Update of the Agriculture, Economy and Health Program of SteemChurch

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Dear Community of the First Church of Blockchain / SteemChurch. They are always welcome.

20181110_194257.png @emiliocabrera and @lorennys (The selfie captured the image of steemchurch upside down)

23 days have passed since we launched the program: Agriculture, Economics and Health, with the purpose of strengthening a productive conscience, mitigating the inflationary impact and leaving a trace of love in the unassisted peoples through SteemChurch.
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In the east of Venezuela, the climatic conditions delayed a little the objectives of cleaning and conditioning of the land, however days ago we notified farmers and collaborators that the land is ready for planting!


As soon as we heard the news, we coordinated everything to visit the fertile lands that the peasant association provided to SteemChurch, for the planting and cultivation of crops.


We have baptized this land as "Jehovah Jireh", whose meaning is God will provide! Yes, God will continue to provide food and medicine in the world through the love of the parishioners of SteemChurch, our work, will have a harvest of love and blessed lives that will give glory to God for the good deed of Christians who fight from the heart for the noble causes!

After blessing the lands and asking God's favor, we raise the Christian flag of steemchurch.




We have the Mission to plant half a hectare of corn, according to the instructions of the farmers who live on these 8 hectares of land, we can plant any item. Now our goal is to achieve diversity of seeds, in fact, here in Venezuela farmers have abandoned the land due to lack of inputs and the high price of imported materials.

However, we have been establishing some virtual work tables with some Venezuelan Steemians, @ulisesfl17 and @arac, brothers with extensive academic training and experience in public and private sector in design, formulation, execution and evaluation of productive projects; strategic planning, sustainable development in agriculture and entrepreneurship programs.

Annex a publication made today by @ulisesfl17, which coincides with a tip that gave me @sirknight, to replace the use of chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizers.



To the founder of @steemchurch and Strategic Leader: @sirknight

To all the people inside and outside the chain of blocks have raised the flag to support SteemChurch and the crusade for freedom! Farmers and farmers Association.

To @lorennys por la coordinación del equipo, @ammarn @josealex1 @dannyvineyard @carolina17 @nashilda17 @riveradc @emily28 @fiorella1 @naty16 @josegracia @ulisesfl17 @arac @multifacetico
@marcelo182 Apostle and Administrator of the Website www.steemchurch.net

Special thanks to all parishioners and friends who have delegated and contributed with steemchurch.

If someone asks you, what is SteemChurch? Say with pride that it is a Church that seeks to make a mark in the world with the love of God!



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Excellent work @emiliocabrera and @lorennys, "cuquis" assets. Agriculture in a country is important to improve the development and progress of a region or nation.


Thank you SC-V, we hope that in the coming months, children of bread from heaven will have support from this harvest. "Cuquis 😉"

Amazing, indeed steemchurch is growing bigger and stronger.... great work at @lorennys, we @farms are proud of your achievement and wish you success..... you can always count on us for agricultural knowledge


SteemChurch Farm (@farms)


Thanks Farms- steemchurch, we will take into account your guidelines!

Agriculture is important for the nation, but as you say brother @emiliocabrera, many have left the practice for the cost of fertilizers and all the chemicals that are needed,
but I believe that God will bless these lands very much and from there all plague will go away and the earth will give excellent fruits, just as this beautiful church is giving it. @steemchurch, God is good and is moving with power.

I'm left with this phrase "If someone asks you, what is SteemChurch? Say with pride that it is a Church that seeks to make a mark in the world with the love of God!"


Hello dear sister, I was surprised not to see your comment, thanks for passing!
As always, excellent comments, thank you.

The call for productive consciousness to grow food that mitigates the needs of the most vulnerable population is as great as it is beautiful. We are committed to the work of God carried out by our leader @SirkNigth. Beautiful work that is having results and will extend to hundreds of locations and states of Venezuela and the world.



Wow! 😲


Thanks @ ulisesfl17 for all the support, we are happy
With the action that many people have taken to develop activities in Steemchurch, Welcome Brother.

