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I recently delivered a keynote at Crypto Investor Show about 'What Makes a Blockchain Company Investable?' in which I proposed a framework for evaluation of companies.

I also proposed a range of parameters which make cryptocurrencies valuable.

It is something that investors ought to bare in mind when investing and creators ought to bare in mind when making cryptocurrencies and tokenomics.

Here's the talk made available exclusively here for free in full.

More about me at jasongrant.in

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It would be great to see you at the London Crypto Currency Show on 14th April! The following projects are coming to present:
@utopian-io Read their blog about the show:
@esteemapp Read their blog about the show:
@stach Read their blog about the show:
@steempress Read their blog about the show:

Also @allasyummyfood, @stephenkendal, @anarcotech & @starkerz will present. The event doors open at 09.30am and the Steem Project presentations start at 10.15am and finish at 11.30am.

There will be loads of cool steemians at our stand at the event all day where there will be presentations on the hour until 16.00. The after party starts at 17.00 at the Novotel Hammersmith.

See some blogs about the event HERE & HERE

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