Brick pots and our environment

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Bricks are an essential and basic component of building our buildings. The soil made of a protracted sized pile and raw bricks are made and then dried in the sun. Pure bricks are made after burning raw bricks. There have been many uses of bricks burned in the sun or fire in different countries of the world since ancient times. Although bricks are not as long lasting as a stone; Yet the availability is at a low cost and its popularity and use for short weight. Some bricks were burnt while making brick and swollen like a pectin, a blackish black eyed brick creates a curved brick, which is called "Jama brick". It used for the use of gamble, which is thick and strong.
The earliest brick found was discovered 7500 BC. Eighth is gathered from the Tigris area near Diyarbakir, near southeast Anatolia. The smallest of its seven 7000 to 6395 BC is found in Jericho and Catal Hyeuk areas. But it is widely believed that bricks burned in the middle of the third century BC were created in the Middle East. Burning bricks work in cold and humid weather and are quite strong.
In the case of brick making, it is said to be brick pots. Generally, bricks are made in agricultural land were suitable for making soil bricks. The brick is made by throwing the fenugreek clay into mould water. It's called raw bricks. This brick is dry in the sun. Then it was burnt to the fire. The brick kiln has a large furnace. Burning the brick by firewood or burning a coal is burnt. Its surface is 120 feet high, with a chimney that shows smoke coming out. Since the 1980s, modern factories have started preparing bricks.
Without the help of the government's policy, the bricks have been built in different parts of the country without being screwed. These brickfields are run year after year without the clearance of the Deputy Commissioner and Directorate of Environment. These illegal brickfields are run in front of the administration and environment department, but they have no effective action in this regard. Only once a year, the activities of the Directorate of the Environment Department are limited only by managing the mobile court. There are lots of Brickfields in the rural and remote regions of Bangladesh, I do not know the exact statistics.
Without breaking the existing laws of Bangladesh, the bricks field was built besides the corp land. Bricks are used as wood and coal for burnt bricks. Daily carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emission from bricks. Due to brickfield gas and fierce heat, green leafy leaves of the surrounding villages are falling and the trees are dying.vata002.jpg
The smoke in the brick field is not only harming the environment but it is doing mankind. Poor people living around the brick field are being affected by various disorders. They do not have the adequate capacity to heal the disease. These neglected people in the village cannot say anything to the pressure of influential people.vata009.jpg
The brickfield is forced by the villagers to shut down the authorities. There was no tree sign for three years to close the mill. Now time is changing people are now many protesters.
The government should make people more aware. The people of Bangladesh must tell the bricks that they are asking to use as brick substitutes for soil. The government should be kept in mind that the production and use of these bricks are readily available. Keep a close watch on people at low prices that they can use.

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