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Recently I wrote an article about Empathy. There I raised the idea that, as human beings we are "Social Entities", that is, we are grouped in community and it has been this virtue that has allowed us to perpetuate ourselves as a species.

Although at present the dynamics of society have led us to behave every more time in an apathetic way towards the needs of our neighbors, we still find gestures and manifestations of wills that make us think that all is not lost and that fostering this type of behavior we can resurface and achieve better living conditions for a majority.

Steemit has positioned itself, in my opinion, as the # 1 Social Network in The Global Blockchain.

ph venezuela cintillo 001.jpg

This is a reality since most of its members manage to achieve an interaction and feedback behavior that has allowed true communities to be conformed. This leads us to think about the sum of efforts of all the members in order to make the little ones grow.

Recognizing the talents and virtues of the members of the community is a key piece for the advancement, but more important is the fact of knowing the needs of the weakest and helping them not to disappear.

Every day we see examples of users who delegate part of their SP to well-organized healing groups. Again the concept of community proper to human nature is present.

In the same way, names of great people and organizations have emerged, who, alone and with their own efforts, have become a great hope for many others.

But the time has come to go further.

The time has come to take Steemit to The Real World.

And in fact, this is already happening.

Donations of food, seeds and fertilizers, pumping motors for agricultural irrigation, campaigns to support the most needy in countries with humanitarian crises or immersed in great poverty are already a reality. These people or organizations work many times, almost in anonymity. But his work can be felt, it is tangible and real. And it has brought joy and hope to many children and adults in various parts of the world.

The scope and scalability of blockchain allowed the borders to disappear and the economic force is present in all latitudes due to the superiority of crypto over FIAT.

Currently, the STEEM currency has a value close to 0.5 usd. Its presence in the main exchanges is a great advantage due to its easy convertibility. Then it can benefit any person or group of people regardless of their country of origin.

In countries like Venezuela, where the national currency undergoes an unimaginable devaluation and citizens survive with a minimum wage of less than $ 5 a month plus a hyperinflation of 1,000,000%, STEEM has become a great economic aid. This is why the community of Venezolanos that lives in Steemit grows every day.

ph venezuela cintillo 001.jpg

People who are taking Steemit to the Real World


A couple of days ago I came across a publication that allowed me to know part of the work of @chbartist in my country. Who in an initiative coordinated by @arrozymangophoto gives us an example of what can be achieved when we bring Steemit to The Real World.
Here is the link: https://steemit.com/dtube/@chbartist/46z7yunh.


First hand I have experienced the good voluntas of an anonymous hero in Steemit. I mean @mariusfebruary. This man, who with his own resources has managed to accumulate almost 600K SP (which represent more than 10 usd with a 100% vote) always manages to dispose part of his busy schedule to perform manual healing. He has been the victim of people who, supported by his good faith, have tricked him into requesting financial resources. This does not daunt him in his efforts and desire to help.


Founder of @steemchurch. This Christian group has two major action groups: one dedicated to Nigeria and the other to Venezuela. They have brought Steemit to The Real World. They are very well organized, carry out activities frequently and have accounts for manual healing. Here are some tests of their activities:


This young entrepreneur who loves the crypto and the blockchain knows very well how to surround himself with valuable people. Continuously makes important SP delegations to help steemians that have little RC. He has also extended his hand to help people in Venezuela. More than performing acts of charity, he has trained several enthusiastic Steemit users to learn to grow within the community. He is currently supporting an initiative called Project Hope #hp-venezuela benefiting several Venezuelan families. @crypto.piotr has also taken Steemit to The Real World.
Here is testimony of one of his initiatives:

ph venezuela cintillo 001.jpg


The power of Crypto and Blockchain knows no boundaries. The concept of community is exalted in Steemit with the interaction of its members, who organized, have known how to support and maintain the basic concepts that have preserved us as social human beings.

We must applaud and support the work of all these people and organizations that foster the feeling of union and fraternity among the users of Steemit.

They are the proof that Steemit is much more than just another social network.

Steemit is the # 1 Social Network in Blockchain.

ph venezuela cintillo 001.jpg

If you know more motivating examples like the ones I have presented, I invite you to leave your comment about it.

Thank you for reading.

ph venezuela.jpg


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Hello my friend, thanks a lot for sent me the link @juanmolina ..

I read everything in your post and I really agree with you...

All those guys mentioned in your publication are making a magnificent work on
Steemit.. helping a lot of people and making a huge difference...!!!

