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It's an honor to write this application, meeting the criteria for booming support for Steem Cameroon Community. With this application we hope, steemit team will find Steem Cameroon once more worthy to receive booming support this season.

Steem Cameroon Community was created in the year 2020 by @saxopedia after his appointment as the country representative and also after a series of meetings with other Cameroonian Steemians, immediately afterward, the community account (@steem-cameroon) was also created, therefore implying that the community has been existing for about 3 years now. With @fombae being the co-founder, the community has been welcoming Cameroonians Steemians, and Steemians all over the Steemit platform. As of the time of writing this application, Steem Cameroon Community has a total of 58 Active posters and a total of 3443 Subscribers as can be seen in the screenshot below.

Steem Cameroon holds a Quintuplet Dolphin status with its own Steem Power of 26,717.81. Now considering none compulsory delegations from its members, Steem Cameroon has a total Steem Power of 63,275.83 STEEM.

The Steem Cameroon community does not have any compulsory delegation or beneficiary votes policy. Votes are shared to all original articles made in the Steem Cameroon Community whether the steemian has delegated or not. The same goes for the booming support provided articles and members are following the rules.

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The name of your community, and the name of the community account.

The name of my community is Steem Cameroon and the community account name is @steem-cameroon.

A list of all Admins and Moderators -
Including when they joined Steem and their club status

Photo and Username
Club Status
ADMINclub10073Joined Steemit in July 2020, and has been active since then.
Founder of the Steem Cameroon Community.
Own SP: 18,169.49
Effective SP: 7,748.94 SP
ADMINclub10072Joined Steemit in July 2020, and has been active since then.
Co-founder of the Steem Cameroon Community
Own SP: 11,854.17 SP
Effective SP: 6,147.08 SP
MODclub10074Joined Steemit in July 2020, and has been active since then.
Among the 3 appointed CRs for Cameroon.
Own SP:23,191.12 SP
Effective SP: 20,061.51 SP
MODclub10070Joined Steemit in January 2021, and has been active since then.
Own SP: 4,551.75 SP
Effective SP: 1,506.01 SP

Details of who has which keys for the community account.

Each Steem Cameroon admin/mod is in possession of the community account's posting key. The active and master key of the community account is handled by @saxopedia and @fombae.

A brief description of the purpose of the community.

The goal of Steem Cameroon is to introduce steemians to many cultures, ideas, and knowledge at a level that is impossible to do on one's own. Steem Cameroon seeks to foster worldwide friendships while also virtually uniting Cameroonians on Steemit. To keep the community active and to help build interest in creativity, Steem Cameroon has three weekly contests for the year 2023.

  • Steem Cameroon Contest - Best Day of the Week
  • Steem Cameroon Contest - A Short Movie Script
  • Steem Cameroon Contest - National or International awareness day

More updates on these contests are pinned in the community feed.

Details of how your community prevents plagiarism and abuse.

The Steem Cameroon Community has established a vibrant and comfortable way of reviewing articles, whereby during the reviewing, admins, and mods use tools such as and to check for plagiarized articles as we also pay close attention to spamming. Our plagiarism team is led by one of the CRs for Cameroon (@chant) as Google Sheets has been set up to keep track of all articles posted, reviewed, and or plagiarized.

Because of recent development and the presence of AI-generated content, Special consent has been put in place to make sure the abuse is not tolerated in the community.

For old Steem Cameroon members, any plagiarized content is immediately muted with a warning message as repeated action will cause the steemian to be banned from the community. Meanwhile, Steem Cameroon newbies get to have 3 warnings on plagiarism if the act perpetuates and encourage those who haven't completed the achievement tasks to do so. Further posting of plagiarized content will mean the post may also be muted. Any other plagiarized is automatically muted by the admins and MOD


Steem Cameroon is a community with experienced steemians as admins. Admins aid the community to be in line with the Steemit Team rules. Already booming reports are being made weekly which shows the accounts, the number of booming gotten per week. Being granted, further booming support from the steemit team will be highly appreciated.


Best regards, steem Cameroon team



All Admins and Moderators must be currently active, have a Reputation of at least 60, not be powering down (or have powered down in the past 3 months), be in at least #club5050, and not be using any bid bots or delegation for votes service.

 last year (edited)

Only @majerius among Admins / Moderators has power down within the set period. During that period his permission was taken off. He was reinstated few days ago, which he declared his come back. Mistake with his club status, which will be corrected ASAP.


 last year 

Hola @claudiavirginia, no esta bien pedir votos de esta manera, esto esta mal visto.

El consejo que siempre les damos es mantenerse haciendo publicaciones de calidad, en las comunidades de tu preferencia, hay muchas comunidades donde puedes publicar como Steem Venezuela, Cotina. Tambien puedes participar en el Challenge.

Trata de seguir las recomendaciones que se te dan.


Holaaaaaa gracias por recomendarme, solo le dije que si podía visitar mi blog no lo estoy obligando que me vote pero está bien gracias 🧘🏻‍♀️✨ @inspiracion

 last year 

Its another application session for booming support... and steem cameroon has been active ever since its creation... We are hoping to be selected again and the number of post submitted per day increased.

Saludos y bendiciones. Les deseo éxitos y que sean seleccionados para boomimg support.

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