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So, this weekend I had to go to DC for work and drove from my home in New England. I had mentioned I was heading south to @yabapmatt beforehand, and he suggested we meet up for dinner. So, just yesterday night he and I had outselves a little chance to meet.

We ended up talking about bidbots quite a bit, and we figured out that between us we can really turn the bid bot landscape into a much more transparent and easy industry. We're looking at some new features to the postpromoter bot and trying to figure out how we can service more currencies than what's available now. We're looking at automating payments for bid bot owners, and thinking through some dashboards that we can add to give much more detailed information to users and owners alike.

So, as of today the postpromoter bot and the website are 50/50 co-owned by @aggroed and @yabapmatt. We'll get some more information out about next steps soon, but we wanted to get the word out and let folks know some positive changes are coming.

What's the plan?

To the bid bot owners out there we'll have some additional free and premium services that will be available soon. To the bid bot users same deal. The one thing that's certain though is that there will be better information available for everyone on the block and more services that can help connect posters and marketers together!


Both @aggroed and @yabapmatt are elected witnesses dedicated to making sure that the HF19 landscape and the Steem platform in general is progressing towards greater transparency and a good financial environment for content creators and platform investors. We want to ensure that interested people get their posts promoted and investors have an attractive place to earn rewards. Despite some controversy bid bots help make steem an attractive place to market posts, which will add value to the platform overall.


love your work @aggroed

Really appreciable post

Some transparency tools and you look like this.. Fair enough :) I would date you. Goodluck with the co-op! I follow the progress with lots of interests! Btw I love cafes where Rocky is on the wall omgitsyou

Hello there @aggroed ! I hope you get this message ! So i used just a week ago Steem Bot Tracker service to delegate 5000 SP to therising, Booster and SmartSteem Bid Bot service ! So thersing and Booster are working fine ! But i noticed no confirmation of my delegation from this service and still not one payment ! So I went back to check that i was delegatedas indeed i sure i was ! Indeed the three services were there all holding 5000 SP delegated from my account ! So then i went on and cancelled my delgation to Smartsteem with the intention of putting it on instead on Appreciator ! But it seems that i cannot as Smartsteem still holds my 5000 SP but now strangely is no longer visibly marked in my list of bid bots holing my SP ! So now i am wondering what has happened to my SP ?? Can you maybe take a look somehow or advise me what may have happened !

Excellent, I just wrote an article on this very subject, Bid Bots and how to use the Tracker site.
One that needs to be added is @steemdunk, an auto curation bot.

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love it, 100%

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I am a new steemians and getting experiance therefore i dont know much about what you are telling but i am still thinking your are doing great job to enable people be in better position in future. Do suppot me by upvoting. Thanks.

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@boomerang distributes 100% of the SBD and up to 80% of the Curation Rewards to STEEM POWER Delegators. If you want to bid for votes or want to delegate SP please read the @boomerang whitepaper.

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Hi buddy,

I know that this is not very "fresh" post but I still hope you can advise/help me.

I was trying to use to boost my posts and I experimented a little bit with this tool.

My impression is:

  1. if Im planning to upvote my own post as soon as possible after post has been published, then I will benefit the most as an author and curators will benefit very little (as they will most likely upvote after bots did their job).

Is that correct?

  1. So if I would like to benefit my curators (as Im really here for right reasons) then the best think is:
  • NOT self-voting right after I publish post
  • allow curators to upvote on your post (hopefully they autovote)
  • after 30minutes self-vote and then start using bots.

This way my own reward as an author will be smaller, but all my curators would get bigger portion of reward. Am I right?

I hope you can share your experience. And of course check out my profile if you are passionate about cryptomarket or AI.

Cheers, Piotr

Greetings @crypto.piotr

Today I made a transfer from the @steembottracker page, using the send offer tool, and I don't know why the 4 steem I sent to the bot @boomerang arrived at the @bumerang account. I wrote to this account requesting the reimbursement of the fund, but from what I see this account has received in the past wrong transfers and does not return them. What can be done in these cases.

please how can i get mercurybot group..please I send 0.200 SBD for upvote but did not get my upvote and no refund either Can you help me?

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