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Respected steemit team !!!@steemitblog,


First of all, a lot of love and affection to all the steemit community and steemit team. I will share the details about the Urdu Community in this application.
in this monthly community Booming Support program application today and we very much hope that this Booming Support program will create a new spirit in the communities.

And I wish all the Communities success on the steemit blockchain and the Urdu Community
also plays and is playing an important role in this regards.

The monthly Booming Support program is an excellent program and should not be underestimated as it will go a long way in developing and promoting communities. I will now provide information about the Urdu Community
in this application which will provide information about the future plans and current success of the Urdu Community.

The team of Urdu Community is well aware of the importance of booming support program and thanks to this program, Urdu Community has managed to get 34,278.52 SP today.


  • The name of your community, and the name of the community account.

Ans: Name of community is Urdu Community , Community account is urdu-community


  • A list of all Admins and Moderators

Community Team

Team of Urdu Community is very efficient. And this team has different tasks.

Keeping the most important task user active and verifying the new member of the community is also the goal of the steem Urdu community.

ID/steemianOwn SPDelegted to urdu ComuunitysinceActive
@urdu-community34,278.53 SP ( 34,278.53 SP ( 7,334.82 + 26,953.84)Effective Power 34,278.53 SPClub100active
@tariqkhanpti1,093717June 2021active


  • Details of who has which keys for the community account.

At this time, all the keys of the Urdu Community curator account are safe with me as founder community @yousafharoonkhan. And all keys are safe offline,Pdf file, print and hand written. These keys are with me and @jessica566.

@jessica566 is a very reliable and trustworthy admin. also keys has @tariqkhanpti , we trust on each other, jessica also has active key and @tariqkhanpti has posting key , to curate the post and etc. there is trustworthy relation between team,

Important point regarding team and trust

There is one point that urdu community is created for steemit urdu community and all steemit, if steemit team will say to handover the master key of urdu community, then admin @yousafharoonkhan and all other team holder of keys will send to steemit team, urdu community team not will power down or any other deed that show bad affection, keys are in trustworthy hands,, yousafharoonkhan jessica566 tariqkhanpti and @hassan920 also hold the keys, active , master keys, posting, no one person own keys,, trustworthy team, urdu community has goals to keep active, urdu community team has no owner of the community, community owner are community members, and steemit team, we are ready to handover the urdu community all keys to steemit team , it show our great interest and love for urdu community.


  • The community must have at least 50 active posters.

at the time of writing the application dated 06- july-2023 , there are total 73 Active posters . urdu community is one of the active community , Urdu community has community whatapps group to connect or announce update .

Total subcribersActive memberRequired


  • The community account should have at least 1500 SP of its own, and at least 15000 SP in total, including delegations.

The Urdu community account has 7,334.82 SP owned and total including delegations Effective Power is 34,278.57 SP.

Total Own SPEffective Power +DelegaionRequired


  • The community should not have any compulsory delegation or beneficiary for votes policy.

Urdu community is supporting every member of urdu community if we get post from any user in urdu community urdu community is supporting old and new user equally .We do not have any compulsory delegation or beneficiary for vote policy. We only encourage users to support us and we upvote users that have shared their post in the urdu community. there is only 2 booming support but in this little support urdu community give booming vote to every member of the urdu community , purpose of the supporting every use is to keep them active and encouraging them. it is our great success that only with 2 booming vote , urdu community is playing vital honest role in the steemit


  • All Admins and Moderators must be currently active, have a Reputation of at least 60, not be powering down (or have powered down in the past 3 months), be in at least #club5050, and not be using any bid bots or delegation for votes service.

Urdu community team has good Reputation and did not power down since joining of steemit. as admin and founder of the urdu community i promise , urdu community team will never power down, never

ID/steemianReputationClubPower downActive

Urdu community team is honest, trust worthy , i as founder of community proud feel to work this team, their mission to develop the steemit Urdu community. Urdu community team is not using any bid bots or delegation for votes service.


At least two unrelated people should hold ALL the keys for the community account.

