Vessel 0.2.0 - Interact with Steem securely from any website

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I'm incredibly excited today to release the next version of Vessel - which features a brand new way to interact with the Steem blockchain from anywhere on the internet. It is my hope that this effort helps unlocks the potential of the Steem blockchain by empowering developers and content creators with tools to interact with their audiences anywhere.

A bit of background on Vessel before going too much further:

What is Vessel?

Vessel is a desktop wallet for the Steem blockchain, which can be downloaded and run on your computer. Vessel is free to use and open source, and is designed to be a way to help secure your account. While using Vessel, your keys/password never leave the app, transactions are signed locally, then broadcast to the blockchain much like any other downloadable cryptocurrency wallet.

With Vessel, you no longer need to trust your web browser while performing secure actions with your account.

Download Vessel

Vessel is still beta software and it's recommended that you treat it as such. Before committing irreversible actions on your account (such as large outgoing transfers), please test with smaller amounts to ensure it's working properly and you understand your actions. If you send all your SBD to someone - there's no reversing that.

Download available on github for macOS, Windows and Linux.

What's new in 0.2.0

A single, infinitely usable feature:

  • Operation creation through a URI scheme

That's probably gibberish to 99% of you - so I'll try to explain what a URI Scheme is, then give some examples of how we can use it.

Have you ever clicked on a link that opened your email client? These types of links are used everywhere: on contact pages, in email signatures, or anywhere you want someone to be able to contact you (a way of interacting). These links are a special type of link that uses a URI scheme (the mailto:// scheme in this case) which allows your web browser to interact with your default mail client.

That's the purpose of a URI scheme - to launch an app under your control as a way to interact with content on a website.

This new version of Vessel implements this same idea and introduces an early draft of the steem:// scheme - except instead of opening your email client, this scheme opens Vessel (or any other future Steem application). It also does way more than just opening Vessel - it can prompt the user to interact with the blockchain in a specific way.

Let's look at a couple examples - but first, you really should have Vessel 0.2.0 installed for this. You can download it here. If you have privacy/security/trust concerns with Vessel, I'd recommend you just import a posting key from one of your accounts.

Ready? This post just got interactive.

Example #1 - Voting on a post

By using the steem:// scheme, anyone can create links that actually interact with the Steem blockchain:

Vote Button (or view in opbuilder)

<a href='steem://sign/tx/W1sidm90ZSIseyJhdXRob3IiOiJqZXN0YSIsInBlcm1saW5rIjoib3BidWlsZGVyLWEtdGlueS10b29sLXRvLWhlbHAtYnVpbGQtYW5kLXVuZGVyc3RhbmQtc3RlZW0tb3BzIiwidm90ZXIiOiIiLCJ3ZWlnaHQiOjEwMDAwfV1d#eyJ3ZWlnaHQiOnsicHJvbXB0Ijp0cnVlLCJ0eXBlIjoicGVyY2VudCIsImxhYmVsIjoiVm90ZSBQZXJjZW50YWdlIn19'>
  Vote Button

That link was created specifically to prompt for a vote on a post I wrote earlier this week about opbuilder (a developer tool to support this URI scheme). When clicked, Vessel will launch a small window to confirm the action and sometimes give values to modify (the percent in this case).

When the window appears - nothing immediately happens. You have to choose to proceed with the transaction by selecting which account you'd like to use and clicking the button at the bottom. If you have a wallet password - you'll also be prompted for that.

When you are ready to confirm the vote, hitting the button at the bottom will sign the transaction and broadcast it to the blockchain - without your keys ever leaving your wallet or being shared with anyone. The window will then close and you can continue doing whatever you were doing.

Voting was probably one of the most simple examples I could provide - so let's move into some other examples.

Example #2 - Vote for Witness

A lot of people line the bottom of their posts with signatures related to the author's witness campaign, soliciting votes. Using the URI scheme and Vessel, you can now do things like this:

Vote @jesta as Witness (using Vessel) (view in opbuilder)

That link will initiate a vote for me as a witness. Vessel will launch and display a form that allows you to select your account, and then broadcast the witness vote. No more having to step-by-step provide instructions, a content or website creator can craft operations they are looking to encourage other users to perform.

