My Entry For The Blocktrades + Open Mic SteemFest Ticket Giveaway

Oh my! It's been a while since the giveaway has been announced but I really was just busy with the journey as I was on the road for a little bit.. Now I'm back to my home country, Thailand! and yes!

The SF3 ticket prices are also out so that's the big encouragement! LOL


I just understood the concept of the contest truely when I was sneaking a peek of some #openmicsteemfest x #blocktradescontest entries. It's a real talk! No edits!! 😨

To be honest, this is so easy yet so difficult. I'm kinda ok-good if there's a chance to edit and make it a bit smooth as English is not my first language and my organising-things-
in-my-head skill is not great either. (@teamhumble ! I just randomly tagged you! Can you believe?? Your name just suddenly came into my mind when I was talking about myself that way LOL )

When I edit my vlogs, sometimes I even cut the sound of 's' somewhere in a video to put it as an ending sound when I forget to have '..s' sound at the end of the prural nouns LOL ( #Secret! Keep it between us!)

When it comes to 'Just speak the thoughts out', I find it a lot more challenging (Difficult, that is!)

Bear with me and my ramble

No, I haven't filmed my video just yet but I am going to! I'm going to go outside for a walk and talk. Trying to have a Thai local vibes as a background so people don't get so bored of my face.


Yes, that round face! LOL

Thanks to @luzcypher I'm now going out of my comfort zone (My zone : Going places, making a happy face, eating in front of a camera and make them all jelly LOL ) Here's an example.

Now, let's talk work!

This is going to be such a rambling..🤣 .. Ready?

OH MY ! I just went for a walk and talk. Uploading the video on youtube right now.. I have to tell you that ..It is going to be a ramble!!! Like, 18 mins! OMG! Sorrrrrrrry, I didn't mean to!!!!

True story! Real thoughts! Uncut! 18 mins! 😭

  • Oops! Forgot to say '@waybeyondpadthai' after mentioning 'The Blocktrades + Open Mic SteemFest Ticket Giveaway' but I did say it a few sentences after.
  • Oops! Didn't use a cell phone as mention. I hope you don't mind!


Whaaaaaaaattt??? I just won the tickets!?

Yes! YES! Yes!



Psych!! LOL



That would be too good to be true but yes, I'm still hoping it will come true!

My Steemy fun fact

Some more steemy fun facts that may help me get my free ticket to Steem Fest 3.

I don't mean to brag but I do need to shout it out loud so the judges know!


  • I'm all in on Steem!
  • I mixed and matched 'Steeminion' logo for t-shirts. You know, you love it!


  • I work hard (almost) everyday for my Steem based platforms' posts. Examples? You got it!

w56soen3eo.png 8nq7w8k4nd.png

ediyso8uze.png fpesxs3s2i.png

  • I promote Steem all the time (Sneakily do so..LOL)
    ** Not because it's a trend, it's an instinct!

  • I contribute to the Steem community (officially) by being a @fundition's angel and @esteemapp's curator.

  • I even have this idea to open a Steem cafe & hostel in BKK but I'm NOT SO SURE yet due to business reasons. (Whoever's reading this, you're the first ones on Steem whom I tell)

  • I got my Steem card designed! Let me know what you think! :)


The illustrative talent by @zsolt.vidak and I got it from The Crypto Renaissance project

  • Some peeps call me 'Steem Freak' (@mamalikh13 was the first one.)
  • Some peeps call me 'Dtube queen' (@adetorrent was the first one.)
  • I swam with Whale sharks before but never with Steem whales just yet and I try hard to get myself out there in the Steem ocean hoping big fish somehow see me (Yes, this is such an honest one because I am being honest with you here!)


Yes, that's me in the photo at Isla Mujeres, Mexico


Some references so you know I didn't make it all up :D






Funny story :

Literally, the minute my #steemfestdream entry was published, I suddently gotten a notification from Auntie Gina saying '@anomadsoul has published a new post! 'Blocktrades + Open Mic Steem Fest Ticket + Accomodation giveaway!' My face really just turned pale and my eyes honestly rolled .. LOLOL
' I just put all into the post, what should I do !!!? 😱 😱 😱'

No! It was not all!

I set myself in the mood and been writing this post totally different from my #steemfestdream entry.. That's how I found out there's always something Steemy in me #steemspirit and I'm always ready to sqweeze it out when need to :)

- Yes, I am too proud -

- Enough bragging LOL -

Hope you find this fun to go through as even I myself found it a bit TL:DR Oops! 😂

Shout out to @DtubeDalily (@DDaily) crew as most of them are totally my fam on Steem blockchain!

