Life of an Aeroplane #ulog8

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I don't like to move at a snail's pace. I believe in speed. Speed is life and life is speed. I'm not a crawling creature that is pitied by others. I'm as free as a bird. I can fly high and low, this way or that. No, my whims do not guide me. I am guided by a ground control system. I look majestic, impressive and wonderful. I fly smoothly and glide through the air. As I fly on, the landscape below present an enchanting sight. The trees, fields and houses seem to float backwards. Small woolly cloudes float around me.

I have brought about changes in men's travelling habits that the railways and the steamships could not. I have made the world a global village. I have made the world smaller, and it is because of me that less time is required for travelling great distances. Road transport cannot complete with me in speed. Mountains, deserts, and seas pose no hindrance to me in my flight. They look at me in wonder as I as I cross over them at a high speed with passengers. My passengers often take out the binoculars to have a close and better look of the majestic peaks, mighty rivers, valleys and forests. They fell delighted. Men have dominated over time and space with my helps.

But there is a flip side. If guided by mean minds, I can wreak havoc and destroy civilisations. Nothing hinders me in this destruction. It was one of my ancestors who was used to drop the atom bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

I'm not quite free from danger. If my engine fails in sky, I have to come down with an awful crash. Fear gets hold of me when missiles are targeted at me. I have to bear a great strain when I'm hijacked by terrorists. Generally, I like flying in the air, with sailing clouds by my side and bright sunlight on my wings. Yet I'm too afraid of the fate awaiting me. I'm a great wonder of the world, an Aeroplane.

♡Thank you!♡



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e1d547c6393662cf4971b5b0fd1b68f9-1.jpgLIFE OF AN UMBRELLA



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Another great post!

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The airplane is now more human than machine thanks to your great write up.


The airplane is now
More human than machine thanks
To your great write up.

                 - abitcoinskeptic

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