Example #3 - Requesting a Delegation

This example could be useful to services like Utopian, where you can delegate to their account in order to support the efforts of it's community. Instead of writing a post providing instructions on what to do - you can now simply just provide a link.

Here's an example link that initiates a delegation from you to @utopian-io, and prompts you to select an account and enter the amount of SP (or VESTS).

Delegate SP to @utopian-io (via Vessel) (view in opbuilder)

Example #4 - Donation Form

Vessel also supports many parameters that lets you customize the operations slightly to fit special needs. If I were writing a post asking for donations to support the development of Vessel, I could do so with a link:

Donate to support Vessel (with Vessel) (opbuilder)

This link initiates a transfer and also customizes the display a bit.

  • The "amount" field has a custom label of "Donation" and a special input selector allowing them to choose the amount of STEEM or SBD to send.
  • The "amount" field has a suggested amount that users can change.
  • The "memo" field on the transfer has a custom label, prompting the user for a Message along with their donation.

All the user has to do is pick an amount, decide if they want to include a message, choose the account to use and hit the button at the bottom. It could be even more simple using multiple links with individual pre-filled denominations.

Regardless of how it's customized - you'll always be able to expand and view the raw JSON operations to see exactly what's happening under the hood.

The examples could go on and on...

The possibilities for this are endless. Anything that can be done on Steem can also theoretically be done utilizing this method.

I built this specifically because I needed a secure way of interacting with the forum owners on chainBB. I really don't want to encourage users to enter their master password/active keys on my website - and I want something more secure than a user logged in with a posting key.

Instead of just building something specifically for chainBB - I choose to build a robust enough system into Vessel to allow any project the means to securely interact with their audience, without having to entrust sensitive information with each other.

The next version of chainBB will let forum owners configure moderation teams, beneficiaries, and other more security-sensitive options directly through Vessel.

What this will be used for in the future is anyone's guess!

What this means for 3rd Party websites and their ability to utilize Steem

The important thing to realize is that anyone can use these links on any website or app that supports custom HTML. If you were to copy and paste any of the examples above onto your Wordpress blog or into a reddit post - they would just work.

This furthers the ability for 3rd party websites to quickly and transparently integrate the features of Steem (and upcoming SMTs) into their own websites, services, and communities.

To assist with this, I'm working on what I'm calling opbuilder, a tool that can create operations and then provide the JSON, a steem:// URI, or a SteemConnect link. All of the example links above were created using the opbuilder (and then run through a URL shortener, more on that below).

Work in Progress

There's a lot still to be done with all of this, including use cases, the UI, security and tools to help integrate this into any website.

Almost all of the interactions created using this scheme will use a generic UI like the example shown for witness voting (#2). The transfer, vote, and delegate_vesting_shares operations have custom UIs that look a bit nicer. Over time, these interfaces will be refined and improved as more use cases are discovered.

There's also no feedback when an operation is complete. This has always been a problem with Vessel unfortunately since it doesn't show your action history anywhere. For the time being, I'd recommend viewing your account on or if you're looking for account/action history.

URI Scheme - Technicals

These steem:// URIs aren't incredibly complicated and I'd like to thank @fabien for sharing the idea of using the base64 strings. Currently only one path is supported:


The base64_encoded_operation string after steem://sign/tx is simply a base64 encoded string of the JSON operations to perform. The URL can also contain an optional hash, illustrated above as base64_encoded_application_parameters. This is additional data that the application you're communicating with can use to further interact with the operations.

