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The main conclusion is disheartening in that the Steemit community is very small and rather inactive, and there is no passion with regards to the type of community Steemians want Steemit to be. It’s a hit and miss, ad hoc endeavour that revolves around how to distribute the rewards pool, and, of course, with a select few, very large holders, the bias is to satisfy their narrow needs and greed. The current result is the advent of curation trails that turn the majority of Steemians into sheep leaving hundreds of upvotes in a matter of minutes on the same old crappy authors day after day.


• make the community THE PRIORITY
• once made the priority, remove size limits and bias
• make the payout system equal for everyone
• having done the above, sit back and enjoy the success

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This is what I read some years back on this platform:
Steemit is naked capitalism dressed up as a revolutionary anarchist libertarian decentralised utopia.