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We are social beings.

With the exception of the singular cases of certain hermits in history, we have all lived in society.

Archaeological remains of humanity's early age are proof that we were grouping together, making families. Nuclei of individuals have been conformed throughout history.

This characteristic makes us think about communication. The transmission of ideas, customs, teaching, feelings.

Because of not having a language, there must have been a high cognitive level to achieve the necessary communication.

This allowed the prevalence of the human race.

Then we can affirm that it is part of our nature to be interested in the situation of our neighbor.

Even this information can be at the molecular level and be passed on for generations.

It is not just to show your partner, neighbor, brother or friend that somehow you care about their condition, but it is a matter of survival.

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The concept of empathy defines it as: the "capacity" to perceive what the other feels.

For me it's something else. It is more than that.

Because for me this "capacity" must be preceded by the "intention", the "desire" to understand the other.

This is where the true root of the feeling of empathy lies.

Someone may have the ability to understand his fellow man, that is, if he decides to try to do it.
But the motivation to do it is not "born" within that person.
So: can we consider that person as empathic?

I say NOT.

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"We must establish more solid and positive links with others, recognize and understand their feelings, ideas, behaviors and attitudes, even identify circumstances that may affect them in specific situations, in order to intervene and seek welfare in our fellow."

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When a parent connects to understand the feelings of their baby son, he is also teaching his son to discover the feelings of the other. Or rather it is stimulating that innate characteristic.

A good teacher knows his students, is able to identify that emotional universe. Detect possible abuse by parents. Identify a Bullyng victim in time.

And we can not only be empathetic with other people. We can even feel empathy for animals or plants. We can establish such a real connection with our pet that we can accurately know their mood.

The grandmothers say "today my plants woke up sad".

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Can you see the importance of empathy?

Can you see the current lack of empathy that our global community suffers?


I do feel there is a server lack of empathy due to our adoption of western culture which is been so focused on the needs of the individual and not considering the community aspect and how we function as a collective. People are seen as commodities and thus empathy can easily be ignored.

The funny thing is if you are empath you are able to connect with people which will improve your networking, your business relationships and consumer relationships and over time improve your business.

Hi dear @chekohler.

The funny thing is that if you are empathetic, you can connect with people who will improve your network, your business relationships and relationships with consumers and, over time, your business.

This is surplus value.

Thanks for comment.

Dear @chekohler

Western culture is so far the ONLY one that value human life in general. Living 11 years in Asia (various countries) made me realize how bad it currently is in China and south-east Asia, where technology is already developing way faster comparing to west.

People are seen as commodities and thus empathy can easily be ignored.

Indeed that's true. And it will only get "worse".


Sorry but I do not agree with you. Western society gives high amounts of help in many ways to many countries and societies even they are frequently abused and victims of scam and this since ages and also if it comes to their own society they are willing to help each other out there were social care is not doing so to its own people no matter how much taxes they pay.

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I agree with you @wakeupkitty

Western culture is so far the ONLY one that value human life in general. Living 11 years in Asia (various countries) made me realize how bad it currently is in China and south-east Asia, where technology is already developing way faster comparing to west.


So technology is more worth as human life 😕. Because the development is needed to survive/make an income or this is all they need? You have a lot of experiences.

I wish you a happy and 🌞 day with 💕

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@juanmolina, The solution is very easy but happening is difficult because in my opinion, we are living the lives of deception. We can take great example of Tribes and by that i mean, when tribes were established then they were not protectors of just their family but whatever they done it was regards to whole tribe, but now we are limited our emotional and brotherhood levels and thinking about our doors no matter how much cruelty faced by fellow human beings.

For a moment think this way, why we want these companies, why we need to work hours and hours on excel sheets, applications, computers and so on when we are took birth to do field work and life close to nature and mother earth, so definitely this materialistic world is deception. No matter how much people earning at the end of the day they are living the life like a robot and Materialistic.