I would like to add that many people are against of communities and a few are in favor.. Many communities are helping a lot to their Countries or people next to them and that is really awesome..!!

All those guys are making Steemit stronger, they have an incredible vision about Steemit means. (FUTURE)

And bring Steemit on the top position as you said #1

Hello dear friend @edgarare1.

I would like to add that many people are against of communities and a few are in favor.. Many communities are helping a lot to their Countries or people next to them and that is really awesome..!!

I can not imagine that someone could be against such constructive actions as these.

Yeah my friend.. It is really easy to know that..!!

Just a small example is when people send info as a memo, and some people get upset for this kind of action...

For me this is a good way to engagement with a lot of people and can help a lot more to the communities..

I want to do something more to help people from Venezuela but for now my RC is not enough.. I made a post just month ago where I gave just 100,000 Steem as a bounty and many people came to the post and everyone got just 1 or 2 Steem... Not whales and Dolphins coming to help...

I respect all the communities for their amazing job and those guys mentioned as well..

Thanks a lot my friend @juanmolina for your reply...!!!

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I remember clearly that publication of yours.
I was impressed with that initiative, I thought it was great.

I did not want to comment so as not to take away the opportunity for another to earn a reward.

I congratulate you for undertaking this type of action.

You are one of those who take Steemit to the Real World!

Dear @juanmolina the following lines echo my sentiment very well.

Recognizing the talents and virtues of the members of the community is a key piece for the advancement, but more important is the fact of knowing the needs of the weakest and helping them not to disappear.

I agree with this idea completely. I think the blockchain based projects like steemit can provide the platform to connect without boundaries.

I salute all the wonderful people that you have mentioned. They have been doing a great job promoting the causes close to their heart.
As for you, I like your style of writing and presentation. You are doing a great job.
Keep up the good work buddy.

The time has come to take Steemit to The Real World.

To add to the discussion I feel if there is two way crypto-fiat fungibility added so people would be able to buy the day to day stuff like bread, milk and other essentials and pay the bills and fees.
That would be another milestone that I am looking forward to.

Thanks for the memo :)

Regards, dear friend, @thetimetravelerz.

Your words are very kind. I do not know if I really deserve them.
I love the fact that we are in tune with the feelings of unlimited connectivity offered by this type of platform like Steemit.

To add to the discussion, I feel that if two crypto-fiat fungibility functions are added so that people can buy day-to-day things, like bread, milk and other essential items, and pay the bills and tariffs.

It sounds like a wonderful idea. But this must be done by the developers who create these wonderful Dapps on a daily basis that work on the Steem blockchain.
PS: it would be something great.

Thanks for your valuable comment.

great post.. I agree on many levels this is the way to the future..

I look towards Mannabase ( https://www.mannabase.com/ )and ( @mannacurrency )

and the treeplanting site @treeplanter

and the cleanup app @cleanplanet

All ways to funnel the rewards from steem to community engagement

Thank you for providing such complete information.
Very thankful.

Dear @juanmolina! I like the people whom you mentioned in this post. They are taking steemit to the real world. Steem and Steem blockchain have immense possibilities and potential to change this world. I myself tried to contribute little towards this goal by delegating some steem power to a Venezuelan group here. I hope my little contribution may help somebody. Thanks!

Hello my dear friend, @akdx

I myself tried to contribute little towards this goal by delegating some steem power to a Venezuelan group here.

You are taking Steemit to the Real world.
Thank you!

To be honest i disagree with this post. You and soke of the guys you mentioned you didnt bring steem to the real world.
I will dont write names but some that you mentioned is milking steemit out every day with overboosted posts while he didnt make much. And to spend for donations while the price is almost all time low that is also not so smart.
To bring steem to the real world make a business. Use steem. With spending steem you just push down the vallue.

Sorry mate for my honest words this is my opinion and you sent the memo.

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Hello appreciated, @gabbynhice.

Your words reflect what you feel. What you feel is born of you, is your essence. Who am I to criticize your words?
I respect you, I respect your criteria. I'm sure you have enough knowledge to make these claims.
Thanks for reading and commenting.
Have a blessed day.

Thanks. By the way dont misunderstand me. I am not against these project to help people. Just i think we should wait a little. The steem have a big potential to be strong i think. And once it will became strong will be much better and easier.

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I appreciate very much that you comment on my publications.

The concept of community is exalted in Steemit with the interaction of its members, who organized, have known how to support and maintain the basic concepts that have preserved us as social human beings.

