A day get away from Taipei City to a unique natural village up the mountain 'WULAI'

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Wulai was my choice!

After all the food I had been eating and all the hectic city life for over a week in Taipei, I believed it's a time for some changes. Well, it was actually not entirely my idea. I was just a bit bored and opened the app called 'Couchsurfing Hangout'. Luckily, a kind local came out of nowhere and offer to show me around. He gave me 2 choices which were 'Beitou' or 'Wulai'

Obviously, I picked the second one as we're talking about Wulai right here, right now!

Why Wulai?

I did a super speedy research and found that it's a small mountain town that's famous for its hot spring, waterfall and aboriginal history.

Oh man.. Nature.. aborigin is always interesting but come on, I went for it since I read the word 'Hot Springs'.. LOL

A day trip to Aboriginal village 'WULAI'

So close yet so far

The town is totally not that far away from Taipei City but still, One and a half hours by public transportation is a bit long in my opinion. That's why we should spend the whole day there just to make it worth our while..


I remember the first sentence I said was 'Wow, soooo pretty!'... Of course, the village! Not me! but you know.. snap! LOLOL


Wulai aboriginal museum

The town is known for the tribe called 'Atayal', people that used to live there.. Their tradition that shocked me the most was 'They ALL had to get some tattoo on their faces' so they could be accepted by the ancestral spirits after they pass away..

Males : Tattoo vertically on forehead and chin.
Females : Ears through cheeks to mouth.

Ohhhh.. I can't imagine how hurt it would be.. T^T Cryyyy..



Wulai Old Street & Boar Sausages

It's known for its old street as well! Some certain types of food sold here, like, Mochi (chewy dough balls), deep fried small shimps and fish, etc.

Oh! I noticed right away when we're walking on the street, This is totally a place for local tourists as I didn't see many foreigners. I could also use the word 'None', actually :P



The friend took me to this place that's famous for their boar sausages. I had actually seen it almost everywhere in Taiwan but this was my very first time trying it. Because of its fame, we had to wait in line for like, 10 minutes.




The mountain sausage!

Wow! It's boar sausage! It's a bit sweet but not too bad/ and oh my my my! It tasted great ! (Or I was hungry, not too sure!)


There're a few steps to do before eating the Boar Sausages and you may want to follow these steps as well because the sausages taste much better!

  1. Take a photo of it with the nature/ mountain.
  2. Take a cute selfie with it.

Whoa!!! I completed the steps, that's why it tasted kinda GREAT!


The secret local spots for Wulai hot springs

The government closed down most of the swimming spots so.. !!!! We're lucky enough to be told by locals where to go.. and yes! We made our way there, of course!

Can you see the steam!!!!?



One with me and one without :D



Hot and cold and hot and cold

The locals (Regular bather) made this manmade tube with all the rocks they found. Looks pretty much like a bath tub but way cooler as it's ALL NATURAL!


One with me and one without :D (again??!)



We literally spent the whole day till the evening so that I got this beautiful picture taken from the Wulai Suspension bridge.


Wulai is a must!

If you have time when you come visit Taipei. Pleaseeeeee, I'm begging you! Come check the place out! It's sooooo awesome.

Lots of lots of love,
Mo ❤



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honestly I can't wait to just get out of this working life and go around just for my own heart!

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@steemitworldmap Oh my thank you! and oh, too bad we didn't have a chance to meet! @livinguktaiwan I have been enjoying all the food in your home country! :) ❤️

What a beautiful place where you can see the Beauty of Nature
Wonderful sir


Hahaha please don't call me either sir or mam hahaha :D Thanks for stopping by! ❤️

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