The biggest issue of this world is poverty and lack of food. Now we are destroying lands, just for a moment think this way, if we can plant fruit trees wherever it's possible and let's cover the whole world with these trees then no one will ask for the food inturn they can pluck the fruits from trees, but no it will not happen because people hold so much materialistic thought that they dominate others when it comes to land. Solution is so simple but implemention is difficult because for that everyone should awake to the truth.

Stay blessed brother.

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Hi @chieerocks,

".... if we can plant fruit trees wherever it's possible and let's cover the whole world with these trees then no one will ask for the food inturn they can pluck the fruits from trees, but no it will not happen..... "

Only a person with a broad-minded heart will be able to do such a thing. This sentence is rocking.

Let me correlate a thing with your sentence. In olden days, people of Tamil Nadu, a state in the southern India used to build a place outside their homes to sit and take rest. In Tamil language, we call it "thinnai". The point worth mentioning here is that anybody can sit there and take rest. This sort of empathy used to be encouraged during those days.

Similarly, we will also plant fruit saplings, but for whom..... for ourselves!


Wonderful comment @chieerocks, really a sort of eyeopener!

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Thank you so much and i am familiar with what you are saying because i am also from the state of Andhra Pradesh. Thank you so much for your kind words and response. Stay blessed.

Dear @chireerocks

The biggest issue of this world is poverty and lack of food. Now we are destroying lands,

Very sad, but true.

Yours, Piotr

Yes brother. Stay blessed.

We just need to search within ourselves. The universe is in us.

Great thinkers who have approached enlightenment, sought peace within. Great beings of light: Siddharta Gautama, Jesus.

Maybe your message has been lost over time.
We must rescue and practice his teachings. That would help a little.

Thanks dear @chireerocks.

Welcome and everyone is part of source and mass consciousness will decide peace or division in this world. Have a great time ahead.

«HOMBRE» definición:

  • "Un animal tan perdido en extasiada contemplación de lo que él piensa que es, como para siempre pasar por alto lo que indudablemente debería ser.

  • Su principal ocupación es el exterminio de otros animales y los de su propia especie. Y el cual, además, se multiplica con tal insistente rapidez, que infecta toda la tierra habitable, Choroní y sus alrededores."

La vida le preguntó a la muerte:

  • - ¿Por qué a mí todo el mundo me ama y a tí siempre te odian?

La muerte respondió:

  • - ¡Porqué tu eres una hermosa mentira y yo una dolorosa verdad!

The sooner we are able to see the world for what it is; a giant mass of 7 billion people all competing against one another and mostly looking out for their own self interests, the sooner we are to living a happier and more productive life as individuals.

Joke: a guy asks about the concepts of empathy & eternity, someone answers the following: "it is the time it would take you to understand those concepts!"

“No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong.” - Albert Einstein.

Yeah! not so often you can witness acts of 'empathy' from people crowds. Unless, you've had trained very well your 'birds' to bring some competence among them and offer good entertainment in exchange. };)

Hello my brother dear @por500bolos.

Your unmistakable, dynamic style, with those appointments so surgically accurate and always a good video.
Thank you for making us see how "HUMAN" we are.

es inevitable el avance en la ciencia, la destruccion de un grupo por uno mas fuerte, la imposición de Deidades a culturas inocentes, es inevitable nuestra destrucción, pero de nuestras cenizas se levantaran nuevas civilizaciones, que terminaran iguales a nosotros, es nuestra humanidad la que tiene el problema en su genética, somos la peste de este hermosa tierra, somos sus parásitos, que poco a poco la destruimos, nuestra culpa fue hacernos inteligentes, veo a grupos de animales viviendo en paz en la selva, ellos si conocen el secreto de este universo, pero es una gran aventuras ser un humano mas, jajajaaaa, saludos amigo

Que comentario tan profundo querido amigo @betzaelcorvo.

Tienes mucha razón.

Los únicos seres vivos en el planeta que generan contaminación y destrucción del medio ambiente somos los humanos.
Todos los demas seres juegan su papel sin afectar al otro.

Y resulta que el planeta nos pertenece a todos y cada uno.

Gracias por tu excelente comentario querido amigo.

