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Dear @steemitblog, we hereby write to apply for booming support for steem kids and parents community in response to the invitation you extended to all communities wishing to be given booming support here


This Is Who We Are

The name of our community is Steem Kids and Parents and the name of our official Account is @steemkidss. This community has been in existence since June, 2021 as Steemkids community but has since 8 months ago, been expanded to include both kids and parents instead of just being a community for kids. We made this known through this announcement here.

The change did not affect our official account at all.

We have the following admins and moderators as those leading the community and they have been tabulated below


Admin Details

Usernameyear JoinedSteempowerClub StatusReputationDiscord
@ngoenyi20201,644.139club505077.576ngoenyi 2#0664

@ngoenyi turned off and restarted but hasn't been inactive. She rejoined the club more than 3 months ago

Mod Details

Usernameyear JoinedSteempowerClub StatusReputationDiscordCommunities
@drhira20214607club505067.57drhira#9254steem kids& parents and steem fashion
@chiabertrand202123094club7575chiabertrand#3709steem kids & parents and steem4bloggers
@goodybest202117,523.94club7574.577goodybest#9285steem kids and parents
@m-fdo06/202110,583.426Club10071m-fdo#8824Steem kids & parents and Hindwhale Community
@bossj2320211,739Club505070bossj23#7084Steem4Nigeria and steem kids $parents
@karianaporras202022,912.29Club status 505076karianaporrasSteem kids & parents

Comunidad Latina


Community Keys

@ngoenyi and @drhira has all the keys of the community, and the keys have been properly kept. Other mods are with the posting key and they act as backup to the admin and @drhira in case of their absence. Other main keys will be made available to the MODs when a proper agreement is reached and/or before the 'Multisig' arrives. This arrangement has ensured safety of the community account and a smooth running of operations in the community.


Purpose of Steem kids and Parents arents Community

Steem kids and Parents community is a community is a community that was founded with the kids if the world in mind. And most kids around the world have really interacted and gained more experience and support through this community. But because kids are on and off due to their engagements, most times it is hard to have them in full and the community suffers. Additionally, the kids learn more when the parents interact with them. It was at this background that steemkids community was renamed "Steem kids and parents community" to be able to connect the kids with their parents and ever since then, the community has been booming till date.

The community stat is as follows

Owed steempowerDelegationCumulative SPReputationClub Status

You can see from SteemWorld below about Steem kids and parents community account and curation activities.

IMG_20230705_085457.jpgour steemworld page
IMG_20230705_090037.jpgour community page
IMG_20230705_090011.jpgour community official account page


Fighting Plagiarism and Abuse

As community, we have zero tolerance for plagiarism. Even though we are on one part dealing with kids and other other part with newbies who need guidance from time to time, we as well frown at plagiarism and abuse to help them see needs to desist from it.

  • One of the most effective way we fight plagiarism and abuse is by promptly reviewing publications of members in the community as soon as they drop them. All team members are fully involved in this flight. We check publications using plagiarism checkers available to us.

  • We also follow any advice we receive from external curators or abuse fighter in case they are able to dictate it before us. We quickly act on it without delay after our own confirmation.


Why Choose Steem kids and parents community

Because we have a history of always powering up and building our steempower. And as the stat above shows, we are currently have built our owned steempower to 46,302.29 and we will keep doing so.

Because we have a history of progress, dedication and consistency. Ever since the community was formed, we have remained active through thick and thin and have been doing our best by keeping the members active.

Because we do not have compulsory delegation and beneficiary policies. Delegation is free will as well as beneficiary settings.

Because all moderators and admins are active and have not recently powered down.

Because the community is powering up 100% of it's earnings.

Because we are community for kids and parents and we are very much ready to keep active and to keep following the booming rules without any violation. Even when we err, we will be ready and willing to accept the punishment and keep moving.



We are sincerely grateful to the steemit team for this review of booming support especially in order to accommodate new communities and to ensure that the existing communities strictly comply with the rules.

We are hopeful that we will be considered again for this support as it will help the community to grow more. However, we trust your judgement and we strongly believe that your judgement will be the best for everyone. Thanks once more!

By: @ngoenyi
For: Steem Kids and Parents



Thank you, friend!
I'm @steem.history, who is steem witness.
Thank you for witnessvoting for me.
please click it!
(Go to and type fbslo at the bottom of the page)

The weight is reduced because of the lack of Voting Power. If you vote for me as a witness, you can get my little vote.

 last year 

The Steem Kids & Parents community is looking forward to a great future for this wonderful community that has been running a series of interesting topics related to many things for a long time. The community has a number of active members and the community moderators are doing very well. I wish this new application success for the booming support period. My greetings.

 last year 

I wish very good luck for the great opportunity of booming support we will try our best even with more dedication to raise the community more than this. Success

 last year 

We are really looking forward to a favourable consideration in this application. Success to us

 last year 

Great application here.. I wish this community plenty of success

Una comunidad que ha trabajado para mantenerse y apoyar a los usuarios , dedicada a dar apertura a todos y siempre un comentario amable y oportuno a quien nos visita, saludos.

 last year 

Wishing the community a great success.

 last year 

Well done with a great application.
I wish you all the success for your application. I know that you can do it!

 last year 

It's interesting to know that superior's in this community aren't just working hard on building the user base of the community or seeking active users but are also ensuring this platform is kept free from Plagiarism. I give you guys more accolades for that. Your growth on the platform is immense and will keep being immense. I wish this community is selected for this support as they just have everything

 last year 

I hope Steemkidss will be considered!

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