Survey #2: Why do we blog?

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Entertainment and having a little fun are probably the two most important reasons why most people choose to blog. The love of writing and desire to engage with others on a wide range of topics from lifestyle, fashion, food, photography, finance, etc., etc. to simply improving their writing skills are the main motivators. Obviously related reasons within this largely “recreational” rationale for blogging are sharing personal experiences and reinforcing a positive outlook on life or whatever the subject matter of the blog may be. And, of course, we have the famous online journal - blogging just to stay in touch with friends and loved ones with no other pretense - to round out this brief list of purely hobbyist reasons for blogging. Do you fall into this category? Are you here just to share common interests, enjoy yourself and maybe improve your writing skills at the same time?

At the other end of the spectrum we have businesses and non-profit organizations where revenue is the all important motivation for blogging. Drawing attention to the business or organization is paramount, as is building relationships with customers or contributors. Networking and exposure are also very important contributing factors here. Does this sound like you?

Sharing your knowledge, particularly on topics of expertise, is another one of the most important reasons why people blog. Passionate beliefs and causes that people want to share with the world in order to make a difference are highly motivating. Education is certainly one of the “big three” main motivating forces behind why we blog. Are you a blogger who is a teacher at heart?

Make no mistake, there is overlapping with many of these reasons, even with the three main categories I have outlined. For example, a business blog, while primarily existing to attract customers, often has a FAQ, incorporating an educational element to a mostly business related blog. In any event, even if your blogging is a mix, we all have a core reason for why we blog. What’s yours? Why are you here on Steemit? Be honest. 🙂

Share your thoughts in the comments section below. The more the better! We’re all in this together and the more we help each other, the better for all of us, both individually and combined.




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I was hoping you might tell us why you blog. When looking at your blog, it looks like your main reason might be educational, or even inspirational.

I blog because I like to share my thoughts and opinions lately.
I also enjoy writing a kind of diary of my journey as a Runner and crypto enthusiast

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Thanks @toofasteddie. Sounds like you are mainly here to enjoy yourself. Congratulations! You will probably be around for a long time!

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