Some really good points you make here Juan.
I think people get their priorities wrong when being empathetic. What one person sees as a need or a tragedy can be way different from another depending on their own experiences.
This week it has been demonstrated very clearly.
Whilst millions around the world continue to be made homless and millions more starve to death, and others die from bombs and bullets,an old church burns down in Paris and people from a around the globe send millions to rebuild it.
Wouldn't it be better for the Church to redirect so much money to a better cause and leave the building as a monument, marking the day the world joined together for peace and the welfare of our fellow man.
I am not bashing the Church or religion here just the fact that money could be better spent in saving lives not old buildings.
When we get our priorities right, empathy will be the biggest tool in the fight for a new world.
Our world can change if we help our neighbours. Its up to us to show that we care. 😀

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You are absolutely right friend @andyjem.
This is a clear and total lack of empathy.

Would not it be better for the Church to redirect so much money to a better cause ...

They will never do it.

We have the opportunity to improve the world in our hands. What prevents us?

Many factors.
Greed, selfishness. Lack of resorses are a few.
Our biggest problem is comunication.
All Governments actively, not only keep their own people apart but set them against other countries by instilling Patriotism fri2m a young age through schooling.
So it is down to small groups of people who believe in each other and the ability to change the system.
Then thoes groups will join other groups.
It will be a slow process and every step of the way the system will fight back with all it has, using the press and police to discredited the new idea.
The idea that we can all live peacfully together.

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One of the characteristics of the most disastrous regimes that humanity has experienced is based on the idea of an enemy (internal or external). The dictator uses this concept to bring together a sector of the population. Regardless of whether this involves confrontation between brothers.

Personally I think that, as a psychiatrist friend once told me, humans are "biological-hormonal machines", but with a great capacity to rationalize everything we do and achieve transcendence or a metaphysical varnish to not accept that what we do is a product of our biological nature and consequently animal. Thus, we share emotional capabilities with other mammals and etiological studies show that other great primates have very "human" behaviors, without reaching our extremes of being able to destroy all the environment that surrounds us to satisfy our desires.
Thus, what separates us and makes us the best predators within our group is the capacity of a symbolic language and the manipulation of the environment in consequence, that is, we can talk about what we barely imagine and are capable of creating that we dream, it is a pity that some of our dreams are nightmares for other species.

I think for empathy you need to have certain life experiences and being sensitive as well. Sensitivity is in you, the rest is how you are raised and if empathy is there words are not important since feelings do show themselves in many ways and so does empathy.

I wish you a great day with 💖

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Perhaps to identify some adult emotional experience if previous experiences are necessary. But to feel empathy with basic feelings such as love, sadness ... we should only feel alive.

Thanks Kitty...

Dear Juan,

I understand your enthusiasm in promoting empathy on global level but, sometimes, being one can also be dangerous:

  • I can use other's empathy and sympathy for me to get my own greedy agenda: case in point, I would dress as a beggar and work the streets.

  • While it can be generally good, empathy has different effects to other people. For some, especially those who are working with the sick, it could be harmful because, you get too attached and lose your "clinical/professional" psyche. Which makes it difficult for you to do some procedures like extracting blood/ giving injections since, you are anticipating their pain.

Being human is a complex thing and, I am not saying that we should all act indifferent and be empathic to ourselves or significant others as well. its this: know where your boundaries are; be vigilant and discerning.

Obviously nothing in life is simple.
I do not intend to indicate that being Empathic would solve all the problems and already. Because mainly, nothing in life works like this.

Every rule has its exception. All colors have their nuances.

Before acting we must think. There will always be adverse situations. Our personal criteria becomes indispensable when acting. Then we must work on our criteria. I think that is part of growing and maturing.

Thank you for your valuable analysis, I see that you really thought about my approach. I appreciate that very much.

Hey, you sent me a memo and, the polite way to respond to it is to give you my best answer. Keep em coming!

You are absolutely right @nurseanne84, and I wouldn't want an empathic medical practitioner treating me...lol

at certain level, yes. because you are a human being but, to the extent that I would cry/ be clinically impaired to cater to your needs, no.

