Survey #1: Why do we own STEEM?

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The reasons for owning STEEM (and priorities for how they are ordered) run the gamut from simply wanting to own an extremely solid, super safe cryptocurrency to opting for a blogging platform of the future with real rewards come today.

Many say that the first and foremost reason for why they are here is the fact that STEEM is one of the best cryptocurrencies they know of, and, when investing in something, they like to choose from the best. 😎 The argument puts STEEM at the top of the sector’s technology, security and scalability categories, and goes on to add that there are zero transaction fees for STEEM transfers. Some go so far as to say that STEEM is even better than Bitcoin: safer, faster, much more scaleable, more economical, and more eco-friendly too! And that’s just for starters!

Then there are those, who argue that Steemit is one of the best blogging options out there and that they are here primarily because of that. The rational is that it is an idea whose time has come: members should be rewarded for their contributions (i.e. hard work). A real life community built on top of the blockchain is unique in crypto, and, no doubt about it, it’s an unbelievably fantastic plus that I can understand being a good number one reason for being here.

STEEM is considered by many to be a great cryptocurrency in terms of a store of value and means of transfer - in and of itself, but it also has a built-in community of fellow owners that has a very human feel to it and that distributes new block rewards via upvoting (also unique in crypto) in an equalized 50/50 author/curator manner. Both together, the underlying cryptocurrency itself and the blogging platform built on top, add up to something that is truly extraordinary. 😋

But isn't that just scratching the surface? What about people who want to get a business going? That could be a #1. And the just-around-the-corner SMTs? Wow! What do you think? What are your reasons for being here? In terms of technology and security, do you think STEEM is one of the best? And if you’re going to blog, is this decentralized monetized platform really the next best thing to sliced bread? That’s a pretty powerful combination, but is there still a lot more to add?

Please take a moment to comment. Think of this as an open ended survey and share your thoughts and ideas, especially about all the other reasons that weren’t mentioned in this introduction. Resteeming to get greater diffusion would also be much appreciated. 😍 What’s best about STEEM in your view, and what are the reasons why we should recommend newcomers to join us?




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You should own steem to get more curation rewards through stake based influence!

You're in agreement with zyzzyva. Own STEEM and power up! I like the stake based analogy. The main reason to own STEEM? I think long term appreciation potential is an important factor too. 😇

Right now, I mostly own STEEM so that I can stake it as SP and reward other Steemians more strongly for the content I curate. But I do think that STEEM has really good tech behind it, and a really good community. I'm looking forward to SMTs and seeing where STEEM goes as a blockchain, and I want to make sure I have some liquid coins to play with when that happens.

Looking forward to SMTs too. Should radically changes things. Everyone will need to adjust. See my 2nd survey for more on that.

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