In example #3 (the delegation prompt), here's a breakdown of how the URI works:

Scheme: steem://
Host: sign (the action to perform)
Path: /{type}/{opdata}#{appdata}

Full URL: steem://sign/tx/W1siZGVsZWdhdGVfdmVzdGluZ19zaGFyZXMiLHsiZGVsZWdhdG9yIjoiIiwiZGVsZWdhdGVlIjoidXRvcGlhbi1pbyIsInZlc3Rpbmdfc2hhcmVzIjoiIn1dXQ==#eyJ2ZXN0aW5nX3NoYXJlcyI6eyJwcm9tcHQiOnRydWUsInR5cGUiOiJ2ZXN0cyIsImxhYmVsIjoiQW1vdW50IHRvIERlbGVnYXRlIn19

Base64 Encoded Operations: W1siZGVsZWdhdGVfdmVzdGluZ19zaGFyZXMiLHsiZGVsZWdhdG9yIjoiIiwiZGVsZWdhdGVlIjoidXRvcGlhbi1pbyIsInZlc3Rpbmdfc2hhcmVzIjoiIn1dXQ==

Base64 Encoded Application Parameters: eyJ2ZXN0aW5nX3NoYXJlcyI6eyJwcm9tcHQiOnRydWUsInR5cGUiOiJ2ZXN0cyIsImxhYmVsIjoiQW1vdW50IHRvIERlbGVnYXRlIn19

If you were to decode these two strings, you'll see the operation and it's application parameters:

Operation JSON:

      "delegator": "",
      "delegatee": "utopian-io",
      "vesting_shares": ""

Application JSON:

  "vesting_shares": {
    "prompt": true,
    "type": "vests",
    "label": "Amount to Delegate"

Vessel uses the Operation JSON as a template to craft an initial operation and then the Application JSON to enhance the UI to prompt users for interaction with the operation template.


This is the first release in the 0.2.x series of Vessel and some of these new actions are going to have problems. Any transaction issues that occur while trying to broadcast will appear in a red box above the "Sign + Broadcast" button.

Currently there are known bugs with:

  • Signing anything that requires auths (like custom_json).
  • JSON encoding some fields.
  • No interface for editing/templating multiple operations.
  • Signing a transaction using account_auths - you need the key currently.

Throughout the 0.2.x series of releases I'll be improving and addressing these as it relates to whatever projects start integrating these features. My first integration personally will be with chainBB, so the custom_json operation is likely to be improved in 0.2.1. I'd invite other developers to join the effort and help improve it where they need it.

If you have a bug to report, please file it on github. Bugs only though, as for discussion...

Questions? Want to talk about using this?

I'm monitoring the above /f/vessel, a chainBB forum, for chatter related to Vessel. If you have questions/comments/concerns/whatever, I'd invite you to join the conversation there. chainBB is a discussion forum (and one of my other projects) so I'm going to drag you all there to use it :) support for the steem:// URI scheme

At the time of this post - filters out links that use the steem:// scheme and only allows http:// or https://. I've created a pull request on steemit/condenser that alters the sanitizers to allow for these special links and am awaiting on feedback. Hopefully this pull request will get accepted and deployed to to allow everyone to use this links. has already been patched to allow support for this.

In the mean time - clever @netuoso recommended a workaround that this post uses to allow usage of these special links. You just have to use a URL shortener like to convert the steem:// links into https:// links before posting them. They redirect to the appropriate protocol and allow these links to work within a post on

It's a bit of a pain to have to jump through an extra hoop - but at least it's immediately functional.

Vessel in 2018

I have a lot of goals for Vessel in 2018, here's a high level overview:

  • Complete rebranding with new name. As much as I hate the idea, and love the name Vessel, there's actually a company out there that makes physical wallets named Vessel. I had no idea until very recently. Instead of competing with them on search engines and potentially trademarks, it will be easier to just rename the project and rebrand it. I've been entertaining ideas, but I have no idea what the new name will be or how it will be rebranded.
  • Non-beta release product: Along with the rebrand, it's my goal to have a non-beta product released in 2018 of this wallet. This may also include a rewrite of the core of the wallet to accommodate better security and account management.
  • More community development: I don't want this to be a @jesta project, I want this to be a community effort. To that end - I'll be trying to work with any developer that's interested to improve this project. @netuoso has been a great help, and as more developers join the effort, we'll be able to release higher quality code more regularly.

These features and more will be developed as time permits. As a free/non-revenue generating project, Vessel has no full time developers and all development is done by volunteers. Features are created as free time becomes available and/or a revenue generating product creates a demand for it.

Thanks to everyone who has given it a shot in 2017 and supported it in some way!


