Belgium and england will win


Belgium & England are Strong team.

@minhaz416 Are you in this contest? For me it is very exciting. I am number 2 with 4 matches left.

No I am not on this contest, because when this contest was starting i was not able to connect in steemit, that's why i had't is an awesome news that you are in number 2 position, congratulations.i am really happy that someone of my followers getting this(xd).

the prize is divided among all the participants or the three first places have their fixed prize ..
I mean a fixed amount!

so if you keep your first place you'd earn it;)

normally you earn 340SBD if you stay first
( the price has to change and went to 1750 I think, to see with @arcange)

It's cooooooooooooooming home!

Already decided who will be getting my votes, if I'm lucky I will remain within the top 3.

Yes I'm ready

Estoy lista... Es un momento muy emocionante que disfruto mucho..Exitos para todos.

Listo a qui es donde se moverán las posiciones espero subir

franca is waining

Belgium is wining

me siento listo,para mi la final Sera entre Francia vs inglaterra

let's do it

thanks for voting.

As a Dutchie I would LOVE to see Belgium take this! Send England home empty handed.

Yes i am ready

Belgium and England teams is final round

Belgium all the way.
I love hazard
I love #Chelsea
You guys are doing a good job here. I just followed #steemitboard.
Can you follow me please!

I've sent sbd last week. So do I have to send again?

No need. The registration is a one-time payment only. :) Goodluck!

Thank you for information.

You are most welcome @mozer. :)

Feliz dia!! ¡Bélgica 1-0! hoy.

always ready 4 enjoy the worldcup2018 big match & contest !

bluengel_i_g.jpg Created by : mipha thanks :)항상 행복한 하루 보내셔용^^ 감사합니다 ^^

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