There are two kinds of empathy. Affective empathy is the ability to literally feel another's feelings. Autistics generally lack this kind. Cognitive empathy is the ability to consciously recognize another's feelings. These are insufficient if one lacks sympathy: caring for another's feelings. Demagogues use their empathy to read potential supporters, but, lacking sympathy, they only care about themselves.

I think you can understand why I think empathy is overrated. Empathy without sympathy is a destructive combination. This is what we're seeing in places like Venezuela and the United States.

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Empathy without sympathy is a destructive combination.

Great point appreciated @rufusfirefly.

Ambitions unleash the lowest passions of the human being. Even being able to use a feeling as valuable as a weapon of domination.

Empathy as you say is something that one is born with and grows up, but that feeling is not only to feel it but to make it rooted with solidarity because today you can be your tomorrow it can be me, but great people do not care about that and it is normal for society .....

"...but great people do not care about that."

Then they aren´t great people.

Thanks for comment dear @memes777.

you have a point, empathy is important to understand others feeling. We are not required to do that but being human I think we must have. Build love to each other so that they will do the same to you.
My idea about this, just stop criticism because we don't know their stories. Respect everyone's decision and fill it with love.

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I see that your position is something distant. I respect you. Although I think we should go further.
It's about not disappearing as a species.
Without exaggerating.

Thanks for comment dear @mrnightmare89.

Clearly, we are social beings. And the only way we can succeed, grow, and evolve effectively is when we realize that.

And, in fact, we as humans do have the capacity to perceive the feelings of others. To deny that is to deny one's humanity. To acknowledge it and to act in accordance with that is to work for the benefit of all.

Solid words
I would only add that recognizing our own humanity is the only path to our preservation as a species.

It’s sad, but humanity is growing more selfish by the day. Mainstream media tells you you don’t need anyone’s opinion to do anything and once something’s good for you, go for it. You will loose touch with humanity when you continue like this.

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Do you think that really happens like this?
So bad are things?

They are bad. Nobody says it, but it’s happening

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There is only one solution to settle all human problem on earth and it is one of the most unpopular facts that we need to reduce the human population on earth it is that simple. Reduce population we reduce food, land occupation, forest won't be chopped down, global warming won't be a problem, food can be shared etc. The problem always has been overpopulation of humans but no one seems to take it seriously

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Actually there are many people who take it very seriously.
There is a group of people who believe they have dominion over the population and establish their very particular "World Order".

World wars, the holocaust, the pandemics ... all are mechanisms of population control.

In a short time it corresponds to a new "control" operation. We will see how they will surprise us.

That is true thank you. Hopefully, our generation won't be surprised by the population control as what you have said.

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@juanmolina you know the world has grown to become quite strange you know and full of bad people as well. I have seen cases where people who decided to offer help later got into trouble beyond their redemption and i know we all likely might have heard stories where people were wrongly jailed for actually something they did not do but because they did not have enough proof to prove their innocence they got jailed. I don't fight against we showing empathy but i think everything has to be controlled and empathy should be one therefore there should be some sort of barrier in the display of this attitude. My humble suggestion.

Your friend Kelvin.

Thank you dear Kelvin.

I appreciate your words.

You're very welcome mate @juanmolina and hey what do you think about this new piece of mine. It's all about how a company wants to tokenize assets within the Telecommunication industry using blockchain technology. Project is looking good already and i could use your feedback on it.

Thanks in advance!

Kelvin writes.

Count with me.

A complete change of our habit of eating. I do beleive that fasting and eating a proper meal a day will make our life way better at all social level. It does require money, education, or outside influence to change our personal feeding habits.

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We are social beings- meaning if more people like us or even react somewhat positively we feel gratified. This latent hunger for others who are like you drives many of our decisions- shopping at malls, watching or listening to popular shows or games, trying to make sense of fashion trends or more basic ones like treating the females as the "fairer sex" or disliking fat people. Empathy is the balance. It makes us "relate" to others, thus framing our sense of good and bad.

Just my thoughts triggered by your writings.

Keep Steemin!!

