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IMG-20180827-WA0005.jpg(Question) The rules of marriage and deed are from one or separate?
(Answer) There is a slight difference. As far as you said and that married
Men and women can produce a husband and one woman from a millennium
And the appointed woman or man can not do more than two or four hundredth childhood.
That is, as the couple is married to Kumar Kumari,
They die, they are used. Not a virgin. Such as married woman
The behavior of the men and women who are not always in the house
Do not accumulate during The woman who exercises for herself, when the other is pregnant, the same
The woman's relationship with the person is lost in the day and even if the man does for himself
Discontinuation with the second pregnancy. But the same appointed woman should be given to the man appointed by the boys for two to three years. Such a woman
Two or two other appointed men can do two or two children for themselves
And a dead person also has two for himself and two other two other divisions
Can produce a son for Concurrently decree of ten-ten reproduction
Is in the Vedas. like-
Imanta kumminder mendhvah: sons
Patiyasian Pu Tranadhahi Patimkad Shad Vidhydhi ..
-0.010 | Sue 85 Min 45 ||
Hey (Mindhwa Indra) capable of empowering women in the semen, you are married
Ladies and women, make the best son and good luck. In this married woman
Generate ten sons and honor the eleventh female! O woman! You too married man
Generate tens of twentieth offspring from the appointed men and understand the eleventh husband. this
Brahmin, Kshatriyas and Vaishastanastha females and men in tenths of the descendants of the Vedas
Do not produce more than that. Because of doing more, children are weak, unshakable, short-lived
And men and women are also weak, short-lived and patient in old age
Finds many sorrow.
(Question) This point of view looks like adultery.
(Answer) As unmarried married women commit adultery,
The adulterer says. This proves that as a rule of marriage
But if you do not say adultery, you will not be called fornication because of a lawful act.
Like the daughter of another, a scientifically legal marriage with Kumar Kumar
In the event of adultery or sin is not shame, in the same way, the Vedasotrokta Niyog
In adultery, sin should not be considered as shameful.

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