Why Literature?

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Literature is an expression of life and languages is its medium. Literature has a close relationship with life. 'It's full of perfumes' - says Walt Whitman. The essential purpose of literature is to offer joy to the readers. It permits our emotions to find a suitable and satisfying outlet. When a poet writes a poem, or a dramatist writes a drama, he feels the pleasure of creation.

The study of literature has a great impact upon readers. Other subjects like History, Economics, Mathematics, atc. are objective and give us only knowledge and information. They cannot highlight the myriad aspects of life, but literature can. By reading literature, we can understand life better. This better understanding gives us positive energy that is the driving force of every achievement.

Poetry, drama, novel, and essay - all belong to the world of literature. Poetry is the essence of life. Again, when a reader goes through an absorbing nobel, he feels elated. He feels his life to be like music. He wants to announce - 'Here is a book that one must read'. A drama makes us feel that life is like a river. There are cross currents of joys and sorrows and even something more. An essay teaches us how to think in a global manner.

Good books are a guide in young age and an entertainment in old age. They help us forget the crossness of men around. Disappointment disappears while we are reading good books. Literature speaks of the joys, sorrows, hopes and aspirations of the common people. So, there is no denying that the study of literature humanises our spirit, broadens our heart and develops new sense of values. Only literature has the power to add to the sense of universal brotherhood.

Literature is a fountain of knowledge and culture. Science satisfies men's material needs. Literature satisfies men's intellectual and cultural thirst. But choice of books is very important in the study of literature. A good reader should choose the right kind of books because they have stood the test of time. A reader should believe what Alonso said - "Age recommends three things - old woods to burn, old friends to trust, and old books to read."

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This article reminds me of the days when I was in college

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