Survey #5: What do you want?

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Do you want a Steemit made up of small groups, or do you want a Steemit based on macro blogging?

The first would be a Steemit where people stay in touch and interact with a like minded, closely knit community, and the second would be a Steemit where the majority have to accept the fact that only a few of the best really benefit. In the first case, small groups of Steemians would share the reward pool’s payout equally completely independent the number of contributors within their group, while a Steemit based on unequal payouts would promote an environment where only a few would reap the greatest rewards. A Steemit based on small groups of equally benefiting Steemians would foster an extremely loyal user base, while the second option of focusing on unequal rewarding of the best macro bloggers would lead to the general disillusionment and eventual abandonment of most who try Steemit out.

Which do you prefer? A Steemit like Facebook that builds small loyal groups? Or a Steemit like Instagram or Twitter where your main hope is that something goes viral? Something where you stay in touch with friends and family that satisfies the vast majority and that also has modest monetary rewards? Or something that offers an elusive opportunity to gain thousands of followers to get rich off of, and that only works for a very small minority?

Looking forward to seeing your votes.




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