This actually got me thinking because it really explains lots of things going on on the steem blockchain. The need for more community on the steem blockchain can surely help us to promote Steemit and make Steemit more popular which can attract more people to join the steem blockchain provided every community is working towards achieving this goal.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla 💞

We are community. We are also a family.

We are expanding. We have more and more members, so we must learn to tolerate and appreciate ourselves.

Thanks for your valuable comment, friend @hardaeborla.


Dear Juan,

Its quite touching that steemit grew from its "social media"persona and created a global presence that is palpable in the world. Yes. steemit is truly alive. and, I am going to share with you why do I enjoy it here despite the fact that I am not earning that much:

  • I get to engage with people who give me valuable comments.
  • I get to talk to people who challenges my beliefs and opinions and helps me grow in the process.
  • I get to write whatever I wanted to write because, there are so many niche' in this community that, there is a niche inside a niche inside a niche!

I am actually looking forward into a future where people will look at anyone who is involve in steemit in this way:

I loved your comment.
In fact, every time I post, I'm watching your comments. You always make my brain work. Thanks for coming.

No worries. thank you for sending me those memos- I get to learn things beyond my usual field.

Hello @juanmolina quite a well written and thoughtful post you have here.

I could recognize @crypto.piotr and Steem Church on your list as those doing a great job in taking Steem to the mainstream as well as helping out individuals and we equally have a few others who you might not be aware of.

I think there's still a lot to be done to take Steem to the real world and get many people to see it as the number social network.

Nevertheless, quite an interesting post. Have a great day!

Regards, dear friend, @ajongcrypto.

Thanks for your words of support.
I agree with you: There is still a lot to do.

So, let's do it!

Thanks for comment.

Felicitaciones por esta gran publicación @juanmolina, comenzaré por aquí. En segundo lugar, apoyo ese interpretación que haces sobre la plataforma y el mundo real. Steemit, para nosotros los Venezolanos ha sido una bendición, llega en el momento oportuno para subsanar la crisis que hoy vivimos, el monetizar ha permitido ayudar a las familias. Por otro lado, la red llego para drenar emociones, para conocer gente nueva y valiosa, para interactuar y para continuar creciendo. Es verdad también que esas acciones han sido trasladadas al mundo real, esperemos se mantenga la unión y se alejen de ella las personas que con malas actitudes pretenden dañar, siempre los hay y los habrá. Agradezco a @crypto.piotr no sabes cuánto! igual al amigo @mariusfebruary, @chbartist y todos los que aportan en benefico de esta plataforma. Saludos amigo, a ti también te agradezco.

Amiga @belkisa758.
Gracias por esas palabra tan bellas y motivadoras.

Capturaste toda la escencia de lo quise transmitir con mi publicación.

Friend @belkisa758
Thank you for those beautiful and motivating words.

You captured all the essence of what I wanted to go through with my publication.

I congratulate you @juanmolina for exalting the merits of steemians who are good citizens and excellent people in our ecosystem.

I can testify to them as in the case of @crypto.piotr and @chbartist who practice the chinese adage of "Do not give them a fish , teach them how to fish ".

They work entirely with SP resources, upvote and advice in the best style of a coach.

And as a good apprentice, you are also taking steemit to the real world. We have to advertise that being good steemians we can succeed personally and make our community bigger.

Greetings countryman.

You're absolutely right, and I think that's the most valuable way to help

They work entirely with SP resources, upvote and advice in the best style of a coach.

Did you know that Piotr has really been a coach?

Thank you dear @yaleal.

I did not know but I deduce that he is a man with solid training and management experience.

You´re right!

Out of adversity comes change.
Its seems everyday Venezuela is becoming a very important hub for steemians to show how the future could be, in the rise of crypto as a more usefull method to help people in trouble
Rather than relying on big charities or NGOs to distribute the help to where it is needed, cutting out the middle man and his cut. Keep up the good work Juan 😎

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Thank you for your kind comment, dear @andyjem.

I really appreciate your words because I know that these are totally sincere. Thank you.

Dear @juanmolina

Another interesting publication buddy, got my attention from the very beginning.

Once I reached words "The time has come to take Steemit to The Real World" - I simply couldn't sit still, very curious what did you come up with :)

Obviously I feel privillaged to be mentioned by you between the others. You did make me laugh by saying "This young entrepreneur" :) Young? :) Im 42 in one week :P

Cheers buddy

Hey Piotr, my good sir, wishing you a happy birthday in coming days and a blessed year ahead with fond moments among your good family. Thank you for the active networking, may you go from strength to strength.

Namaste Hare Krishna Hari Om

You'll always be a young man dear! It's your spirit which keep you always young and energetic.

