Boga lake of Bangladesh

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Boga Lake is the only lake of sweet water in the highest elevation of Bangladesh. The area of Boga Lake, 70 kilometres away from Bandarban city, is located in Ruma Upazila, near the Keokardong mountain range. Its height is 1246 feet above sea level. The peculiar structure of the Boga Lake on the top of a tunnel in a funnel shape is very much like a volcano.
In the east side of Ruma Upazila, a Mouza named Naitang Mouza, located within 29 km from the bank of the river Shankh. The Mauza Politai is situated on the top of a mountain under the mountain range. A really nice place for travel thirsty.bogapic004.jpeg
According to the geologists of Bangladesh, the Boga Lake was created due to the burning volcano of the fall of the volcano from the Space. Many people say that they can be created due to landslides. It is made up of a soft rock of the Bhuban Formation. The water of this lake is very acidic and hence it does not have any shawl or other aquatic plants and co-hazards cannot live here.
According to an information source in 2009, the water of this lake is very well-lit and there are plenty of shawls, Shaluks shawls and other aquatic plants and lots of fish and big fish in lake water. Next, to the lake, there is a left paved and Murong Para. Other indigenous people including local residents Bem, Murong, Shro, Tanchanga and Tripura. According to the folklore of the local residents, a dragon lived in the mountain's cave long ago.bogapic008.jpeg
In the Bum language, the dragon is called "The Boga". To appease the Dragon offered livestock. But Once a few dragon-killers were killed, the queen turned into a submerged lake and threw the villagers. Although there is no real evidence of the myths, the formation of a fire-dragon, dragon or lake and the luminous formation of the lake coincides with the idea of a dead volcano.
The main is surrounded by mountain peaks in three directions. Again , the maximum 46 metres high bambo jharadhara recitation. It is located at a plateau of 457 meter and 610 meters in height between sea level. Its depth is 38 meters, but water cannot get out and no water can enter. There is no source of water around this lake.
But the author is at a height of 153 meters below the source of a small fountain that is known as boga Sora. Lake water becomes ever cleaner and darker. Because many people think that there is a warm spring beneath it. The lake's water color changes when is released from this springs. Local residents belive that the goddesses live around this lake. That is why they worship here.
By the mysterious fairytale and unimaginable natural beauty has transformed the Boga Lake into an important tracking and camping area of Bangladesh. Especially, if you go to Kukaradong, there is no reason for the departure of Boga. However, the travel arrangements here are quite remote, very remote, there is no way without walking on foot.bogapic003.jpg
More recently, the Boga lake Chand car was launched directky from Ruma. But adventure lovers have used the path of the name of Jiji's name in the light of natural beauty and Banyu life. Boga Lake has an army camp and two lodging, which is amnaged by a local air force and the other is run by the government. Here is a school and a church. Presently the dynamics of the lake and diversity of the nearby forests are threatened by the conduct of tourists.

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What a nature of our Bangladesh. Like Boga, many of our unknown natural beauty is behind our knowledge. thanks for sharing such a fresh air and healthy spot.