My entry for the Blocktrades + Open Mic Steem Fest giveaway

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This is my entry to the Blocktrades+Openmic contest to win a ticket to Steemfest! if you want to know more check This

What can i say about myself? well, i have two dogs of which im so proud of, Daron, one that i have seen grow to the point that we developed a language, he is everything that Marley would be, (i dont know if you've seen that movie) that and many other things make him my best friend, i always learn from him, he has tought me so much, like joy and headaches. He has just the right height to peak his mouth over the countertops and steal carrots or whatever is displayed in front of him, that along with an explosive temperament.


Daron has taught me things that matter so much, like what it is happening doesnt matter, you can always go a bark at the macaws, well, he barks, i can bark aswell but i don't, i feed them mangoes instead, last week some parrots dropped by and it was such a challenge because of La Negra, my other dog, she wanted to eat them.

I named my puppy after Daron Malakian, guitarrist from System Of a Down, it is one of my favorite bands, i found the name just fitting and i have a hard time naming stuff, nevertheless i was conviced with Daron's attitud (the human one) was pretty edgy on videos that i liked, besides, i admire Serj Tankian, in fact, the back of one of my notebooks has him in it.


If you want to know whats more important for me its my notebooks, this is one, i have filled three of them to the roof with songs and poetry, not countin the loose pages that i have written and are now somewhere around my house. To write now makes a part of my daily rutine, i live to write and thats about it, the honor of having the power to capture moments in these time capsules called songs.
I started making songs, singing and writing poetry since i was little, being motivated by my whole family, each member came with the artistic gene. My mom ran a puppet show for my whole childhood, i grew among them, although, if i have to thank anyone for anything in life is to my grandmother, the most beautiful woman in the universe.
they Interviewed her at the Rutablockchain community When she was my age she was travelling the world doing theatre, one of the countries she passed by was Poland, so it would be nice to tell her "Yo oldie, imma be there for a little while"



I could spend hours talking to you about my family, i remember beautiful things about each of them, in fact, soon ill start uploading content with them, therefore, its really a matter of time to start telling you more about them.
Im a leftie! but when i was little i played the four (venezuelan string instrument) with my grandma and she would place it on my arms just like if she was going to play it, i learned how to play righthanded nevertheless i write with my left
If i know something its that im a musician, since i was born i started singing, i wanted to know what this was about, it could have been that my mom would sing her songs when she was expecting me, on stages for child shows, i also could have been that keyboard that i've had since i was little, it could have been to listen to my grandmas songs, or to have played the four with her. i sure that one of those reasons or all of them were what pushed that neverending need for playing an instrument, that in my case was the violin (something that i havent done yet, but from some random tought you can make a start, right?


What do you when you grow up?

The answer for this has been the same since always, before, when i was three my answer would have been to play the violin, today, beyond all that, my answer would be "everything that makes me happy" something that i practice nowadays, happiness.
every since i started studying music, i passed through music schools, home schooling, videos. talks, i dont know if i think of myself as a great student, i beleive that since i do what i love i've never seen it as some sort of martyrdom, but as the relentless quest for greater knowledge, when i was fourteen i was teaching classes at a music academy called Cantar Es Facil, there i would enter the lessons and with that i managed to enlarge my understanding of music, i had to know more than the students and that was a personal challenge for me. i managed to make it so that each individual would leave after every class with new knowledge to their homes, back then i was giving lessons to people of all ages, between six and seventy years of age, people with disabilities, then and there i learned or internalized that every one its unique, even for their individual learning curves, each person has a different way reach them through language.
Speaking about myself its hard work, i can say that if this was two weeks ago, then it would have been an impossible task, there where fears inside me that felt bigger than the real thing, whats real it can always change, although these fears felt like they where made of bedrock.
a couple weeks ago i took a trip that changed my life, i will make my english version of this post soon.
Honoring my curent thoughts i am talking about myself without any restraints over here, telling you about everything i've done and that i wouldnt have given it such value in my life that i know it deserves it, which is the one that myself can give it.
Another thing that i like its theater, and its because its a natural thing for me, to play at grandmas being thousands of characters with my cousin @dhannabao, people call me crazy, i am in a constant house play.
I have been part of musical videos such as the two following that ill attach below, one of them is with Chino y Nacho and the other its with another venezuelan musician called Sergio Andre .