Ooooh you are really young! And happy birthday in advance I hope with your wife/family!

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Wowowow :)

Tell me more @wakeupkitty :) I love hearing that I'm really young yeyeye :)

You know you are young, active, traveling the world, eager to learn and handsome as well 😘. So nothing to worry about.
I cannot say I speak you in 10-20 years since I doubt I am still alive at that time, but you will.

Happy day young man💖

PS, am not wearing my 🤓 at this moment, but still see you 👍🏻

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Dear @wakeupkitty

I had a chance to read your comment just now (somehow I didn't notice it before) and I would like to thank you for your effort and taking the time to keep in touch with me.

you are young, active, traveling the world, eager to learn and handsome as well

I love to hear those words :) Banana smile on my face :)


We cannot notice everything at once. There is so much to read, follow and answer. I try to catch up as well.

I hope the bananasmile will stay.
I wish you a great day with 💕

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Yes brother you´re Young, we are.

Once I got to the words "The time has come to take Steemit to the real world", I just could not sit still, very curious, what did you think?

What made me think of these words was the gestures of solidarity that every day emerge more in steemit and that in the "outside world" every time they are scarce.
It is easier to see a donation here in our community than in the streets.
Here People treat each other with respect. However on the street what I see is intolerance

That's why I would like Steemit to be out in the real world.

Thanks for comment.

Should I take a wild guess that you were born somewhere first week in may? hahahahaha

Very true :) Im getting older in just few days @nurseanne84 :)

You're not the only one but you know what, I am just so excited because, its a whole new year ahead of me.

Seriously? Do you have bday sometime soon @nurseanne84? :)

I'm turning 42 ... tomorrow lol.


Yes Piotr.I am turning 35 on may 5.hahahahaha what a coincidence

Blody hell. I'm late with my "happy birthday" wishes.

happy birthday.jpg

I think I am an example of what you are talking about. I am a weight loss author and coach living exclusively off steem and steem related money since Dec 2017. I am proof this is a viable place to work and earn a living, not just a place to "hold" and hope for the future.

That's seriously awesome and inspirational!

Can you really live off steem/steem related money full time? I personally find it rather difficult because the price fluctuates. Sometimes, my earning from writing is less than if I do a contract writing. Although in a bull market, I would make more than if I do a contract writing.

The price changes do not help when dropping @macchiata, but I have three blogs here and work hard at them all with many strategies. I also live in SE Asia very cheaply, so that helps. It's not easy, but am somehow making it work each month.

Perhaps SEA is cheap, when one earns in dollar or euro. But I see the locals are generally struggling to make ends meet. There's also possibility, I am living in SEA wrong! I need the cheat codes haha

You can look at the bottom of any of my posts except for the share2steem posts. There I give minnow tips about how to make more money here. No cheat codes - just lots of constant effort.

Hello dear friend @fitinfun.

I have seen your publications and I know your case. The way you lost weight. I congratulate you on how you recovered a healthy life and increased your expectation of life. You are a role model.

Now you want to help others with your example, testimony and feeding and fitness techniques. You are a living example of the power of steemit. And you certainly took Steemit to the Real world and the lives of many people.

Thank you for being present in my publications.

You're welcome, and thank you for the compliments. I'm am always happy to see your posts :)

Dear brother @juanmolina, again you give a great job, that good article. Congratulations!

We must applaud and support the work of all these people and organizations that foster the feeling of unity and fraternity among the users of Steemit.

Each initiative that you mention and each personality that you refer to in your article, really deserves to be awarded for their work. I know that the effort they make will pay off and will be rewarded even if they do not claim glory.

My congratulations and respect to those heroes that you mentioned in your article, are aciendo an excellent work.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful job, congratulations friend.

Thanks to you for reading and supporting my work.

You are a great friend, @fucho80.

Steemit will be happy you put their inc. Into the spotlights but I agree with @mariannewest it isn't steemit but Steem that is the no. 1.

I hope it will reach the 'real' world somehow. If I wouldn't join I would not know about the existence.

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We are already there ...

Hi @juanmolina.

Lot of people has left from STEEM however few of us still here with stronger engagement. I believe STEEM will grow and improve.

I belive in Steemit too.

We´ll continue here.

Thanks for the memo, empathy is the symptom of a good heart and a mature soul. I send best wishes to Venezuela my South=South brothers and sisters, from my African continent.

Let's use the blockchain technology to uplift the struggling souls in the grip of difficult times. Keep up the great work and posts. we need to hear from you about what is going on with you and your community in Venezuela.

