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IMG-20180827-WA0005.jpgSymptoms of hypocrisy
Dharmadhyaji always luddhaashchadamiko folk:
Vaidalvaritiko knowhowa: all about: 1.1.
UndiscoveredNatural: Self-Sacred Resources:
Kaththi Mithya Vignesh Vakravartchro Dwija.2.2 Manu ..
(Dharmadhyaji) should not do anything but religion should be used in the name of religion (forever Lubvam), always with greed (pseudonymous), deceitful people should kill their braggart in front of humans (Hissar): Deadly creatures, others Confronting (All-rounder): All the good and bad mails call him as Vaadalvrisht (meaning Viddal), as cunning and despicable. (Supervisory): For the sake of sight, if the eye sight (naturally) has been committed by a person, then he is ready to take revenge on his life (selfishness): Why should not the treachery be untrue; If you do not want to be fooled by your motive tools, then you should not give up your false beliefs (falsehood). If you look down on your face, you should be content with respect and humility. Think of it as a parable (parody). Such such symptoms are renegades, never believe them or serve them.
Dharman Shanai: Panchayyad Valmikimov Puttika.
Parlokasayya Sarlokanayapidayan.1.1.
Namuutai is the mother and father in support of his father.
Neither the son nor the born of the knowledge only: 2..
First: Population and proliferation
Ako nu Bhungkatee Sukarme Macke and Khadakkara.3.
A: Papanani Kurut Phal Bhungkate Mahajan:
Bhattarao is the master of scripture.
Body of dead body muscle leukocyte
Vimukha Bandhwa Yanti Dharmastamanunghatchya .. Manu ..
Men and women should like that Puthika, which means termite, is made of Bambi, without giving any suffering to all the ghosts, ie Paramesh, meaning the superhuman of Prajnam, the goddess-goddess Dharma. Because in Parlok, neither the mother nor the father nor the son nor the woman can assist, but only one religion is helpful. See, the only person can attain birth and death, the result of the same religion is that the fruit of happiness and unrighteousness results in it. Also understand that a male man brings a person's sin in the family and the Mahajan means that the family is a worshiper of that person. The victims are not at fault, but the person of lawlessness is a part of the fault. When somebody's relative dies, leaving him in the same soil as the sloping of the mud and leaving the back, the bundus goes away. Someone is not going to go with him, but a religion is his companion.


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