There are two persons who hold the keys of the Urdu community to protect the assets of the Urdu community. But urdu community declares that if steemit team wants to protect urdu community then team is ready to share all keys for urdu community benefit. The keys of urdu community are safe in trusted hands, so i am proud urdu community is alive and playing important role in promoting steemt in urdu community. one of the best things , as founder i saw, urdu community has no greed, there is only one greed that we want more more support from steemi team , booming for developing and encouraging the every urdu community member.


A brief description of the purpose of the community.

Urdu community is participating very vital role to creating quality content, Urdu community is taking participate to make the steemit one of the quality content creator place.Urdu is a language spoken and understood all over the world. And Urdu-speaking Community live in Europe,US, in all over the world, India and Pakistan. Urdu community culture is very rich and has a distinct identity.

The culture, traditions and lifestyle of Urdu community people are very beautiful. The purpose of this community is to bring together Urdu community of all over the world and those who understand and encourage Urdu speakers on the steemit.

Urdu-speaking people can beautify the Urdu community with poetry, novels, dramas, satires and many other great writings. urdu community is one of the active community and manys posts are being written on a daily basis in this community. These posts include cooking techniques, diary, tourism and various topics, about which users are writing posts in Urdu community.

Because the Urdu speakers were very worried that they could not understand or read English or any other language and no one was giving importance to Urdu writer, speaker and now urdu community provide support to all languages but also urdu community .

Hopefully, now the Urdu community has earned a separate identity on steemit blockchain with the great support from steemit team . the urdu community working very much hard to promote steemit to every corner of the punjab and getting success.

And now we have great hope that steemit team will keep continue support to the Urdu community to encourage the members.There is a beautiful addition to the Urdu community steemit.

The purpose of this community is to support positive and healthy and quality content in Urdu community on the steemit blockchain in every way.

The purpose of this community is to organise different types of challenges through different contests for every language speaker,writers,. It can also be a challenge to quality of content in urdu and other language . And it can be a great diary challenge, landscape,weekly contest,poetry,drama,novel, news,culture of urdu community.

The quality of content of every steemians is a challenge. The goal of the Urdu Community
is to create a quality community. And the formation of a quality and standard community. The goal of this community is to support all kinds of quality of content.

Because every person has different skills and turning these skills into quality of content is also a challenge of this community. Since the formation of this community, his team has given importance to the quality of content and has supported it.

It is also the mission of this community to make people involved in education part of the Urdu Community, no matter what sector they are associated with. And it is also the slogan of this community that steemit for all.


Details of how your community prevents plagiarism and abuse.

Plagiarism & Abuse

I as admin urdu community and as previous X CR Pakistan fought against plagiarism abuse writer, and it is on the record that i did not show any tolerance against these act and user This is the reason why the team of Urdu community check the posts of all members and because of this Urdu community is safe from plagiarism, abuse, multi accounts and vote farming. is the result of That no complaint has come up yet. Urdu Community team supports every new user after a lot of research and investigation. so, We have assigned a task to each member to check for plagiarism and abuse posts. We have divided the community role into different groups to check the copy paste, plagiarism & abuse. All community member are responsible for checking the posts of one to ten users.It is strong team, there is no place for plagiarism writer in Urdu community , because we all community working in this area to check every post. our team is strong.

Thus, if any mod or admin leader is negligent or negligent in this matter, then this group leader will not be given a support vote.

Our entire team checks for plagiarism & abuse and the head of this team is @jessica566. Because there is no place for plagiarism and multi-account users in this community. When any member in this community writes or will write a post, we will check his / her history of content, behavior and then the quality of the content will be verified after checking in other community. Thus this community is now a plagiarism & abuse free community.

Plagiarism checker team : @jessica566 @tariqkhanpti @yousafharoonkhan and all community members and female check female, we work like hidden checker, so there is great work , we did not get any complaint that urdu commuity is supporting fake or mutli user or scam post, so there is not tolerance in this regards. respected @hassan920 is doing good job in this regards , so it is the result of team that there is no any abuse plagiarism report or complaint in this regards.