Man, this is so awesome. Really great work. It's fun to see it in action so quickly as I know you've been working on this for a little while. Great stuff.

Thanks @lukestokes! I'm excited to seeing adoption of it and what crazy uses people come up with for it. It was hard not to ramble even more in the post listing off all the ideas I've come up that it could do... tip buttons, delegation markets, escrow systems, sites like steemstats that can broadcast actions, ugh... the list goes on!

I'm really glad you gave as many examples as you did. Those of us who are familiar with web protocols and how amazing new affordances can emerge from them immediately got how revolutionary this could be, but others, I think, need many examples. I'd love to see you put together video examples of this stuff and how it can be used throughout the web. Just keep repeating it and demonstrating it so people can really get how big of a deal this is.

This, to me, is the first real example of tokenizing the web we've seen, and it's really freaking exciting. I'm glad to see you got a nice fat vote from Ned for your efforts.

Damn dude! Great job... enjoy that bonkers payout too ;)

upvoted and now following you too. ;)

Wow, this seems like a game changer. Downloading it now and I'm excited to play around with it. Good work!

Is it safe too when the computer is infected with a key logger?

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@jesta the payout of this post is incredible?

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Ok I will try to this and hoping I can Understand what on gonna be. on your great collaboration. Wishing all your success @jesta

man you are doing a great job

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I’m assuming eventually I will be able to use my androids iPad to access this? Im inspired.

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@the-ord Donations are Appreciated

What would you expect the bot to do? Spam people's wallet with the warning? That's about 500 Steem to do that for everyone.. I don't care that much.

It's really awesome to see you so enthused about Steem! You're clearly one of the best and most prolific Steem coder!

Your work is really inspiring!

Hello, Please write something in the platform. We will upvote you. Thank you and Happy steeming.

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Que bueno esta esto, anduve buscando algo similar, lo encontré porque estaba en tendencia. Gracias

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How about simplified URLs too?

For example, I don't want to generate a crazy transaction just to let users send STEEM, so how about something like:


We could absolutely start adding more and more routes like that to simplify things. If anything, I'd probably end up mirroring the steemconnect links so that they're interchangeable. The base64 route was the path of least resistance, since I could use a single route (/sign/tx) to do every single operation.

It's also not all that hard to actually create these links:

const base64_ops = window.btoa([
      "amount": "10.000 STEEM",
      "from": "",
      "memo": "",
      "to": "anonsteem"
const base64_app = window.btoa({})
const url = `steem://sign/tx/${base64}#${base64_app}`


Hi @jesta

First of all, excellent work and thank you for sharing it as open source.

I have some questions.

  1. Option to create an account within vessel. I am testing to integrate STEEM blockchain to one of my game project. I would like to know when a user downloaded the wallet, do they have option to create a steem account within vessel?

  2. For donation, will I be able to change this from "donation" to "buy" so I can use it as option for in-game purchase.

Well done job.
Cheers for now.

Thanks! Here's some answers for ya:

  1. If a new user downloads the wallet, there's no way for them to create an account from scratch. Steem itself requires an account with liquid funds and/or SP to delegate in order to create new accounts. I do want to explore integrating account creation services - but those service will have a cost associated with the account creation.
  2. Absolutely - you can use the protocol to label any of the fields or even preset the values.

Thank you for your feedback. I may be able to grab something from steemconnect for account creation and and vessel altogether.


SteemConnect also can't create accounts standalone, they must be created by another Steem user. AnonSteem creates accounts from @anonsteem.

Thank you Chris.

upvoted and now following you too. ;)

Excellent work guys! I'm looking forward to the full release! Thanks!

Great work and thank you for your contribution to steem. I need to read it one more time to digest the information. If im not mistaken I think you did steemdb, I use that tool every single day. Take care my friend.

upvoted and now following you too. ;)

Excellent work! This app looks incredible!

Wow @jesta! I am new to steemit. I had no idea about Vessel til I caught this in trending today. What an exciting way to be able to navigate this blockchain.

I'm sincerely looking forward to trying this out!

upvoted and now following you too. ;)

Trully a gamechanger app!

