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Deposit memo errors are #1 mistake made by our Steem customers

As many of our Steem customers know, the most error-prone part of sending Steem or Steem Dollars to BlockTrades is to include the deposit memo when you’re transferring the funds from your Steem wallet. It’s very easy to forget it entirely or to paste in the wrong information (one common error made even by experienced customers is to put in their desired destination address instead of the deposit memo). It’s a particularly difficult step for new users, because they need to navigate away from the BlockTrades web site to their Steem wallet and make the actual payment there.

New SteemConnect payment method doesn’t require entry of deposit memo

We’re very happy to announce that we’ve added the option to make purchases using SteemConnect ( SteemConnect is a simple, secure way to authorize your Steem transactions (in this case, transactions for sending Steem and Steem Dollars) .

If you’re sending Steem from your Steem account and you elect to use SteemConnect to make your purchase, you no longer need to deal with the deposit memo. Our site will open up a SteemConnect web page with all the information needed to make your purchase (the amount to send and the deposit memo) and you just need to login and confirm the purchase.

If you store your Steem login credentials in your browser, you only need two mouse clicks on the SteemConnect web site to make your purchase after your initial login there.

SteemConnect payment method helps avoid “input too small” errors

Another benefit of using the SteemConnect payment method is that it auto-checks to be sure you’re sending at least the minimum amount required to pay for the transfer of the purchased coins, which is probably the second most common error made by new users. So we anticipate that this new payment method will eliminate about 95% of the errors made by customers sending us Steem and Steem Dollars!

Using the SteemConnect payment method

When you select Steem or Steem Dollars as the coin you’re sending to BlockTrades, you begin as normal by entering your receive address, then pressing the Get Deposit Address button on our web site. Next, you will be presented with a tabbed view that allows you to send either via SteemConnect or via a Manual Transfer (old payment method):

To use the SteemConnect payment method:

  1. Enter the amount you want to send in the Send amount field of the Price Estimator at the top of the Quick Trade page (in the image above, I'm sending 10.5 SBD)
  2. Enter the Steem account name you are sending from into the SteemConnect tab window.
  3. Press the “Transfer Using SteemConnect” button.

At this point you will be temporarily redirected to the SteemConnect web site where you can confirm the purchase, after which you will be brought back to our web site.

Steem sent from an exchange must still use Manual Transfer payment method

We still have our older Manual Transfer interface for making purchases using a deposit memo. If you’re sending Steem or Steem Dollars from an exchange, you must still use the Manual Transfer payment method, because SteemConnect requires that you control the Steem account that is sending funds. Unlike Steem held in your own wallet, Steem sent from an exchange is held in the exchange’s Steem account (which you don’t control, unless you are the owner of the exchange).

So we haven’t totally eliminated the need for deposit memos for all our Steem customers, but we can declare a day of celebration for most of them!

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nice updates here

that vote power though...

$100 for 3 words :)

I see 37.45$ from 8 upvotes and 0 downvotes, not 100$.
Still stupendous, but check checkthisout's comments

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lmao @acidyo

Salam kenal shaabat steeemit
Follwcback and vote

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@blocktrades Very nice integration and use case of SteemConnect v2 Hot-signing Links.

Nice work!....@blocktrades are you planning on adding any more coins in 2018? Would really like to see [NEO or EOS or OMG] added.

Steemians any other recommendations?

If all goes well, we'll add a new one some time next week.

Well I would really love to see ripple, stellar and verge on the list!! And if @blocktrades is feeling ambitious, maybe some really unknown altcoins with great potential!! That would a pleasant surprise!!

But new coins or not, blocktradees is still my number 1 choice when it comes to trading steem SBD and DOGE!!

good to know

Hey all!
I have put together some picks. They are low market cap coins that I believe have great potential for profit. Obviously there is risk and do your own diligence before buying. I am not a financial planner or advisor.
In no particular order:

  1. AirSwap AST (Binance)
  2. Lamden TAU (EtherDelta)
  3. Loopring LPC (Binance)
  4. aelf ELF (Binance)
  5. Luxcoin LUX (Cryptopia)

(Follow me on my new Steemit for daily picks, and have an excellent day!)

@blocktrades - As a regular used of Blocktrades, I appreciate this new method which will help many users avoid errors. Though I am quite comfortable using the memo method, taking a cut and paste step out always helps accuracy so I am all for the Steemconnect based method. Thanks. Upvoted.


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I personally strongly agree what is said by @vm2904, and thanks to @blocktrades very useful information, for me a beginner.

