Freemasons Rule The Country part 2

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Freemasons Rule the Country Part 1 in case you didn't read it or that you can't be bothered here is the gist I explore a tiny bit of the history of the Freemasons and My grandfather's connection to them.

House of the Temple

Its no secret that Washington is full of grand, and beautiful buildings and moving monuments if you ever there it can be overwhelming to try and make sure that you see them all.

If you have ever laid your eyes on them you know the Thomas Jefferson Memorial is inspiring, National Archives Building is immensely grand, The National Gallary of Arts west building is art all on its own, all of these where designed by the Freemason John Russel Pope there is one stunning building of Popes in D.C. that is often overlooked and that is his first commissioned monument, the House of the Temple without which those others might not have existed.

Back in October, we got flown to Washington for my wife to receive a health advocacy award I had always been more than a little interested in the Freemasons so while my wife was sitting in a health conference I took the opportunity to visit the incredibly impressive home of the Supreme Council, 33°, Scottish Rite Freemasonry, S.J.

Located 1.9km straight down the road from the White House and Lafayette Sq at 1733 16th St Nw in Washington D.C the House of the Temple guarded by two hand-carved Sphinx rises nearly 30 meters from the street.



Passing through those doors clearly made for giants is like being transported back in time, the massively vaulted ceilings invoke a sense of awe like walking into a temple from ancient Greece or Egypt.

Looking up every the light fixtures are beautifully emblazoned with a Medusa head encircled by Greek figures.

Every part of this Temple shows attention to detail.


Upstairs you will find a huge hall used for the taking of the Oath directly front of what could be described as the Grandmasters Throne, in the center of the room on a raised granite plinth set on all corners with illumination sit the major books of faith including the Bible, the Torah, the Koran, and If I remember correctly the Hindu Vedas.

On the wall opposite is the motto of the Scotish rite "What virtue has joined death will not separate it the mystic tie that makes all men brethren."

Albert Pikes Tomb.

Lawyer, Author, Confederate captian, and Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scotish Rite southern juristriction Albert Pike is possably the biggest figure in the Freemason conspiracy theorys. Pikes spent alot of time developing on the Rituals of Freemasons and wrote The Morals and Fogma of Freemasonary.

Directly behind this bust lay the remains of the influential man.

Pikes library

By all accounts Pike was an avid reader and the House of the temple is also home to his personal library and collections, if you love books you will love this place. Personally I loved seeing these old copies of Imanuelle Kants works.

Conspiracy/History Buffs

Man I wish I had some photos for the temple is also somewhat of a museum with many beautiful antique pieces on top of that you will find an ode to Freemasons contribution to the United States artifacts regarding their involvments in the establishment of the rail systems, their conection to NASA and space exploration, in these displays you will find that the Freemasons make no secret of their high profile historys members inface they are clearly proud.

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Thanks for this journey. Truly amazing!