STEEMPUNK-NET -- MMORPG on the STEEM Blockchain -- already in open beta testing -- attracting players from outside STEEM

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Hi all,

this is the STEEMPUNK-NET Lead Devs: @dehenne and @jedigeiss.
We are building a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game directly on the STEEM Blockchain, our first iteration of the game is already in open beta status, though there are a lot of features not yet developed.

Features already developed:

  • Login via Steemconnect v2
  • Character creation and progression process
  • Fighting Module
  • Battle results
  • Own external Website --> Link
  • Game statistics module
  • Beta items and graphics
  • Housing concept

Current Status

We have built up all infrastructure needed and the game is since 2017/11/27 in beta status. We have already got more than 100 players and a growing community in our official discord server.
We are currently fully concentrating on developing the housing module and also are thinking on a random encounter module to have more interaction within the game.
We are already attracting players from outside steemit and are intensifying our efforts with the progression of the development!
If you want to read more, here is our last weekly update

What are the next milestones

We have released a roadmap and a whitepaper explaining clearly what we want to achieve.

In short the next milestones are:

  • Creating and implementing the crafting concept
  • Creating and implementing the shop concept
  • Creating and implementing the monetization concept, first directly on the steem blockchain and after the release of SMT, directly using SMTs within the game (this will give us an enormous boost and impressive possibilities)

What will the 300 SBD be used for?

We will use that SBDs to push further and intensify the developmentof the game and also to improve the visuals within the game. Additionally it would help to shoulder the montly costs for running this game.
Advertisement is also on top of our list, but we will only start this with full force once the shop system has been launched.
We have been working on this for 8 Weeks now and we are a small development team consisting of 5 people. This SBD would allow us to pay a small amount to our developers(40SBD each)
And we would also use it to pay a part of the hosting cost in the future (100 Dollar a month, for how long this would last heavily depends on the SBD/USD rate)

We are already having a fantastic community, the logo and the following short intro video was created by @oendertuerk and a lot of other ideas and stories are flowing in!

Thanks alot for reading this, if there are any questions left please contact @jedigeiss or @dehenne on the discord or in

Thanks @jerrybanfield for this opportunity!

Kind regards

ps for all that are asking themselves what we are doing here and why we are writing such a post please see the reason for this by reading this post from @jerrybanfield


this is awesome, what is your discord channel??

Yes kitties!!

malditos roedores...

With your permission @steempunknet @dehenne @jedigeiss, I haven't found any information in my language, so I have translated this post into Spanish. .

I find myself translating the website into Spanish in order to make a guide if you don't mind...

Thanks for your work, I'm already one more player in the world of SteemPunk.

sure. man, we are appricated every help. It's a pleasure to have you with us.

I fully support the cause, but it's a bit unclear what you're are looking for regarding the 300 SBD...
Is this a call for funding? Are you looking for a donor?
Or did Jerry Banfield already donate those 300 SBDs?
Thanks for clarification.

Yeh i have the same questions...

hi all,
here is the originating post from jerry banfield where this is a reply to

Thanks, would really help to add a short explanation and this link to the post...

I already added it see the ps section under the post. Or should I make this more visible?

Yes, maybe you could use a hr and a br to make it more visible.

I would have started the first sentence with:

"Hi all,

we are asking for a weekly budget of 300 SBD following this offer by @jerrybanfield to help us with the server costs and further development of our Steempunk MMORP."

That would make it much easier to understand the reason for your post.

Well true @shortcut but Jerry was clear in his format he wanted to have the 300sbd as first words. I can put after that a clarification. And by the way it's not a weekly thing its currently only this 300sbd to move forward and relieve a bit the pressure of our shoulders
Kind regards

Thanks for clarification Jan. You see, I even got that wrong.. You still can use "350 SBD needed for development of Steempunks" as the fist heading... Btw: I just wanted to provide feedback to make everything more readable und clear. Hope you will get the 300SBDs, they are very well spended within the Steempunk project :-)

Thank you for this beautiful proposal and contribution to Steem! We are funding for 1,500 Steem in multiple payments with the first coming just now! We will just use Steem going forward for simplicity and the 300 SBD converts to about 1,500 Steem.

In honor of our soon-to-be houses, I hereby challenge you to a duel in-game ;)

I think Steempunk net has really helped get me back into Steemit, as it gives me something to do ON Steemit when I'm not writing articles or reading.

Plus, I usually end up reading a post or two when I go challenge someone !

Continue the good work !

come at me bro

Really love to support your idea but need more clarification of 300 SBD.

bende olmalıydım üzüldüm :((((

Please no turkish, we dont understand it. thanks for your consideration

wauw this is a really nice project keep it up.

Lets du dudu duellll

😂😂 ... you become the duell master

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