Both of these videos where recorded in Petare, beautiful experiences, i had short hair (and well, i may have missguided the truth about my age a little bit.)
I've done a lot, i forgot some of it by now, but it doesnt matter, theres more to come, one of my favourite activities is to talk with people on the street, normally older men, and homeless people, everyone has something to say.


On the second of april of this year i played on the International of Autism Conciense day, this kid up here didnt stop dancing and gave me the warmest hug in the world, i´ve had never recieved a hug from the back, much less accompanied by so much love.
I've also had played on the street, the Caracas subway system, the Sabana Grande Boulevard, and pretty much anywhere.

Musician! Bring out your guitar!

I got you

Well, i dont want to talk too much about myself, maybe i could add that i live in Venezuela, and the rules here to play at life are very much different from the rest of the world, i dont feel like this is a bad thing, on the contrary, to surf(and note that i dont say endure) on these hard times in every environment it is a positive thing because they are filled with teachings, just as long you dont let your flame go out, or that someone else do it for you with a gunshot.


Animals are life

Lets Talk about Steemit

  • When did you join the page?

I joined on October 14 of 2017


Why did you join?

I live in a country where the standart rules dont apply, the worth of its currency its a joke, and in any regular job your wage would never go above ten dollars a month, the minimum wage its set at one dollar and dropping, these days everything its absolute madness and it is without doubt a part of it to not have the possibility to fufill my life goals

Honestly i feel some sort of discomfort writing about this, but it is necesary because it is actually what happened to me
steemit appeared in a very tough moment in my life, i was trying to study in the middle of all this mess of an isolated world, this meaning, aside from the hunger, result of an fridge that normally would be empty, to walk through the most chaotic city of the world, i am a walking citizen, i commute, the subway is my day to day, and let me tell you, just because its a daily thing doesnt mean it is healthy, and much less a habit. recently i went on a trip, and the subway ride to the bus station suddently changed, people started running inside the train, there were armed robbers inside it.
Nothing unusual, this city its a rough one and thats normal, honestly, now i dont even feel afected by this fact, you see a lot of violence here, and in the underground the abundance its unreal well , the subway stress plus the violence stress plus social outbreaks that sometimes would render the subway useless and therefore my house of studies aswell.
Paralized, yes, not a state but the whole country it is going through a time that if it aint hard it is absolutely unique, where, between all the decadence and misery the Page that changes lifes shows up.
I joined not only because this was already an exceptional page to share with others and to earn beacause of it, i did it to survive, on despair for a solution to this personal hell, that is the sum of all thats bad in this city mixed with all that it is bad within me.



How did you Join?

Thanks to Luis Enrique, @risckylu. I've never have done a thank you post to him because i have the dream of being able to make him a post thanking him not only for introducing me to the page, but also for explaining to me how it worked and to come to my house and explain how to exchange the money to my local currency, without doubt, Ricky is a person that has always made a change in my life for good and there should be more people like him, showing these sites to the rest.
If it wasnt because of Ricky, many movements wouldnt have been born, like CELF, since it was @disclaimerhffmn (creator of @bicicleta) who would invite @joedukeg to the page, the creator of @celfmagazine. if @premmlinbass wouldnt have told @ilazramusic probbably he wouldnt be on the site, or i wouldnt have told the guys of @funkmedia, @abelfernandez and i stopped counting all these guys that i apreciate and know that they have a voice that has to be heard, my special care to @ferchemusico, who has been the best friend that life has given me.


How to you relate to the community?

I'm a proud Helpienaut at helpie i have made friends, in there they help me a lot and fill me up with cookies and hugs (who could that be?).

i am a Talent Club member a place where i always find support and feel surrounded by exceptional people like @marpa (im your fan).

I'm also part of the Ruta Blockchain beloved guys that i met making music for a meetup where we chatted and liked eachother, lots of love to Ruta! that is the place where i perform a weekly podcast on wednesdays Called "La Clave", a program with live music played by myself and every one that wants to come. A hug to each person that on a weekly basis make me want to do the podcast. the link that i attached above its the first one ever, the program didnt even have a name back then, but this next wednesday we will be joined by @moccamonica live! To bring you music from users of this platform.

