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IMG-20180825-WA0003.jpg(Question) Sannyas is against the meaning of God because God means to increase human beings. When you do not do homework, there will be no children from him. When the sannyasahram is the main and all human beings, the human beings will get the dissection.
(Answer) Well, many people do not get married even after marriage, or they are destroyed very quickly, and then they too have been contrary to God's intentions. What you say
'If it does not work, if it is not possible, then it is the word of a poet.'
(Meaning) that the work is not proved even after trying, what is the fault in this? Namely none So we ask you how much loss is the loss if you fight and fight with each other by becoming a great child from the house of grihashram. The fight against understanding is very much. When the monk will create mutual love with the teachings of a Vedoka religion, then he will save millions of people. Thousands will increase human beings like homemakers. And not all humans can take retirement. Because everyone's subconscious will never be able to escape. Those who are religious people by preaching sannyasis, they all know the son of a sannyasin.
(Question) Saints say that we do not have any duty. Living in joy and enjoying food, why do you want to be a part of the world? Be content with considering yourself as Brahman. If someone comes and asks, then teach him the same way that you are too bad. Tzu does not feel virtuous because the temperate body, the appetite, is the religion of trash life and happiness is misery. The world is false and the behavior of the world is also false, therefore it is not the work of intelligent people to get entangled in this. Whatever sin is virtuous is the body and the religion of the senses, not the soul. Etc. and you have called the religion of some extraordinary sannyasin. Now, what do we believe to be true and false?
(Answer) Do not they even have good deeds? Look- 'VaidikSchev Karmabhis' Manu Ji has written Vedic Karmas which are religious truthful deeds, Sanyasis also have to do. Will they be able to leave the food encroachment? If those karmas can not be missed, they will not be degenerated and abandoned by leaving the good deeds? When people take food from the household and do not reproduce them, will they not be pseudoeps? If the ears and ears are not heard from the ears, it is useless to have eyes and ears, just as the Saints and Siddhas and Vedas do not propagate the doctrines of Satyagrahans, they are also useless in the world. And those who like to ignore the avidya way of life, write and say, as well as those who preach, it is a sinner who is a liar and a big loss of sin. Whatever is done by the body, the soul is the soul and the person who enjoys its fruit also has the soul.
Those who tell the creatures Brahma, they sleep in the sleep of sleep. Because the creatures are omnipresent, little knowledge, and omnipresent are omnipresent. Brahmin is pure, pure, Buddha, free-spirited. And the creature is ever bound free. Illusion can never happen due to Brahma being omnipresent omnipresent. And the creature is ever studied and sometimes invisible. Brahma's birthplace is never received by sadness and the soul receives life. That is why their preaching is false.


Majo aayo sffjfh self-induced dhukh exhibits

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