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In recent years, English has gained the the importance of becoming the official language, and it's very important that one masters it. So when I find time, I find up an English story book of my choice. All can betray, but a cherishable book cannot. While reading such a book, I get deeply engrossed in the book and feel myself to be a part of it. I forgot my won real self and visualise myself to be one of the characters of the book. I'm sometimes so fascinated by it that I even cannot hear my mother calling out for dinner. Reading such a book gives me immense delight.

Books written by the great writers can teach all the readers how to subtly deal with various aspects of life. But choice of books is a must. Every reader should know very well which books are to be tasted or swallowed or to be chewed and digested. In case of studying English books, I believe in Alonso's saying :
"Age recommends three things - old woods to burn, old friends to trust, and old books to read."

The utilitarian value of English can be hardly ignored. It is an effective lingua franca or a language of communication. As a subject, it provides an easy access in the domain of business, science and medicines and other important aspects of life. In a multilingual country like India it is widely used as a second language and an official language in government offices, legal and judicial systems and educational institutes. Besides providing pleasure by the virtue of its literature, English is the most widely spoken language of the world. So English is liked by me for its provision of delight and source of informations. As a language, it greatly contributes to the improvement of my personal qualities.

Our first prime minister, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru had said that English language would remain with us because of its importance in the world. It is the carrier of good, constructive and purposeful ideas. English is a global language, it is not confined to the British territory alone. It is also the language of many countries like the USA, Australia, Ireland atc. It has now spread to many African and Asian and African countries as well. Our country is now embracing English language and literature more and more. It is hence no good, shutting our doors to the English language.

@facttechz : I like & respect every languages.




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No one can deny the importance of this language....

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Your proficiency in English is good