We will have an avalanche of thoughts then, because now yours have unleashed mine.

... buy in shopping centers, watch or listen to popular programs or games, try to make sense of fashion trends or more basic, such as treating women as the "fairest sex" or Do not like fat people .

Maybe we can identify with others in these types of aspects or themes. But would this really be Empathy?

  • A girl shares the sadness of her friend for not achieving to be as thin as the others.
  • A housewife sees a program of debates on TV and experiences a series of feelings often found: anger, sadness, joy, resentment. Everything together even.
  • A child is depressed by not achieving level advance in sivideo favorite game.

The aspects that give the "weight-value" to our conflicts are totally subjective.
We would have to learn about the experiences of that obese woman and all the rejections she suffered during her adolescence so that she could understand why she cries every night and eats gallons of ice cream in front of the TV.
Or perhaps having a broad general culture, like our criteria, having taken advantage in a sensitive way and spiritual growth our experiences, we may have developed the necessary sensitivity to put ourselves in the place of the other and feel what the other feels.

In the same way I think you're right when you say that in principle it allows us "to relate" to others.

It's no doubt that were original designed to be social beings but some of us has been able to develop ourselves into becoming anti-social hence abusing other's empathic nature.

In recent times there has been this increasing pace of unhealthy competition among us on who's going to out-perform the other in terms of acquiring materials things which we don't necessarily need to survive as social beings.

I know of an employers who owes his employees several months salaries yet in that same period he acquired his second private jet. These employees have families too and whose lives depend on their salaries.

In order to save humanity, we would need to practice selfless love while ensuring a fairer economic system for the creation and distribution of wealth as seen in our old communal lifestyle.

You did target with your comment dear @straighttalk.

That is the damn reality that is finishing us as a species. The Man who attacks Man.

There is no doubt that they were originally designed to be social beings, but some of us have been able to develop to become antisocial and, therefore, abuse the empathic nature of others.

These beings are sociopaths. They have the ability to "tune" with their similar only to then take advantage of their weaknesses.

Unfortunately the world is full of evil. I think that just as empathy and other good feelings are natural to man, so are bad feelings.

We should concentrate on the good ones and highlight them.

'We should concentrate on the good ones and highlight them'... Exactly!
Hopefully others can be put to shame which may make them turn around for good!

Hi @juanmolina,

Blog posts of these types are the need of the hour. It was since a long time that I happened to read such a heart touching article. Thank you very much @juanmolina

Actually in this fast-paced world, we don’t have time to think about anything, let alone this empathy.

At this point in time, let me tell you one thing.

When I returned back to Chennai along with my parents after his retirement after six years, everything appeared new to me. At that time, one guy by the name of Mohan befriended me. Whenever he sees a dog searching for food, he used to buy a small packet of biscuits and used to feed them. Many a time, I have seen him doing this, but I wasn’t feeling empathetic because I have no sympathy for those voiceless creatures(@rufusfirefly made a great point here…..without sympathy, empathy is nothing). At times, he will go a long distance to buy food for the aged people living on the platforms without minding about going late to the office.

Slowly and steadily, my mind started melting on seeing him sympathize with the sufferings of those unfortunate souls and voiceless creatures. The point worth mentioning here is that when we do a good thing(anything for that matter) in front of general public, it will make them think like I was made to, by my friend’s supportive charity activities. The end result is immense satisfaction, which we can see in their eyes.

Let me tell you one more incident. Once we both were travelling in a train. A visually challenged person was selling some groundnut candies. I didn’t even notice him as I was seriously involved in some conversation with him, but he was watching that person right from the moment he entered into the compartment. When he came near to us, my friend bought a packet of it and kept it in his pocket.

I asked him, “If you aren’t interested in eating that candy, why buy it?”

He smiled at my ignorance and told me that I haven’t bought this eat, but to donate. Now the Almighty gave me a chance to fill two stomachs at one go. I benefitted him by buying that candy and will benefit a hungry person by donating the same to him.

If the world is filled with people like Mohan, then where is the point of the existence of Refugees and those poverty deaths plaguing the world?