Living in these surroundings I witnessed the great need that exists, I am happy to participate here, when I started in steemit and met Steemchurch months ago thanks to @emiliocabrera I thought something great because I invite you to a crusade for freedom, crusade I myself need to be free, at that time I found something discouraging because I had to emigrate from my place of residence and return to the field for lack of recourse. Today I was happy to be part of this team with which I hope to help others. Blessings


God has always become a moment. Carolina, together we can achieve a community that does not lack bread and shelter. Thanks for your support!

I think that the faces of happiness of all are evident, we were anxious for this day, we want to raise the flag @emiliocabrera, but the rains did not allow it, until at last a few days of suns and we got there. We hope that the weather continues and we can sow soon with the help of God to be able to allocate the resources for what we have planned.


Thank you Lorennys, therefore, everything has its time, I have always said that hassle brings weariness, things are given by the blessing of God. We expect good weather in the coming months.

great work Archbishop EC, great updates of the Agriculture and Health project. You have made a huge step in so few weeks. Greetings. I know that the place is far from the city, but the next time I could attend.



Thanks Apostol DM, you are welcome, it would take you 5 hours to get here, it is not so much hehehe

Great work team, in a few months we will be seeing the fruit of the work, coordinating the time for this work has not been easy but I know that with great interest we will be able to achieve the goals. I look forward to seeing more farmers in my country working the land again with sustainable production strategies!


Thank you Ammarn, Amen! God gave us the time, if you live busy in the noble causes of medicine.

What a great job you have been doing, I hope God will continue to give you wisdom!
You have our support and prayers!


Amen Sister Milagros, Thanks you very much, Prayer is a great support when we undertake something in the vineyard of the Lord!


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Thanks SK 😄

Beautiful work team, I love Venezuelans because I know they are humble people who love to work the lands, I join in praying so that every endeavor they make is a success! Top steemchurch!

steemchurch 3.jpg


Amen Sister, I thank the prayers of the people of God! Beautifull Picture.

Wow! It was a great day with you team, the expectations are promising, they are fertile lands and most importantly, the flow of water that crosses the land, the blessing and favor of God will be seen in those lands, we will continue praying so that many people be benefited with this program.


Thank you for your support jose alex1, we are looking forward to it!

The daily occupations the house, children and work have had me a little away from here but I am happy to open my account and find this progress congratulations go ahead.


Thanks G 👍

Congratulations brother ... continue so God continue blessing you in a big way


Amen and Thanks W 😊

Beautiful job!!!


Thanks 👍

Well done a thousand blessings for this team up STEEMCHURCH.


Thanks dear T 👍

United people working for a common good is what this beautiful country needs in order to get ahead many successes and blessings.


Yes, work and dedication A, are of great benefit to mitigate the impact caused by inflation, Thanks

@Steemchurch will continue to grow to accommodate many people and projects. Each day, we grow in the love-sharing plan.
We'll feed the world
We'll educate the world
We'll medicate the world
We'll change the world's central economy
We'll bring smiles and happiness to families

God bless @Setemchurch and her leadership for every visionary step of the way.


Thanks my friend UY, your comment lets us see that you are following SteemChurch closely, at every step.

This undoubtedly transcends borders and gives clear and objective evidence of the scope provided by the grace of Steemchurch in Venezuela and for the world. Simply Great.


Thanks you my Brother Ruben!

This is great. I bless the land I declare that it shall produce a great harvest in Jesus Name!

woowwww a very exemplary work, worthy of an exemplary son of the king

This is just so lovely a project, I don't know what words to describe this. Go Steemchurch!!


Thanks you Synick, welcome

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Excellent work @emiliocabrera brothers and @lorennys do not stop in this action so important in agriculture. It would be a pleasure for me to join the work you are doing with much joy. I want you to know that together with the church where I serve the Lord, we have a plot of land that we could design a project so that SteemChurch also has its farm in San Joaquín Estado Anzoategui. Blessings and count on my support.