I love tha fact you can change dodgecoin from eobot its amazing

Hell of review

I'd say use @blocktrades if you want to cash fast but it'll cost you around $20-30 easily. That's what I've been experiencing... Still beats the odds of the price crashing, remember when SBD was €13? Yes euro, not dollars!

Buy anything other than bitcoin and you'll save a lot. We currently have to pay around $20+ to send BTC. Try litecoin, DOGE, or ETH (they'll also be a lot faster).

This is so good

Can I get rippled off tho?

We don't support ripple.

hay @blocktrades i need some help with a transaction i did

I converted SBD and Steem to LTC but it wasn't much cheaper @blocktrades, I can send the transaction details / CSV file so it's transparent?

I checked coinmarketcap pricing on your last 3 trades at the time of the trade, and it was around $8-$10 for each. Doing it in bitcoin would add about $20 for the transaction fee (for each one). So it makes a big difference (i.e. you saved $60+ in bitcoin transfer fees).

Ahan @blocktrades
Dear have a look on my post i have posted on you hope so you dont mind it

Wow, thanks @blocktrades!

I agree completly!

Block trades what about the delegations?? When you guys will open it again??? :)

some time next week

It's great to see SteemConnect becoming more and more popular. It should make people more confident when sending Steem to exchange (I still have to check 10 times like a maniac).

God bless you

Just helped a friend make a transaction using this. So smooth! Great improvement. Thank you @blocktrades

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

For all Steemites, this is one feature that helps you get around the error Bandwith Limit Exceeded. Please Wait To Transact or Power Up Steem, if you accidentally powered down to the point that you have no Steem Power and cannot use your account - whether posting, commenting, or even powering up - you can use Blocktrades to directly get Steem Power.

Blocktrades integration with SteemIt is absolutely brilliant and it supports other crypto-tokens as well, so even if you don't have Steem or Steem Dollars elsewhere, you can use Bitcoin, etc.

Great improvement, but I think there are still room for making it even better. I can imagine the whole process will still be confusing for someone who is not familiar with cryptos.

When clicking "sell" from the steemit wallet I actually don't expect to be sent to some third party site just like that, I expect to choose how much to spend directly from the wallet view, and I expect that all relevant information is passed over ... i.e., I shouldn't have to reenter my username on the blocktrades page.

Any wallet can integrate us and provide that kind of functionality. It's already available now in the BitShares wallet, for example. Our site's functionality is accessible via a public API:

I have try in before time in steem account buying process but i had been failed, it's the system are available this will be so easier to use, hope @blocktrades will be more easier fo furthermore option when we will be stay at best position

this is great @blocktrades, now we can deposit without fear of having a deposit memo error or input too small error. steemconnect has proven to be a very efficient app to connect to the steem blockchain. many sites are using it and its good that you have intergrated it into your system

It's really an awesome integration I think. It must helps to reduce 99% invalid transactions with wrong memo entered. I'm really happy. Thanks to @blocktrades.

NOTE : I placed an pre-order of 57052 STEEM POWER DELEGATION Transaction Hash
Time (local)
2017‑12‑30 12:09:24
Would you please inform me when it will be processed ??

All outstanding pre-orders will all be filled by Jan 14th. I don't know times on individual orders, though.

I am very glad to hear that @blocktrades.

I knew that mine was still in the pre-order queue, but did not want to pressure anyone by asking on here. At least 14th not to far anymore, but will patiently wait in case it takes longer.

I am glad to see that you guys are constantly adding new and better features to make life easier for us.

Keep up all the good work.

very nice post! ))

Some few days too late for me, managed to send funds with the right memo, except they were sent to shapeshiftio instead of blocktrades :/

Yes... applications to make funds transfer whether to or from would make life easier and would surely drive growth to the community and platform. Looking forward to our growth...

Thanks for the awesome job you doing :)

Anything that makes steem easier to trade is a bonus

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hi @blocktrades ! This is an amazing functionality and for sure it will reduce the amount of mistakes for people who buy from the steem account with Blocktrades. Also, good you are keeping the manual way very easy to choose, due to the fact that funds from exchanges need to use the manual way!

Thanks for your continuous efforts to make Steemit and the steem blockchain better every day.

I am not sure if witnesses receive a notice when somebody new upvotes for them, however, I wanted to let you know yesterday, I was finally able to vote for you as a witness. I tried more than 3 times before, and upvoted, but when I came back it was not showing. I was finally able to do it and it is there!

Question Here about SMTs: Are you planning to add the possibility that the most important cryptos generated from the launch of SMTs on the Steem Blockchain, can be obtained with ?