Proud to be delegating to this great project. My hope is that it will become a full client so I hope you are able to get more developers on board. Can you use the word Steem within the new branding? SteemWallet and as it grows SteemClient/SteemPortal/SteemApp.

Great work @jesta! I am sure we will be able to utilise it in development of our platform!

Excellent! You have implemented my idea. By the way, I was researching what the bitcoin community did and wrote an article about it

I kind of thought this would be the first place to see this kind of thing but you really expanded the capabilities from what my proposal was!

It turns out the double slash is an artifact of http and https protocols. there is no need to have a double slash after the colon in the spec. The mailto works fine without those.

Hah, we must have both been operating on the same frequency :)

Good call on the double slash - I'll have to test that out!

yeah, you can see that with localhost: too.

Great work!!!

Great initiative, thanks!
A couple of notes.

  1. When I installed deb package for Vessel I saw this:

    What licence is Vessel under?
  2. When I clicked on one of the links above, I saw:

    Choosing either of the options did not open Vessel, and nothing happened.
    I am using Ubuntu operating system.

@jesta The bitcoin analog for this has integration into KDE in change set 70f55355e29c8e45b607e782c5d76609d23cc858. Maybe you can find something that works for KDE. @slavix the operating system is trying to open a handler for 'steem:' but the install process of Vessel doesn't configure xdg-open like it needs to.

Thanks, will definitely check it out to see if it provides a clue.

  1. Vessel is under MIT - I haven't given it too much thought beyond when I initially set it up. Strange that the linux installer says that, I'll have to look and see if I missed a configuration value.
  2. I'll have to look at why it's not working in Ubuntu, I'm not sure what's happening. It appears the name of the handler isn't correct and doesn't even work. Sorry about that!

New build with some fixes to how the handler works. I know it fixes issues that Windows users were experiencing, and am setting up a Ubuntu desktop VM right now to test it as well.

Great work man. This is starting to look a lot like steemconnect I wonder what the progress is on this project...
@jesta please please ad power up option to vessel :)

Hah, while there's no spot in the UI for it, this link will let you power up :)

Power Up!


@jesta 😊😊😊😎😎😎😎👌👌

upvoted and now following you too. ;)

upvoted and now following you too. ;)

This could be a real boon for adoption, keep up the good work @jesta!

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This is really Cool this has been bothering me not having the control and security that most crypto currency wallets have.

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its very important for my work... thanks man

Very cool. Id love to take a look at the source code. This looks like it probably was built using electron or something similar.

I am just reading and hearing about this app now. I might try it out very soon..Thanks for sharing useful info here.

Por favor, necesito que me den su voto en cualquiera de mis publicaciones, lo agradecería mucho

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The best convenient way...thanks for such a nice development....👍👍@jesta

@jesta This sounds awesome! I'm not much of a techie person...still working on it. But the explanation you given is easy to understand. Would regularly use of vessel be able to manage transactions with my 3 account?( Busy, Steemit) Thank you for the info, best wishes :)

Vessel can be used to manage any Steem blockchain account - regardless of what website you use it on. It's primarily for managing the wallet and voting aspects of your account though, and isn't meant for reading content.

are you up for a challenge?

Would be nice to beable to create wallets independently of the blogging platform.

@jesta Sir you got my respect .
thanks for creating this

What are the chances this could be ported to BTS eventually? I think we'd benefit from bitUSD forms that could be embedded into sites.

It's definitely possible, just a matter of time/effort to build the protocol and implement. I've considered with the rebrand of Vessel, pushing it into a multi-currency wallet (the graphene family basically) - but that would be a pretty massive undertaking and I don't know where I'd find the time to build it out properly. Chances of it happening in the immediate future aren't all that high - but it's definitely something I've thought about.

Oh wauw that is awesome. Amazing work!!

Are there fees?

So does using this replace using an exchange like bittrex. Right now I don't know if bittrex is really an exchange or really a trading platform or both.

Would the chain be Steemit>Vessel>Exchange>bank account? Are we adding a step?