Thank you for your interest in the situation in my country.
I can really feel your empathy.

Thank you for always being so consistent, dear friend.

@juanmolina, Yes, Steem Blockchain is playing very effective role and empowered and empowering and will empower more and more people, specially people who are living in the Third World Countries. Great to know that Steem is proving as game changer aspect for the Venezuelan Community and hope that soon Cryptocurrency and Blockchain space will help Venezuela to remove the financial difficulties to deepest levels. Stay blessed.

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Yes, appreciated @chireerocks. This is a beautiful reality that we must strengthen. Everyone's task.

That's true. Have a blessed time ahead.

Blessed day for you.

Thank you so much and you too brother.

Well it would be great to see steemit being exposed to the real world because in as much as we claim there are over millions of registered users over here i still think steemit would grow a bit more if the world actually hears about us and not only the crypto community.

Let's do this people and in our very little circle we can encourage our friends and family members to also join this platform and enrich their content over here.

Kelvin writes.

Regards, dear friend, @ikkelins.

Let's do this people and in our very little circle we can encourage our friends and family members to also join this platform and enrich their content over here.

And you know what?
It is necessary for the sustainability of this Blockchain to be added more and more new accounts. The inflationary character of this Blockchain demands it. Otherwise the currency will lose value.

hi @juanmolina actually I'm confused about the steemit situation, there are many issues circulating that steemit will disband because many big investors have been powering down, I also actually heard it very sad because steemit is where I work, I also don't know it's just an issue or not just hope it's just an issue

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Hello dear and beautiful friend, @anitacarolina.

I have not heard about any problems that may lead to the end of steemit.
The company Steem.inc is the creator of Blockchain Steem. It is on this platform that every day new Dapps are being developed and Steemit is the main Social Network of this quoted Blockchain.

The fact that Steem Blockchain is adopted more frequently among the developers is a sign of confidence and solidity. And Steemit being the strong card of the company, I see very unlikely its early extinction.

Ps: Can you send me a link where I can verify that information please?

hi @juanmolina I also don't know for sure maybe this is just an issue, but I really hope that this is only really an issue, and about the link, try to read here


Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you very much.

I´ll read it.

ok..there is something later please let me thank you😄

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I think Steem as a blockchain is #1 as a social media connector because it has so many Dapps. Steemit is just one Dapp on the Steem Blockchain. Not sure if I consider it the best of all- it is the default one, that is for sure 👍

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It is a question of criteria.

Thanks for comment dear @mariannewest.

Very nice post, thanks for your contribution to steem. :)

Thanks for comment and reading

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@juanmolina @ziapase thanks for information about this post !!

Friend @juanmolina, I congratulate you. I really believe that in this crypto-steemit world we can say that there are many people who in one way or another take us to this real world. That is not tangible but real.
I am very happy to share with you and all the friends I have met in this ocean of opportunities, it is very nice to be able to find people who share our same tastes in terms of topics and other things. I congratulate you on this excellent publication.

This month, I useing Social Network of Global Blockchain , there two closed .
The two platforms also have sales tokens. I also bought some up-power tokens, but I didn't expect they closed.
Steemit should be the most capable platform available today.
There are many charitable groups and people on Steemit who help some people or affairs.
Occasionally someone will support their activities.
Thank you very much for their approach/working.

I really hope that head of big country will not be messed up earth economic.
he have no ability to improve my own economic power.
he have been about bullying others and geting money from others.
So, the people in some countries have suffered.
Economic sanctions, the suffering is the people.

The country holder , If he is cheeky and does not accept your conditions.
Is there any way for these country peoples ?
Unless it is a military coup...

it is great to see that Venezuela is benefiting from steemit

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First of all, Steemit is NOT Steem.
Steem is not Steemit Inc.

As a corporation, who first implemented the steem blockchain, it has the reputational leadership in promoting the blockchain, and manage consensus among the blockchain witnesses and developers.

The rights of SteemitInc. is just half, and the other half is within you and me, as a community member.

Anybody that can promote, any of the Dapps of the steem blockchain to greater heights, will benefit all application as well.

I prefer to uphold communities and their dapps, other than Steemit directly, but without moving our attention to the developments spearheaded by SteemitInc on the blockchain side.

Thank you @juanmolina

Brother, your comment seems to have no relation whatsoever to the content of my publication.
Or maybe it's me who does not understand.
Thank you anyway.

Its ok, but the right title if i may suggest is, Lets bring steem blockchain to the world.

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