I mean, once Appics launches, are you planning to add its token, to be easily obtained with steem or SBD?
That will be huge!

Regards, @gold84

Thank you very much for an awesome improvement, sure to save me from screwing up again!

Woah! This is going to be so much easier. Well done.

Thanks @blocktrades for providing these great services...

You are the only cryptocurrency exchange that let me create an account (unlike bittrex and bitshares).
Today I managed to sign in once from my wallet here, but the next time I tried, I got a "sorry, an unexpected error occured" repeatedly.

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The memo always causes issues. I’ve lost loads recently when transfering from poloniex due to errors caused by memos not being recognised! Anything that can help reduce this issue is welcome in my book.

@blocktrades, thank you guys for this improvement. It will definitely reduce if not stop this kinds of errors. My transfers have always been smooth because I havebto check several times vto be sure I am not about to send my hard-earned STEEM and SBDs into irretrievable cyberspace. It will definitely make it easier for me. Thanks for all your efforts.

steemit can be used in transaction of which item

I think all the coins we offer for sale can be bought with Steem.

Awsome services! Blocktrades is just great!

is there any other way of making transaction

Because blocktrader very costly

So much easier!

Thanks for the info. I'm fairly new to Steemit and hope to be transferring my SBD to buy more SP soon.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

We can buy STEEM using our SBD at Steemit "Currency Market" too or under your SBD wallet just select "Market". :)

That's way easier! Thanks!

You guys are killin it

I've never had any problems with memos, but this new form is even simplier. Keep it up with the development, your platform is getting better every day!

this is realy great update

Do you plan to also support the vessel uri? Tgat should be easy to do and allow more users to use the new feature.

We're talking with Jesta about it now

Is it possible you could enable the ability to sell Golos on blocktrades also?

Nice post, beautifully presented and explained. detail oriented with nice pics. Thank you for you services. ... i always love using block trades for simple conversion on quick buy and sell. It is user friendly and easy to use interface makes it more attractive and effective. New update is also amaizing ... now we can easily transfer using steem connect. Thank you for this update. Upvoted

if you mind checking out my blog for latest posts and updats @kingjan

@blocktrades Can u tell me when 30 or 90 days delegations will be enabled?
I am desperately waiting for delegation power. Please enable them fast.

Hi brother @blocktrades
Regarding the delegation of energy from 30/12/2017 and pending
Is there good news about receipt
I purchased 6,500 power orders

Should be filled by Jan 14th

Blocktrades does trading in Steem too? This is heartening to know. Right now I'm mostly using Bittrex and Poloniex. Both are fine enough but it's always good to have more exchanges for Steem and other cryptos. This will result in better liquidity and thereby encouraging more people to use them.

hello, @blocktrades
Upvote & Re-steem


This is really good, I think the steemconnect payment method is easier for new users and will really help all the user to avoid mistakes.


Thanks for information

hi I made a mistake and did not attach a memo number my latest withdraw it was for 19.177 SBD how do I fix it, to include the memo number. Please help.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Memo is no longer required in this new method ;)
I already tried this 2x and posted my screenshots here:

Hi, I just tried to make a transaction from an exchange to my account but I forgot to confirm the withdrawal from Bittrex so it timed out. Now I want to try this again but there's two field and after reading this I am confused whether the destination address (the address @Blocktrade wants to me to send money to) for the Bittrex withdrawal should be in the 'registered acct' or 'memo' field.

I've never used blocktrade before.

You should put "blocktrades" as the "registered account" and the memo generated by our page as the "memo" field.

Just tried Steem Dollar to Steem Power transfer and it just works perfect. Very easy and intuitive. Would probably continue to use blocktrades as the best performing tool in Steemit network, and cryptocurrency exchange.
Thank you, guys!

Awesome 😍
Thanks for simplifying things.

I never used Blocktrades so far because it sounded too complicated and I heard it didn't accept more transactions because of traffic. Is the traffic issue solved for now?

We haven't had any issues with traffic problems. I think you probably heard about the fact that we didn't have SP delegations available (we will have them available next week). But our site is operating normally, it's designed to handle a much higher traffic level than we currently have.

please blocktrades my delegate not yet in the process if can please in the process
19 days ago
Transfer to savings 2.629 SBD to blocktrades 47764671-b580-4c3e-843d-42ca50791dcc
can request upvote once from @blocktrades, if the upvote steem that I send not in the komfirmasi again is enough with upvote from you, thanks from alfa-good

really information from you very useful artour please once vote me

Hi @blocktrades -I have just sent SBD without the deposit memo. what should i do?