Also, Good luck to us allllll @felix.herrmann, @world-travel-pro, @llfarms, @evecab, @yonilkar! and I hope we will have a chance to meet at Steem Fest 3 !!

Your Chance To Win A Steemfest Ticket Plus Accommodations Giveaway Sponsored By Blocktrades And Openmic --- by @luzcypher

Blocktrades Open Mic Steem Fest Ticket Accomodation Giveaway --- by @anomadsoul

Official announcement of SF3 -- by @roelandp

Lots of lots of love,
Mo ❤


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I'm having so much fun hearing you talk about Steemit with so much excitement and know exactly how you feel. Can't wait to meet you in Bangkok and try some good food. You'll have to show me some good places to eat and we can talk Steem.

Loved all your points in this video. Your English is really good by the way. Thanks for making this video and being part of the fun. May Steem be with you. Oh, and you have a new follower.

Ha! we sure could go for some good food and even vlog together! :D Oh! we could also do some music session, that would be so fun. I would love to sing but I don't know how to play any instrument :/

Thanks for your patient to finish such a long ramble LOLOL There are soooo many Umms, likes and actuallys... hahaha but I made sure those were all honest thoughts!

Thanks for holding such a contest!

Actually, you made me giggle so much watching you talk that I just watched your video again just because. I'm not bringing my guitar with me but if you can get your hands on one we could play and sing a song together. That would be fun!

For sure we'll make a vlog and post together and have fun. I'm SO excited and the clock is ticking towards Bangkok. 20 days to go!

Mo is a super high energy, positive girl. A lot of fun to hang out with. It was a pleasure meeting her in NYC a few months ago. She'll be a perfect fellow steemian tour guide for you in Bangkok. I've spent easily two years of my life with over dozen trips to Thailand but......I can't help but feel jealous knowing that you'll be on your way in 20 days; you're going to have blast!

Great video Mo. You're doing great! Keep up the good work! -Dan

Oh! Didn't get the notification for this so I just found out you commented! Thank you ! I can't wait to meet up and yes, can't wait for the fest and I hope will see you there again!!! ❤

You deserve it FOR SURE!!!
I love your energy and it shows how much you care about the steemit community in all your post! It was fun watching you talk in this video about going to Steemfest and everything else! ..oh ya..and I was excited you mentioned my name! eheheh ! I remember how much we nerded out about Steem in SF!! SO fun!
I really think your should win this contest!!! :)
Good luck!! <3

Hahhaa I should have credited @acromott and some others that I mentioned in the post but I didn't LOLOL. Thanks for the support and yes, miss hanging out with you so, soon we will again!!! hahaha ❤

nahhh it is all good! It shows who actually watched your video! lol ;)

Bwahahaha There! good one! ❤️

Smile, hahaha.. Wow. This is really amazing. Good for the open mic 🎤

Haha Thanks for the comment. Yes! the smile! Sorry for rambling so long for the open mic part LOLOL 😭

This girl has skillz! If anyone deserves's her!

Wow capt! Thanks a lot for the support ❤️

I understand only half but i have to smile.

I swim in the pond without any orcas ore whales, are there any here? I am free :)

All the best with your entry. :-)

@happydolphin Thank you dolphin! :D You're always so supportive ! ❤️

@grammarnazi, please check this guy's sentence. I don't think it's correct. LOLOL

He sounds like Yoda.

I love your smile, I do not understand English well but I still laughed because of your personality

Bwahahaa Thanks for the comment. That already made it a great morning! :D ❤️

thx for the shoutout! good luck and steem on!

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

I just understood the concept of the contest truely when I was sneaking a peek of some #openmicsteemfest x #blocktradescontest entries.
It should be truly instead of truely.

@adetorrent is a brit and he's my friend! 😭

LOL. We love grammarnazi 😭😭

That was such a fun watch! See you there!

Oh my hahaha, Thank you G.. wow, your name so hard to spell T^T cryyyy..

Thanks for the support and I literally just passed to the second round, (THIS IS NOT A SPAMMY MSG btw.. LOL) and they require the engagement.. Here is my comment on the main contest announcement that needs Steem Fam support (no voting needed). If you feel like, fee free to check it out and leave a comment <3 Thanks a lot @teamsteem ! aka G... :D hahaa I swear I will learn how to spell it properly before SF3