Sorry for this long comment @juanmolina.

I appreciate your comment very much, dear @maryinnovation.

Slowly and constantly, my mind began to melt when I saw him sympathize with the sufferings of those unfortunate souls and creatures without a voice.

If you stay close to people like your father and your friend Mohan, this will stimulate your empathic character and make you a better person.
These are signs that there is still such a valuable feature in us and that is the hope that we must keep alive to achieve a better world.

If the world is full of people like Mohan, what is the point of the existence of Refugees and of the deaths due to poverty in the world?

This shows us that the road to travel is still very long.

If our natural empathy was allowed the human race to stay in time and thus lead to our evolution, then why is that evolution (or rather involution) is moving us away from that valuable character that we all human beings have? .

I think we need a great internal review of our values ​​in disuse.

Wow. Impressive comment @marvyinnovation

Seriously loved it.

Thanks you very much for your kind words, @crypto.piotr.

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Dear @juanmolina, here you are dealing with a very interesting and pertinent topic, there is a lot of indifference in people today towards their neighbor.

While in Africa many children die of hunger and disease, in other countries they make millionaire auctions of thoroughbred horses for equestrian competition.

When citizens of a rich country are literally eating from the trash, their president eats tender lamb ribs from the hand of an international chef and then smokes to Havano, this while recording everything in a video to post it on Facebook.

In Venezuela we can see not only the bad example of our president, but also the badly called "Creole liveliness" that is causing many countrymen in the midst of a difficult situation to exploit to outrage their brothers.

In enezuela as in the rest of the world is imposing a culture of "save who can", obviously there are people who make a difference and we must strive to belong to that group.

Blessings brother, very good subject.

We are looking at the biblical example of cain and abel.
Brother against brother

Thanks Brother @fucho80.

What you say here is very true friend. And I totally agree with your wise words.

Because for me this "capacity" must be preceded by the "intention", the "desire" to understand the other.

This is where the true root of the feeling of empathy lies.

Now I think that empathy can also be given by people who do not even know each other personally. It has happened to me personally here in steemit I have managed to make a lot of empathy with several people.
But in moments when I use logic I can also realize that we have the same ideals and that is part of that empathy.

Un gran abrazo mi hermano

Then it is demonstrated that there is still hope, we are still positively human.
Thanks for comment dear @lanzjoseg.

To me the best investment is to invest in people because you can never tell what the level of their success will be.
To help others is to provide assistance for yourself in the nearest future.
You can be rich and not successful but you cannot be successful without being rich.
True success is determined by how much you help others.
Thanks for sharing this piece.

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This was an interesting read .

The idea of us wanting to connect to not only show we care for each other but that it is a survival instinct .

Anyone who has worked in a group that has worked well together will tell you we are strongest when working together.

One of the reasons it is good to work together or as a community is because we only see life from our perspective. Working together we are able to get another point of view giving us the opportunity to make our idea stronger and more likely to succeed.

I know myself that I have seen a situation a certain way and after get opinions of those I trust have changed my point of view.

And I agree empathy is important.
Being able to feel sorrow or happiness for others helps not only them but our own wellbeing.

Thanks for posting,

Have an awesome day!

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International Economic differences are hard to eliminate !
Because there are only a few people who are willing to be rich or poor together with other people.
Most people, when he is rich, he is only willing to share with his closest relatives, But when he is poor, he wants others to share with him.
For example, the leader of a big country, he can't rely on the formal plan to increase productivity, his idea is to go to the money in other people's pockets.

That little child is really cute.
Is that a chef? He seem is a big movie star!

My dear @juanmolina

One question: Is empathy the same as love? Obviously I am not referring to a man's unbridled passion for a woman. I am referring to the same one that our Lord Jesus Christ professed

I get the impression it's the same concept, as you describe it in the post.

Keep in touch, my friend

They are not the same. Technically they have their own definition.
But in my opinion there is a close relationship between these feelings, which makes them look very similar.

I think that whoever feels love for someone is in affinity and will have the disposition to feel Empathy.

Great answer

We all are consciousness.