It was 7.991 SBD

This is lovely indeed, every newbie like me and some experienced steemians need to see this wonderful post and understand truly that @blocktrade is always working round the clock to bring on innovations that makes transactions much more easier. Thats why I resteemed and upvoted this blog.

Thanks @blocktrade

I am a regular Blocktrades, I appreciate this new process, it will help many users avoid errors. However I am fairly happy using the memo method. Thanks. Upvoted.

@blocktrade this is very appreciated!
Thank you

I have just made a transaction using the new method and it's awesome easy straight forward process.

thank you for this info I will admit i have made the mistake of imputing the wrong info in the memo. upvoted and resteemed so all can know about this.

This post very nice..I like block trades.thahks for sharing this cryptonews..

Thanks @blocktrades for sharing this type of posts......., Because, these types of application make life easier to transfer funds for anywhere in the world 😊

What we can do is what we do with our local cryncy k.

good idea! Thank you

Nice way to be updated

Very informative. Thank you for this great information. 👍

Blocktrades i very convinient and easy to use 10 out of 10 totally would reccomend to friends and family :)

Blocktrades is the best cryptocurrencies exchange site that I ever used. Reasonable fees, simple and reliable.

Safe n secure exchange

UI looks nice, simple, user friendly

how do you think if someday the price of sbd and steam will drop trastically, how do you respond as a user steemit?

This is amazing!You all seem to be great individuals.Love seeing this kind of stuff.I'm looking forward to attending some Steemit meetups as well.

This got me pumped about working harder on my own Steemit profile :)
Thanks for sharing...upvote pls friend @blocktrades

it simply works, i have used block trades to change my steem dollar to Ethereum and worked like a charm, and now that Ethereum is on my wallet growing into Euros

I still havent figured it all out. Im tired and need a long nap. Maybe tommorow I will try to do t again.

The process seems simple enough until I get to the login page. I enter my name and key and I get an error message. "Oops! Something went wrong!"

Any thoughts or ideas to help would be appreciated. Thank you.

UPDATE: I got it! That was easy! I like easy! Thank you!

Wow thats an amazing news.

very good info, could use an easier way.
whether the old way we can still do?


Very easy, fast and nice. I have used it twice last week. Wish you could add more coins for exchange though, that's my suggestion.

Hello .

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

LOL. Putting the address as the memo actually happen to me. 7.35 steem but I never bother to try to get it back. I think what you guys are doing is great so I just treat it as coffee money for someone :-)
BTW, glad to see steem and SBD back on the list again.

Amazing Post As Usual @blocktrades

Greate New thanks for add this amazing feature @blocktrades

I have managed to use @blocktrades I think one time, back in my earlier Steemit days, but I was lucky to understand and use it easily. Very helpful for the new SteemConnect to make it much simpler for people and I will keep it in mind whenever I want to trade for STEEM!

Great news. I personally don't mind the memo-method, but this does look easier! Cheers. Keep posting @blocktrades

Thank you for your kindness to share such a guide. Previously I facing difficulties to find step by step guide when buying, sending or exchanging cryptocurrency

Nice info and thanks for update. At least it seems easier to avoid errors in sending now.

look forward to trying this out! Thanks.

Will try the SteemConnect soon ;)

Important find out...Great work

Thank you very much.

Thanks to blocktrades, life has been so easy except for an occasion when I chose direct withdrawal and it has not been solved till now, sigh! Only blocktrades has this confirmation/pending page which intimates users whether the transfer actually happened or not.

Good info, thanks for the information. I always wait for the latest information from you

for new users , like me , its really a informative post . I wan thinking to send some steem

Thanks for this update, very helpful!


         Respected sir,

When you will start again deligation i have been waiting since two week.

  Thank you.
                                                              Your faithfully
                                                            ( @smileplease)

We will fill outstanding pre-orders by Jan 14th, and we'll re-open purchase of new ones some time next week.


This is a good news and a good idea to improved the security in every wallet. Good job keep it up.

Its so simplified now. I tried it with my friend now and it was a success. You are doing a great job. Thanks

Hello @blocktrades ! I am new to steemit and i think ive done some of the mistakes you mention here, first transaction i made i got my dogecoins but the next 2 transactions i made to you i didnt recieve them. Please help me out will ye??

I saw 8 transactions from your account, but they were all successful.

I really appreciate you this new memo method which will help many user to avoid errors.
Resteemed and upvoted.