Promotion Plan

Arranged kids party to promote steemit || educated the kids about Steemit, made pictures of the kids with Steemit banners


Steemit Social media page

I will request all steemit users and readers of this post to follow the steemit page so that together we can spread the steemit page on social media. thank you so much for all steemit team for always encouraging and supporting




  • Community accounts should be using at least 75% of their earnings to build up their Steem Power.

here i would like to feel proud to say that Community account is using 100% to build up the steem power. i am very much thankful to all delegator that they gave the sp for increasing the community power. we are not using any steem for other purpose , only using to build up the steem power.


  • Admins and Moderators should not be in the management teams of more than two participating communities.

Urdu community all team is taking participate to build only urdu community and they are not participating in any other community as moderator or admin



The urdu community team has great hope that steemit team will support us and will place our community in high tire rank , this time urdu community is only getting two booming vote , our wish is to get high tire to build more sp for community and we know we are zero without steemit team support, hope we will be able to achieve the set goals to develop the best community of steemit. urdu community work is witness of its success , we have great hope this july 2023 again our members will get support. because they are also part of the steemit. we are zero without steemit team. our power, support, and motivation all is connected with steemit team, our love , great wishes to steemit team.


Join our steemit Facebook page steemit community to promote the steemit all over the world, and keep continue your quality writing content on steemit



Quick Delegation Links


Our mission to promote Steemit in Urdu Community to all over the world
Stay together
Join the Urdu Community with more confidence.
Steem On

Join our steemit Facebook page steemit community

Thank you very much

Urdu Community & all team



اللہ آپ کو تمام اردو ٹیم کو کامیابی عطا فرمائے۔ میں اس کمیونٹی کی حمایت کرتا ہوں۔ میں دوسری زبان لکھنا نہیں جانتا، اردو کمیونٹی کے لیے میری حمایت اور دعا ہے۔

yeah bhut achi community hai aur as ku zaor kambybi mily, ma tu bhut khush howa jub dikha ka urdu bhe adar kuy community hai

 7 months ago 

میں نے اپنا سٹیمٹ بلاگنگ اردو کمیونٹی سے شروع کیا۔ میں اس کمیونٹی میں بہت زیادہ اعتماد محسوس کر رہا ہوں۔ اردو کمیونٹی کو بہت سپورٹ کیا جاتا ہے اور کمیونٹی کے ایڈمن ہمیشہ بہت عزت دیتے ہیں۔ میں کہنا چاہتا ہوں کہ سٹیمیٹ ٹیم کو اس کمیونٹی کی حمایت جاری رکھنی چاہیے، اس کمیونٹی سے بہت سے لوگ جڑے ہوئے ہیں۔

excelentes explicaciones en cuanto a la descripción de la comunidad. Siempre visité la comunidad, me pareció increíble, la sigo,

اردو کی پوری ٹیم بہت ہی زیادہ تعاون کرنے والی ہے۔ اردو کمیوہنٹی سے میں بہت خوش ہوں۔ میری دعا اور تمنا ہے کہ اردو کمیوہنٹی اسطرح چلتی رہے۔ سٹیمیٹ ٹیم کو اردو کو مزید سپورٹ کرنا چاہیے۔ اللہ کیان کرے

Bhut achi darkhat lakhi hai. Aur inshah Allah Allah zaror kamyab kray ga. Urdu community hum sub ki pasandida komunity hai. Mari dua ka as komunity ku as ma shamil kya juy.

میری دل سے دعا کہ اللہ اردو کمیوہنٹی کو کامیابی دے اور یہ خوبصورت کمیوہنٹی اسطرح آباد رہے۔

 8 months ago 

Best application.. I really love it. Great supporting team

 8 months ago 

Application bhut he tafseel sa lkhi guy hai.mari dua ka urdu community astra chlti rahy ameen best wishes

 8 months ago 

میں نے جب سے سٹیمیٹ رجسٹر کی ہے۔اس دن اس کمیوہنٹی کا حصہ ہوں۔ اردو کمیوہنٹی واحد کمیوہنٹی ہے جو اردو بولنے لکھنے والو کی کمیوہنٹی ہے۔ اردو کی پوری ٹیم مبارک باد کی مستحق کے یہ ہر پوسٹ ہر ممبر کو برابر سپورٹ کرتیطہے۔ میں بطور ایڈمن اس میں کام کرکے بہت خوش ہوں۔

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