Survey #3: Why do people quit?

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Over 90% of bloggers quit in the first few months. Most people give up because they are discouraged. They are impatient. They expect too much, too fast.

This is all relative of course.

What is too much, too fast?

If you’ve chosen a clearly unaddressed niche that readers have been longing for, it might be only a matter of months before you’ll achieve a large following. On the other hand, if you’ve chosen something that already has a ton of people blogging about, say commentary on current events, for example, an appropriate period of time to get yourself established could well translate into years. In general, if you pick a common theme to blog about, plan on lots of hard work for years. Pick something novel that nobody else is writing about and that also interests readers, and you could be successful in a matter of months.

Either way, and leaving aside the small detail of having something interesting to write about, it comes down to lots of unrewarded hard work for a long time.

And what happens if the whole matter is further complicated because you’re not clear about what to write about? And, what if you’re not a good writer? Or you’re not motivated?

Do you know what I’m talking about? Can you relate? How many times have you thought about throwing in the towel? How many other people have you seen actually quit? How many Steemians do you know who are no longer here? Why did they leave?

Looking forward to seeing your comments, not only about your own trials and tribulations, but also about Steemians who are no longer here, and what we can do in the future to stop that trend and help them to stay here permanently.




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I think that many are chasing the idea of “get rich fast” in crypto and also in steem. Once they realize it is not such easy then they quit.
We are remaining here only the fundamental believers, those who have done the research.
Once the market will recover then hundreds of thousands will come back...I saw it already.

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I tend to agree with you. Unrealistic expectations. Nevertheless, the quit rate is across the board and applies to all blogging, not just Steemit. I'm thinking that if Steemit can find a way to be different, i.e. tribes, SMTs, etc., then the statistics for STEEM holders might change.

But I think the $3 curation threshold does NOT work to that end. 😒

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