Steemit Update [ July 28th, 2023 ] : Booming Support Communities

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Thank you to all the communities who took the time to submit applications for @booming support.

There were 33 applications in total.

The good news is that with the continued use of the three tier structure, most of the communities that applied will be able to receive some level of @booming support.

Booming Support Communities

The communities selected for @booming support are…

Tier 1

These are established communities who are performing well, with good active user bases.

Tier 1 communities will receive 6 @booming votes per day…


Comunidad Latina

Hind Whale Community

Incredible India

Italy Community

Recreative Steem

Scouts y sus Amigos

Steem Entrepreneurs

Steem for Bangladesh

Steem for Better Life

Steem for Ladies

Steem Kids & Parents

Steemit Iron Chef

Steem for Pakistan

Steem Venezuela

Tier 2

These are established communities who have scope for improvement.

Tier 2 communities will receive 4 @booming votes per day…

Hot News



Steem SEA

Tier 3

These are established communities who have significant weaknesses but can be improved. We have also relaxed the rules slightly to include some promising new communities.

Tier 3 communities will receive 2 @booming votes per day…

Healthy Steem

Steem of Animals

Steem Cameroon

Steem Indonesia

Urdu Community

Venezolanos Steem

World of Xpilar

We also hope to continue to give support to the Make Noise project…

Booming support is given through votes from the @booming01-04 accounts, which each have 1.5 million Steem Power.

Participating communities are invited to submit the best quality posts each day to receive the votes from the @booming accounts.

Individual authors (including Admins, Mods and Community Accounts) should not receive more than two @booming votes per week from any single community.

Please would the leader of each selected community confirm acceptance in a comment below and include their contact details (Discord / Telegram).

The new Booming voting will start at the beginning of August and run at least until the end of the year.

Improving Communities

There are many factors that go into making a successful community.

These have been discussed at length in previous posts.

The one area we would like to highlight again this time where a significant number of communities fell short was moderation.

Through the Engagement Challenge particularly communities have developed very effective and standardised methods for giving moderation comments to posts.

Many communities have adopted this approach very effectively for all posts - not just for the Engagement Challenge.

We would like to see more of this. In fact we believe good communities should moderate and comment on every post.

If communities continue not to moderate and comment sufficiently on posts then they may be dropped from Booming support.

More active moderation will definitely help communities grow and improve.

The other factor that we would mention again is key ownership.

For a community to grow, and be fully trusted, all the keys need to be held by more than one person.

This will go some way to help prevent the unfortunate incidents where some very large communities were closed down suddenly and all the funds in the community accounts were extracted by a single community admin or founder.

We are planning to take a much more active role monitoring and reviewing the communities receiving @booming support.

Any communities not performing well, or not following guidelines, may have their support reduced or dropped altogether.

Likewise communities that show significant improvement and growth may have their @booming support increased.

We hope the selected communities will make good use of the Booming Support.

We look forward to seeing continual progression and development of all communities.

Keep following @steemitblog for further important news coming up soon.

Thank you

The Steemit Team


terima kasih banyak untuk Tim Steemit yang sudah memberikan kesempatan untuk kami yang dapat dukungan booming dan saya mengucapkan selamat untuk semua komunitas yang mendapatkan dukungan booming dan para elemen komunitas.

CC @heriadi @irawandedy @anroja @ridwant @radjasalman @f2i5 @harferri.

Discord Admin Steem Indonesia:



This post has been upvoted through steemcurator08. We support quality posts anywhere and with any tags. Curated by: @irawandedy

I accept the Steem For Better Life community as a Booming support community

Community admin : heriadi

Thank You

Congratulations to all selected communities

Thank you so much for the opportunity, I hope to continue doing make noise!

I also accept the chance for Comunidad Latina and we hope to continue giving value to good authors!


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Thank you the Steemit Team for the announcement and for consideration of WOX Community as Community for Booming Support Program. It is one of the Initiative that help many users to be motivated and for communities to retain them on this platform.

In the name of WOX Community I am happy to accept the Booming Support in Tier3.

@stef1, Discord: Stef1#0658

On behalf of the team a big fat THANK YOU from us!
Especially for rewarding us under Tier1!

I will gladly accept as admin on behalf of Steem For Ladies.
My Discord: patjewell#3213

@liasteem @ruthjoe @mayberling @solperez @pandora2010 & @aviral123

Yes yes ma'am so excited about the news!!
Thank you steemitblog for another opportunity

Que emoción que nos den esta oportunidad, seguiremos trabajando!

awesome... it's thanks to you all as a great team... let's make the most of this opportunity... 💪

Big thanks to the Steem team for trusting us again and supporting our community. We will try to fulfill the responsibilities assigned to us properly.

Contact Details Of Steem For Bangladesh Community Admin
AdministratorsDesignationContact Details
@msharifADMIN - FOUNDERDiscord: msharif#5177
@ripon0630ADMIN - FOUNDERDiscord: ripon0630#4573

Thank you dear Steem Team for selecting our community. Congratulations to all those communities who have been selected. 🥰🥰

Congratulations to all the selected communities for the Booming Support. Thanks to the Steemit team for giving the Steem4Bloggers community, another opportunity. We ensure that we will utilize the opportunity in the best possible way. Thanks again!

My Discord: steemdoctor1#7159

Cc: @malikusman1, @chiabertrand, @solaymann, @artist1111, @shabbir86 and @janemorane

Congratulations 👍👍👍

Congratulations to the hardworking team!

Congratulations to all our amazing members! This achievement is a testament to the incredible dedication, hard work, and camaraderie that each one of you brings to our community. It's your collective efforts and passion that have made this achievement possible.


Congratulations once again! 👏🎇🎉

Thank you!

Yes oo am so happy once again

Whoop whoop! Here we go again!
Well done ladies!! I'm super proud of all of you!

Thank you!
Work well done teammates!
The community applaud you.

Excelente noticias chicas, Somos un gran equipo, feliz por la comunidad.

Happy with this result dear friend.
Congratulations to all the communities.🎉🎉🎉

I congratulate all communities on the list. Well done, @hindwhale community @jyoti-thelight and @deepak94. Thanks @steemitblog for your kind support 👍

Thank you and congratulations

Terima kasih banyak Tim Steemit atas dukungan Booming untuk komunitas Steem Indonesia dan selamat kepada kemunitas lainnya..

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