When we become accountable for our energetic fields that are waveforms, our dna literally consumes electricity and emits electricity.. This is the quantum river that is everywhere in this dimension. When we quiet the mind and heart into a congruent frequency you sense and feel everything from a "magnetic" state. The human heart and Earth have the same wavelength hertz frequency.. This is why it is crucial for mankind to wake up to the power of their bodies/mind/soul conscious frequencies, to truly experience what it is to be consciousness. When one is in this center of knowing thyself, you are in a state of Empathy, thus connected to all things in all timelines, all dimensions.. As more and more huuumans wake up to align these frequencies, it will heal our world through the congruence of heart/mind/soul accountability of those energy waves. The more humans that do this, the easier the quantum Empathy field will grow.

1 drop of DNA has enough information to need 700 terabit hard drive to store it, wrap your noggin around that!!

Hi! @juanmolina. A very nice subject, empathy, I appreciate so much this emotion, and I agry with you But not all is lost.

We got hope... yet.

Thank you honey.

We have to hurry up!!!
you 're wellcome

En lo personal creo que, tal como me comentó una vez un amigo psiquiatra, los humanos somos "máquinas biológicas-hormonales", pero con una gran capacidad para racionalizar todo lo que hacemos y lograr darle trascendencia o un barniz metafísico para no aceptar que lo que hacemos es un producto de nuestra naturaleza biológica y en consecuencia animal. Así, compartimos con otros mamíferos capacidades emotivas y los estudios etiológicos muestran que otros grandes primates llegan a tener comportamientos muy "humanos", sin llegar a nuestros extremos de ser capaces de destruir todo el medio ambiente que nos rodea para satisfacer nuestros deseos.
Así, lo que nos separa y nos convierte en los mejores depredadores dentro de nuestro grupo es la capacidad de un lenguaje simbólico y la manipulación del ambiente en consecuencia, es decir, podemos hablar de lo que apenas imaginamos y somos capaces de llegar a crear lo que soñamos, es una pena que algunos de nuestros sueños sean pesadillas para otras especies.

Hi @juanmolina
Thanks for sending memo. appreciate it.

When a parent connects to understand the feelings of their baby son, he is also teaching his son to discover the feelings of the other. Or rather it is stimulating that innate characteristic.
Very well said. I think this is two way action where parents get the chance to understand their child and child get to understand the feeling of others.

I liked the example of you mentioned about africa and other countries. This is life and world where some people are struggling for basic necessities and others are having luxury time. We can't ask everyone to help the needy but that's a moral responsibility being a human to support the needy people.

Thanks for the nice write-up.

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Dear @juanmolina

Amazing choice of topic buddy.

It is not just to show your partner, neighbor, brother or friend that somehow you care about their condition, but it is a matter of survival.

Very well said. During difficult times being part of strong communities can increase our chance of surviving.

I guess you and my wife would get along very well. She think that motives of being good person or empathetic person matters, where I see things little different.

I personally learned to care about showing empathy to make someone else feel better. Based on my experience it hardly matters to anyone what your motives are. People most likely will not care about them. They will only care about receiving your empathy for that one reason: it makes them feel "better".

I may be obviously wrong, but that is my impression so far.

At the same time Im not saying that it's right. I like your approach and Im really glad you've shared it with us. Something worth to think about.

Can you see the current lack of empathy that our global community suffers?

And it will only get worse with raisin nationalism, tightening immigration policies across the globe and rapisly increasing population in most of 3rd world countries. Developed part of the world will have learn to live without empathy to others, to their suffering. It's already happening.


Hello my friend.

Personally I learned to worry about showing empathy to make someone else feel better.

I do not think it's about "showing" empathy but "feeling" it.
Although your intention is good at the root. There is great value in making the neighbor feel good.

Developed part of the world will have learned to live without empathy towards others, towards their suffering. It's already happening

Raw reality, very sad indeed. From there the title of my post comes off.

Thanks for your sincere comment, friend @crypto.piotr.

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like this cook. A man ideally cooks better meat. Great job my friend.

Thanks for reading appreciated @carbodexkim.

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