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Good moorning, friends. Have you ever been in a situation where you have asked yourself, Where is God?


Have you ever been robbed, have you been the victim of some unjustified dismissal, have you ever paid anything unfairly, knowing that what you buy is not the real cost of what you have? Well, if you're Venezuelan, you'll know what I'm talking about; good dear friend or friend that you are reading, hopefully you have never been object of the previous cases. In my case they have robbed me more than once, and whenever there are robberies or injustices of which we are victims, we would like that at that moment the heavens will be there, that an angel will descend or that the thief will be petrified or wrapped in a supernatural fact that judges its action, but I believe that this never happens. Some time ago a friend of mine who was a pastor was robbed of his car, he was taken away by criminals and then left handcuffed on the side of a road; Another friend who is also a pastor was robbed of the four rubbers of his vehicle in his own house, we asked ourselves then, and that of the text that says: The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear him ... Will it be that we are deprived of the divine protection? And what happens when the question of what we have been talking about comes up in the midst of suffering, or when a loved one is lost, this question often arises. But is God guilty of our grief or suffering?


Many times we find ourselves in one or another situation alone, and we think that God does not care about us or our affairs. But how far is this true?

Job believed that all the suffering he suffered came as a Jew from God, but we all know that his calamities were caused by the hand of Satan (Job 2: 3, 9: 4)

If God created the universe and everything in it, perhaps it will not be aware of you; If God feeds all the birds and animals of the countryside, will not he be aware that there is food on your table?
If we should learn something, my dear friends, it is to be optimistic in the midst of any problem and adversity. Just as God understood Job's problems with luxury and detail, so God surely understands yours.

Finally, I want to remind you that the more you know God and his word, the more certain you will be that he is aware of you and how much he loves you (1Jn 2: 3, Rm 1:20, 1Pd 5: 7)


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