Is it more profitable to delegate steem power or to hold and self-upvote?

@marc99 delegating is much better because self-upvotes can be downvoted and also starting on the next hardfork will return curation rewards to the blockchain meaning the comments would need to be voted 15 minutes after posting to get the full reward. Comments also require daily effort and posting or obxious automation whereas delegating to me and some other bots is a one time action with automatic payouts. Self-upvoting also puts half of the rewards in Steem power which must be powered down meaning the comment payouts are only 50% liquid while delegating is 100%.

Ok then I'll delegate after the hardfork. Thanks jerry.

Also, how would I receive the money from the bot? Does he upvote my posts?

Jerry, do you have a video explaining how this works in more detail?

@nkkb thank you for asking for a delegation link! You currently have 19,632 Steem power which can be delegated and about 600 Steem which can be powered up, held, or transferred. I made three links for you depending on what you want to do!

500 Steem power link

~50% Steem power link for 10,000 Steem power

100% Steem power delegation link for maximum payout and third place on the leaderboard

Jerry would you please make me a delegation link - I tried to delegate 500 SP.
I used the link for nkkb above, but changed it to read my user name. But I didn't calculate the vests as you described, so I'm not sure I did it correctly.

I can see the new delegate amount on my SP wallet.
Where will I see the daily payments?
Do I have to generate posts and/or comments to receive payments?
Does it matter that I had delegated somewhere else also?
Does delegating to you limit my daily upvote capacity?


Mollie thank you very much for delegating which does reduce the amount of your upvote and instead cashes it into daily payments which is better than self voting!

I really appreciate what you are doing to promote steem, and hope to help others with my off-the-grid health ideas.

Since I got a payment yesterday, I guess it worked. But now I’m intrigued- how do I increase my delegation?


i take the 500 steem power for now Jerry

Its done successfully

Thank you very much! You got your first automated payout last night!

Yes, Thank you in return. My mini token of appreciation. Voted for witness

what's the payout in terms of percentage?

based on current price and current rate of payout it works to about 43 % ATR