@mosqueteros is a community where im also an active member, i have many friends there, people who have always given me exceptional affection , to me and to my songs, recently i even went on a trip with members of this community, people that i dint knew face to face, the voyage was simply magic, you can read more about it here (coming soon in english).


At the @elarca community i have been a part of several encounters they make where the activities are pretty cool, there, the gorgeous @aidarojaswritter (a dear friend, we entered simultaneously) has interviewed me and given me the chance to share my music and sing.

In La Colmena, @c-squared, im a curator, i may not be the best at it among the others, but every now and then i put my contribution, and its a gateway that i use when i see users with very low income in their posts.
I try to use the three video platforms,Youtube, @Dlive, Dtube, each of them is a way to connect with different audiences and the idea of it exites me.

At the @onelovedtube community, although i dont use it that much, id like to give a small hug to @gray00 who invited me to join and has always demonstrated much care and support for my musical carreer.

@minnowsupport every second saturday by the hand of @isaria, @krystle, @aggroed and a team of great people that do the sound checking and always are nice to talk to gaves me the oportunity to perform and receive some money in the Sound of steems, i perform in all of his 6 editions, the last one edition i think that i will not being performing because of my trip, but i found an old camera in the house we're i was staying and it work! its always a joy come, play there and learn english!
I think that the place of utmost importance for my artistic developement and where i connect with more people its the @openmic. Theres a before and after in my life thanks to this contest, where not only i have been able to earn from my work but aswell i have gained a lot of confidence in myself, and has helped me to grow in ways that i woulnt have imagined on that October 14 of 2017 when i entered the page.
On my first entry to the contest i Won the first place

With the same song in a full band format i won once again on first place

Then i uploaded "Necesaria" a song to which i made A versionWith the guys from @funkmedia and i wont fift place with this version
On the weeks 95, 96 and 97 i won 5, 3, and third Place respectively.
For week 100 ill bring something super special for me to this contest, since it is definetly the most beautiful memory i could save from my trips


What are your daily activities on steemit?

Steemit is the platform in which i work, all my income i earn on the site, and constantly (the whole day) im working on it
Within steemit i dedicate to watch content that i like, this varies, you can win me with a good laugh or by getting me to think, both things move me. i also upload the content myself, i upload anything i want, from poetry to stories about my dog, but mostly music, all in my life spins around it.
I work for steemit on discord all wednesdays in La Clave, i feel that this is a space thet even today can reach an audience of 25 people (sometimes 6, i love you guys!) it has already made the efect that i wanted that is to bring people closer, some have sang for the first time for a crowd, different proyects and users have been interviewed like @bicicleta @celfmagazine @elfranz @meno @pechichemena @mayneth @joedukeg @ilazramusic and many others that i respect, admire and want to see them grow.
outside steemit, on the tangible world(say real wolrd its already difficult since virtual is getting so real) im working daily with @smollrecord regarding steemit, we have worked with steemians like:
and we wish to work with thousands more, not just nationally but with the whole community of steemit.
We made this video explaining a little bit what we do:

I'm also part of @bicicleta, a audiovisual producer that has brought awesome content to the site, with more soon to come

Why do you want to go to the steemfest? and what can you bring to the community if you go?

-i want to go because my granny already went to Poland (didnt i mentioned this before?).
-i want to go because of this comment that i got on week 96 of the openmic from @meno, and it bounces on my head ever since i saw this contest

Am I surprised Jose is on my list again this week? No, not really, not in the slightest. I'm honestly convinced that Jose one day will be touring the world. Nobody can convince me otherwise, not only for his talent, of course, but for his personality and charisma.

If you disagree, that's because you've not seen him grow as an artist like we have here in the #openmic family. Before my eyes I saw a young man that could sing start to carve out his little legacy. - @meno

  • I want to go because of the trip i made with the guys fom @mosqueteros changed my world, and now i want to see the world, im going to, this is the chance im going to take to make that wish come true, that even i've always had it, i've never felt about it so strongly as it does now, i just want to be song and air.
    -I want to go because im prepared.
    -What can i bring to the table? Anything, the first thing on my profile description is that i pretty much do everything, im going with the disposicion to play, share, gift laughs and to grow, what else can i give? i feel like its more the things im going to earn by travelling and getting to know the world, ill pay you back with songs.