Also I immediately thought of gumroad as a lot of artist use it to sell. Could this be a no fee replacement? Does each currency need it's own wallet for some technical reason? Could vessel accept other currencies? Could it be linked with an exchange? Those questions could be irrelevant if steem became the prominent currency on the internet but at some point there will be a transaction provider that accepts most crypto. Maybe paypal will beat everyone to the punch if they go for that? Maybe it already exists and I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Sorry for the crazy comment. I'm new. Also thanks for putting the work into this!

Following along in the order of your questions:

  • Nope, no fee's, just a wallet.
  • This does not replace an exchange like bittrex - there's no trading in the wallet (yet?).
  • The chain would end up being Vessel -> Exchange -> Bank Account. You don't have to move funds to the wallet, you just import your keys into the wallet and now you can use your Steem account from it (instead of the website). Using Vessel means you no longer have to rely on your web browsers security and entering your master password or active keys into it.
  • I don't know enough about gumroad to answer your question - but the wallet can be used for users to send Steem to eachother.
  • Vessel could accept other cryptocurrencies (and act like a wallet), but it's not an exchange to trade within.

No worries about the crazy comment - more than happy to help with the learning :D

Thank you for answering my questions. I thought of a few more but decided not to post them here. I'll continue to follow and read the chainbb forum. I'll catch on.

Boom! Simply beautiful. The UI is easy to navigate

i follow you and upvote you wish that you can do steemit will be nice

Great job, this is really mind blowing. Good work

Nice Post

Recién abriendo contenidos. Que bueno amigo @jesta por la emoción que transmites al mostrarnos esta nueva versión que te llena de orgullo y sin duda nos ayudará a desbloquear como tu dices el potencial del blockchain de Steem al capacitar a los desarrolladores y creadores de contenido. Felicitaciones pronto a la llegada de un nuevo año.

Just when I was starting to think vessel was an abandoned project, it isn't.

Thank you very much for vessel.. it is a valuable tool and will be used by many.

It was never abandoned, but as one guy, I only have enough time in the day to work on a couple things.

chainBB + Vessel + various helper tools = multiple peoples full time jobs :)

You're right. Glad you said that. It puts it into better perspective now.

How much can anyone expect (or should expect) from you. You work darn hard and ppl should be more than happy with what they get (and didn't pay for). :)

Keep up the great work. Now let me steal 1 min of your time. Do you agree about the Bitcoin crashing thing I just posted. There was no way we were going to hit $19,000 but as stupid as it may sound, yes, we'll see $25,000 in the spring because of.. (well you just have to read it)

Tebrik ediyorum seni @jesta. Gecen gun @bahadirk ile ayni konuyu konustuk. @ebruaydogdu da katildi hatta muhabbete. Ayrica @vessel ve @steem-uri taglari da cok uygun olmus.zaten senin postlarin hep cikiyor karsima bu da ne kadar kaliteli ve seviyeli iş yaptigini gosteriyor.hic sıkılmadan yorulmadan okudugum bi post gayet yararli.en kisa zamanda deneyecegim ve geri dönüş yapacagım.
Basarilarinin devamini dilerim

@jesta kesinlikle @spyking e katiliyorum. Güzel üretimler yapıyorsun ki heryerde karsimizdasin. Başarılarının devamını diliyorum. Tebrikler.

Very well, every post @jesta all very useful, I'm very happy to read it.

I love the post you share this, it is very interesting and nice and very useful after we read, hopefully you can always make interesting post and get interesting achievement in every post that you share

Wow! This is a loudable project. Kudos to you @jesta. A very welcome development.

bu nası bukadar para kazandi resmen bi servet bu bu nasil inanasim gelmiyor dogrusu vay vay iyi paylaşım

Truly awesome, am just hearing of vessel (downloaded) its going to be so awesome, can't wait. Wish I knew coding. Am a designer tho, just feel free to contact me wheneveryou need anything design and branding related.

Thanks for the effort you all

Man, this is fantastic. Will try Vessel soon and get going with this. Thank you for contributing such great tools to us all!!


Vesssel awesome bro i am waiting for an destop wallet of steemit and thanks alot


pocketsend:[email protected],

Cool! I guess we would be able to customize a specific commenting transaction like the one above without having to worry about correctly typing the operation! Maybe even, let's say, only allow the amount (or the receiving account) part of the command to be changed​ at will!

