SteemitBoard World Cup Contest - The semi-finals are coming. Be ready!

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We are now within 48 hours of the semi-finals of the World Cup. So many great teams were eliminated during the group stage or the Round of 16.

During the quarter-finals, as expected, France and England won their match.
Belgium created a surprise by eliminating the favorite of the World Cup, Brazil!
And unfortunately, Russia had to bow to Croatia despite the extraordinary encouragement of its supporters.

So, we will now enter the Semi-Finals with 2 wonderful matches:

  1. France vs Belgium
    You may have noticed that @arcange has a clear preference for one of the two teams. Will you support the same team or vote for the other one?

  2. Croatia vs England
    Croatia has gone through this world cup in a very extraordinary way. Will they be able to confirm this adventure and beat England, the favorite of this match?

Which teams will be in the final? It will soon be time to choose your side!

Are you ready?

SteemitBoard is ready for the Semi-Finals

The board of the World Cup has been updated and the two matches will soon be unlocked for betting.

You can still participate to the contest

For those who want to join the contest, remember that you can enter it at any time of the competition. As the prize pool is distributed among all the (lucky) participant, you may still get a share of it if you successfully guess some match results. Better late than never!

Please, carefully read the rules in the announcement post!

To register for the contest, send 0.010 SBD or 0.010 STEEM to @steemitboardpool with wordlcup2018 in the memo.

Current result of the contest

The last results of the contest have been published in this post.
Check your board to see the badges you collected.

Find your current position in the ranking on the dedicated web page:

There are only 4 badges left to win. For those who are in the lead, this is the decisive moment. For everyone else, this is an opportunity to increase your share of the Prize Pool.

Top players: play attention! Remember this rules:

In the event of a tie between the top players, the winner will be the one who first lightened all his badges. This means that the badges obtained during the group stage will weigh more than those in the final.
If there is still a tie after applying the previous rule, the voting time of the players will decide, the winner being the first to vote.

So be careful not to vote too late if you want to keep your advantage.

Good luck and enjoy the World Cup 2018!

The prize pool is 1750 SBD thanks to our sponsors
Gold sponsorsSilver sponsorsBronze sponsors

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Belgium and england will win


Belgium & England are Strong team.

Yes im ready

Momen is cool

Belgium & England will win

@minhaz416 Are you in this contest? For me it is very exciting. I am number 2 with 4 matches left.

No I am not on this contest, because when this contest was starting i was not able to connect in steemit, that's why i had't is an awesome news that you are in number 2 position, congratulations.i am really happy that someone of my followers getting this(xd).

  ·  last year (edited)

the prize is divided among all the participants or the three first places have their fixed prize ..
I mean a fixed amount!

Re-read the announcement post. Everything is clearly explained there ;)

so if you keep your first place you'd earn it;)

normally you earn 340SBD if you stay first
( the price has to change and went to 1750 I think, to see with @arcange)

I am ready

Saya siap



It's cooooooooooooooming home!

  ·  last year (edited)

Already decided who will be getting my votes, if I'm lucky I will remain within the top 3.

I wish you bets of luck!

Yes I'm ready

Estoy lista... Es un momento muy emocionante que disfruto mucho..Exitos para todos.

Mucho éxito para ti también!

Im ready

Listo a qui es donde se moverán las posiciones espero subir

I wait impatiently.

franca is waining

Belgium is wining

France !!!!

me siento listo,para mi la final Sera entre Francia vs inglaterra

let's do it

thanks for voting.

As a Dutchie I would LOVE to see Belgium take this! Send England home empty handed.

Unfortunately, Belgium has lost :(
It will take another team to do the job.

Yes i am ready

Belgium and England teams is final round

i am ready


  ·  last year (edited)

Belgium all the way.
I love hazard
I love #Chelsea
You guys are doing a good job here. I just followed #steemitboard.
Can you follow me please!

I've sent sbd last week. So do I have to send again?

No need. The registration is a one-time payment only. :) Goodluck!

Thank you for information.

You are most welcome @mozer. :)

Feliz dia!! ¡Bélgica 1-0! hoy.

always ready 4 enjoy the worldcup2018 big match & contest !

bluengel_i_g.jpg Created by : mipha thanks :)항상 행복한 하루 보내셔용^^ 감사합니다 ^^