And to finish my writing, a reason of why i find myself placed in life, i truthfully want to give a strong hug to each person that has helped me grow so much in so little time as is ten months in steemit, i only can wish to keep living as things have unfolded so far in this beautiful life.


Al leer esto dan ganas de sonreír por el resto de la eternidad. Eres una persona especial, llena de carisma y si nos remontamos a tu familia, descubrimos de donde traes tanto color en el alma, de cada uno de ellos, incluso tu nariz es como la de de Daron je je.
Marionetas, teatro... un mundo fantástico con violín incluido y hasta con mangos y guacamayas. Gracias por mencionarme en esta publicación, te admiro mucho también por tu arte y por la energía que nos irradias siempre .
Un fuerte abrazo, lleno de cariño y luz, lleno de zloty imaginarios y éxitos @joseacabrerav.

no se como puedes escribir tan bonito, tu tambien eres especial, estoy muy feliz de que me dejes esas fuerzas tan grandes en forma de comentario.

Tú música eres tú mismo... Honorado de haberte conocido...¡Ovación de pie..!

honorado de tus palabras, siempre recuerdo con mucho amor a tu persona declamando aquel poema de Nazoa.

Eres un fenómeno! Muchos éxitos!!! :)

exitos y cosas buenas, a hacer todo bonito, un abrazooo, gracias por dejar un mensaje tan bonito.

Mis mejores deseos, muchos éxitos @joseacabrerav

¡Excelente hermano mío! ¡Ojalá ganes esa vaina y representes a todos los grandes músicos que hacemos vida en Steemit desde Venezuela contigo! Que la providencia y las buenas energías te bañen y logres el cometido, cuentas con mis vibras desde acá, saludos y bendiciones siempre.

toco madera papaito, esperemos que todo vaya en pro siempre de lo positivo y para mejor, mucho amor.

Aquí dejo mi granito de arena rey, espero que puedas ganar ese ticket para ir a Polonia y así poder estar cada vez más cerca de tú sueño. Se te quiere un montón y se te apoya el doble ❤️

Manu gracias por tus palabras, de verdad que significa mucho para mi ver tu apoyo! eres alguien que le da impulso a mi arte.

Genial , mucho éxito José!
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you deserve it, brother.

Steem on and chill. hugs

Wuao!!! te luciste con ese vídeo nivel profesional, me encanto de verdad. Demasiado fenomenal!!!

Profesional con el sello de @smollrecord

Amazing post and music my friend!
You really deserve to go to Steemfest just through your pure determination and talent. You're a great guy man and I'm glad to know you.
All the best

Thank you for your warming words, i want to do the best with my life, and i think this its the right way, cheers!

Todo mi apoyo ☺️

Biien! gracias por sumar, mucha gente me ha dado apoyo de formas super lindas.

Excelent dude !!!
Good luck :D

Buena suerte hasta kracovia mi estimado esperamos que todo salga bien y podamos tener buenas noticias.

Buenas noticias son lo que se ve en la lejania y lejos de ella tambien.

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Lo vas a lograr amor, ya veras! Todo el apoyo para ti, restemeeado.

Con todas estas energias tan bonitas que se mueven no me queda mas que confiar y creer en la idea fuertemente. te quiero Aida, gracias por pasarte.

Eres un crack! Te deseo de todo corazón que ganes y vayas. Un saludo.

Your post has received some love from @autovoters, account managed by @salvao :)

lml un saludoteee, gracias por esa buena vibra.

Buena esa José... saludos amigo.

Saludos!! espero que tripearas del beta qfrao

Buenismo. Muy completo el post brother exitos!

Bravo mi Jose, ya eres un ganador.

<3 Enfocado a lo positivo, tu tambien eres una ganadora.

Todo el éxito, querido @joseacrabrerav. Encantada de poder disfrutar de tu música. Eres grande. Un fuerte abrazo 💜

mi coco, feliz de que estes dandome tanto amor por este medio <3.

Gracias por andar siempre pendiente!

