape I saw. At that moment, I realized once again that I missed my home and my country.

When I was thinking about how to get back home, I felt like I was in danger. I got up and took my wings and put them on my flight suit in a hurry. I jumped forward and whipped my arms. In the meantime, a red triangle with an exclamation mark appeared on the screen. I started to flap my wings with all my strength get away from the forbidden zone. When I turned around and looked back, I saw that the source of danger was the ice that sprayed from the top of one of the hills. Ice pieces in any size were rising into the sky like bullets from a machine gun. The ice would fall into the area where I was floating, following a downward ballistic trajectory. One of them hitting my flight suit was enough for me to die right there. I progressed with strong wing flapping and short gliding, like birds fleeing from the storm. I continued to fly with all my strength, regardless of my breath, my beating heart.

The fact that the gravity of Titan was seven times less than Earth caused the ice to rise higher before it began to fall free. Thanks to this low gravity that allowed me to fly with the wings attached to my suit, I was able to get out of the Forbidden Zone in time. The faint glimmer of the methane lake has now reappeared beneath me, and as I glide towards the research center, I regained my breath. I landed on the terrace of the Maintenance Center under a mild rain of methane drops.

After a few seconds of breathing, I took my wings off and went through the door of the terrace and entered the transition area. I walked through the second door and took off my flight clothes. I was soaked in sweat when I went into the elevator.

I thought my behavior was meaningless when I took a hot shower. I received an unnecessary risk by entering the forbidden zone; that's what being human was, sometimes we could make irrational decisions. I was prepared for the company's psychological tests for six months, even though my personality was not fit to live in such a place. And by accomplishing something that seemed impossible, I managed to mislead the company about my character. I've been pretending to be someone I haven't been in Titan in years. When I compared myself to my colleagues, I figured out I was in the wrong place. The staff here were composed of people as calm and cold as this celestial body.

I went out of the shower and put on my thermostatic clothes, looked out of the infrared window of my room. The faint silhouette of Saturn, surrounded by rings, stood before me. The image of The Sun, which had risen recently was so small that you could think The Sun was Saturn's satellite.

I had to go home on the next shuttle. Even with the anti-depressants, I used regularly; I couldn't stand this cold and dark satellite.

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