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Thanks for using POCKET! I am a confirmer bot for fun, view my source confirmer code here. Don't know what a POCKET Token is? Here is a link to the official announcement post.

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Holy Shit @jesta!

When the day comes when we integrate VR games into Steem, ads communities where people judge their esteem values or downvotes the manipulation of companies w a global corporate oracle rep counter, and when 3rd gen Steem API wrappers (post SMT) that bridges between blockchain make facebroke eat our dust, the origin of all these will trace back to the humble genius of vessel, steemconnect, & the likes. I salute this effortand hope many more dev will follow on and become legend here themselves along the path you have forged.

Respects & Hats off!


wow great news

So this is tool to empower third party apps to interact with steem, great job! :D

It's amazing @jesta! I am now learning programming languages (Js and Python) to do such amazing things.

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This is awesome.

absolutely perfect

Awesome...i really love this

Vessel 0.7.0 is still awesome, will upgrade soon to 0.2.0 and cannot wait to see what you guys come up with moving forwards. Can't understand about 75% of the technical stuff here-above, but after seeing your contributions to aggroed's panel discussion, I am certain your vision for how the masses will interact with the Steem blockchain will turn into reality in the near future! Vessel (of whatever it will be re-branded as) is a big part of that process.

Steem on!

hello dear i follow you and upvotes you so pleas you do steeemit help us why we don't help eachothers

Now that... is a lot of up-votes...

Wow, this seems like a bit of a game changer. Downloading it now and I'm excited to play around with it. Good work!

Incredible, thanks guys.

Upvoted and comment on your post , hope you do same

Just opening contents. What a good friend @jesta for the emotion you convey to show us this new version that fills you with pride and will undoubtedly help us unlock how you say the potential of Steem's blockchain to train developers and content creators. Congratulations soon to the arrival of a new year.

Is there a way to modify the post, published within a week, to enter this formula ???

I appreciate your continued efforts in improving vessel 0.2.0 , However, I can not use the ship program at present, because it is ambiguous In the way it is used and the consequences of potential spyware, So I will wait and notice responses from members, So that I can see that in the near future.

@jesta this tool looks awesome can't wait to implement it in future projects :)

Dude, that's great. A really great work

I really liked your post

Hi @jesta, Is there any way to use this wallet to lock down a power down 100% of SP to another account that would be sure enough to the buyer to pay me up front the total? I'm exploring ways I can forgo the 13 week power down process, given I've already canceled and restarted already 6 times to continue to add in the accrued SP each week. Thus, I'm looking at minimum 19 week power down at this point. Any ideas and help would be greatly appreciated, as I really need the funds, even if it is only just shy of 154 steem.

The only other ideas I had would be either find a way to lock down delegation of SP to to someone willing to pay up front or to find someone to just buy and take over the account, which wouldn't be ideal. Thanks

If I'm understanding you correctly, I don't believe so. The power down sequence is rather rigid and doesn't leave much room for accommodating situations like that.

Thanks, @jesta. That's about what I thought. It was @eonwarped who thought it could be done with vessel. So I wanted to ask you, given you created it.

To be clear, I was only saying that you can power down the whole amount with this wallet, vs steemit which now withholds 5 SP so that the account is still usable.

That and powering down to another account.

Locking down the power down is not something I thought could be done, sorry for the confusion.

I really do appreciate the effort though, @eonwarped. It's like a lot of things about steemit that are just way too complex and non user friendly for the masses. I think just as steemit delegates to new accounts some SP, they should do the same when people want to power down what they've earned as well, given they remove the delegated steem once one invests here. It's certainly a negative reflection on the management in my view, which is sure to anger many who invest and then wish to leave, especially as the value of steem goes back up.

I didn't realize steemit doesn't allow users to completely power down now, that's an interesting decision.

Yeah I think it's temporary measure until the next fork because of the problem of not being able to withdraw after powering down everything.

Hey there, I just installed Vessel and I want to go ahead and try it out. I was wondering though, which WIF key do I need to use to link my steemit account?