Tanto tu música como tú son increíbles, amé el texto de principio a fin y la canción del vestido carmesí ni se diga, de todas esa es mi favorita, me encantó el vídeo tienes muchísimo talento José, ojalá ganes y puedas ir a llenarlos con la magia de tu música y tu buena vibra, te envío un abrazo inmenso y mucho éxito.

gracias por tanto cariño en tus palabras, has sido un gran apoyo con mi musica Lore, un beso.

saludos, hermanito @joseacabrerav! Todo el éxito del mundo para ti. Abrazos y besos sinceros. Ya ando por tu tierra, perrito.

sii?? ya vamos a hablar amiguitooo.

Bebo, ya ando en fase dormilona XD... nos hablamos mañana! 04265844212 Whatsapp y línea activos.

que fino bro! todos los exitos!

Te deseo toda la suerte, @joseacabrerav.

Lo que nos cuentas mueve la fibra. La canción es hermosa y me encanta tu voz. Te envío energías súper positivas ☻♥

las recibo con toda la receptividad que se pueda tener y aprecio a sobremanera tu huellita por aca, meow!

me gusta la foto de ese gato, seguro hace un buen team con el de aca!

Este es un post muy bueno y lo he votado en contra, pero el concurso para la entrada al Steemfest no es un concurso de música. Por favor, lea las reglas de nuevo.

Este es un traductor que es mejor que google translate. Copia y pega el mensaje en él y léelo.

Unfortunately i don't speak Spanish.. But what i heard was melodic and therefore i wish you best of luck !

Love it your comment, wish you hear the lyrics, its one of my favorites songs that i wrote, thinkin that maybe soon will do some good translates (:

Suerte con esa entrada al SteemFest, José.
La canción sonó muy bien; al gatito blanco también le gustó, pareció.
Je, je.

pues vaya que disfruta cada dia con nosotros el muy gordo, afuera en el patio no se deja acariciar, pero en la sala es un amor total!

Tengo un hijo que, asi como tú, nació artista. Dios es quien les da esos dones a ustedes. Sigue adelante. Y que Dios prosperes todas las obras de tus manos. Amen

amen, eso, los artistas al arte, espero que tu hijo cumpla todo lo que tenga que cumplir, mucho amor.

Bravisimo!!!!!!! Me encantó!!! Te mereces ganar!! Mucha suerte!!

Gracias!! tu nombre me trae mucha alegria ajahahah (:

Mi hermano cuentas con todo mi apoyo! más que suerte, mucho existo! tu arte es tu talento y ese mismo es sinonimo de mucha pasion y trabajo. Te dejo este mensaje con mucho afecto y apoyo en cada de tus proyectos, espero la noticia de que resultaste ganador! bendiciones hermano.

Bendiciones a ti tambien, mucho exito, eso es lo que define todo, mucho amor a lo que se hace y una sonrisa grande, siempre avante, nos vemos!!

Todo mi apoyo hacia ti en este comentario Joséee<3

oh dios mio cuanto apoyoooo siento aquiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii es demasiadooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo <3

Jajajajaja esa era la intencioooon<3

¡Increíble!, tienes una impresionante conexión con todo lo que te rodea. Tu capacidad de transmitir tus sentimientos es única. Te deseo el mayor de los éxitos. Te mereces representarnos ya que eres impresionante. Sigue disfrutando la vida como lo haces. ¡Tienes mi cariño, respeto y admiración!

Cita! mucho amor cita, gracias por tus palabras tan sinceras, aqui tengo el gorro puesto!

Saludos mi pana, temázo este el de vestido carmesí, como siempre haciendo buena música bro. Saludos. @joseacabrerav

Gracias por pasarte hermanito, el vestido es un tema de 2014, normalmente es el favorito de muchas personas y uno de los mios tambien.

Sounds great man, super smooth! Good luck <3

thx girl, tons of love! <3

Tu energía es unica eres un rayo de luz que a pesar de todo decidiste ser positivo y regalarle al mundo tu hermoso talento. Suerte y exitos ! 😙

<3 gracias por tus palabras tan hermosas, tu tambien eres un rayo de luz que me alumbra todos los miercoles made, mucho cariño <3

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