My invitation to the London Cryptocurrency Show, 14th April 2018.

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I am excited and look forward to attending the London Cryptocurrency Show on 14th April 2018.

Okay yes, I am excited and it feels good to be invited to be a part of the London Cryptocurrency Show in London and also to be asked to speak to an audience of over 100 amazing individuals and masters in their various fields. I am going to be telling them about STACH and how I am using it to impact the offline. My slide is ready and I am still working on it to make sure I get right.

Is my dream of speaking at the O2 coming to pass? I mean it is in London you know!

This little town boy goes to London on a speaking engagement.

I am a little town boy living a fantasy and having fun as the steps are taken and now I am heading to London to Speak to people about a crazy idea I had and boldly started all thanks to the Steem Blockchain. Loving a fantasy based on the Steem Blockchain, doesn't sound bad you know.

We started from speaking to people about Steemit by the roadsides to boarding jets to speak to crowds home and now.., abroad.

Truth.- Before Steemit, I had never had to really get into myself and be able to talk to people truthfully about what will make them get better. I am an introvert by nature who has found his voice.

The Speakers

I will be sharing that honorable stage with amazing individuals like Matt @Starkerz, (my friend and promo-steem partner), @StephenKendall, @Allaysyummyfood, @Anarcotech, Michael Hudson CEO of Bitstocks, Alpesh Patel and so much more that cannot be mentioned here. Head over to The LCCS Website to read more and register.

The Steem Stand.

The Steem stand looks really lovely and I am very sure we will get value for the stand. Looking forward to getting into the stand physically come April 14th. I have been following the work of the team and I cannot be more pleased to be working with them on promoting the Steem Blockchain.

Benefits of the LCCS and what Steem stands to gain.

This event will bring about increased adoption of users from the financial capital of the world. New users means the introduction of investors who in turn will drive the price of Steem positively.
The more demand for STEEM there is, (and where demand is high), the higher the price of STEEM.
You will agree that bringing investors on the Steem Blockchain, will introduce new money and investment opportunities into the platform, making this event just the right fit and what the Steem Blockchain needs at this moment.

Book your Tickets

When booking, use the "Promo-Steem" code to get a discount. You wouldn't want to miss this all important event that will discuss in depth, the Cryptocurrency revolution as it is sweeping our world.

Am I ready?

I am ready and have gone on to make arrangements for the trip which to me is an opportunity of a lifetime and I wouldn't want to miss it for anything. April 14th is almost upon us and the #Promo-Steem team are working round the clock to deliver a project that will change the way the Blockchain is seen and interacted with.
London is the biggest financial center of the world, and we will be promoting STEEM at the one of the biggest cryptocurrency events happening there!
VISA, TICKETS and ACCOMODATION.- Awaiting a return of my passport from the embassy and also gearing to get my tickets and every other stuffs I will be needing for the journey. Truth is, everything else is ready and I am just awaiting my passport from the embassy which will be anytime now.

I Feel Blessed!

I am thankful!

I am thankful to God almighty for guidance and strength.
To @Donkeypong, for being a very good judge of character and how he supported me from the beginning of my adventure on Steemit till date.
To Matt @Starkerz for being an awesome guy and enthusiastic promo-steem model.
To @Stephenkendall, @Anarcotech and the entire promo-steem crew for making Steem promotion rewarding and fun.
To the amazing team back at STACH who have continued to keep the offline decentralization dream alive, and to the Nigerian and African Steemit community for making the platform interesting and homely. The names are just so plenty.

From Nigeria to the World. Whooo!!!

Make the world a better place for someone today!

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It is awesome that you will be able to share your knowledge to thousands of people in order for steemit community to flourish more and benefit from using cryptocurrencies.

Yes it is friend. The world needs more decentralized platforms that can help foster global unity and growth.
Cheers and stay awesome.

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My 02 Arena prediction 85% loading.... CONGRATULATIONS. ✌️

Yeah bro, you said it and now I sure am smelling it. We dreaming together and it sure feels good to feel this blessed.
Thanks for keeping the fire burning.

Go get 'em✌️

Good luck @ejemai for the upcoming LCCS .... I am sure that you guys will be promoting Steemit to the best of your abilities.

Thanks. We will surely be telling the world the way the Steem Blockchain makes us feel and how much more it can impact their lives.
Cheers and stay awesome.

Nice one, sir @ejemai. Congratulations. This is just the beginning of greater exploits for you. Go rep Nigeria and steemit at large.

But I have one request, sir.
Help me confirm whether London bridge is Still falling down

Lol @lemmybe, I will so go and see for myself if it is still falling. Those teachers from the past always reminded us of how the bridge keeps falling.

Congrats. That looks like a nice conference. Should be good time to share and learn.

Thanks. It is a nice gathering of Crypto gurus and enthusiast.

WARNING! The comment below by @yanisteem leads to a known phishing site that could steal your account.
Do not open links from users you do not trust. Do not provide your private keys to any third party websites.

Thanks for the heads up.

Congratulations boss


Congrats oh.

Nigerians are not lazy people! Yes!

Thanks. Lazy no dey our dictionary at all.


this is so great. i say congratulations sir. i wish you safe trip and a wonderful presentation.


@ejemai goes to London.
Congrats boss @ejemai.
I'm so happy for you.
You deserve it.

Yea lol... Ejemai goes to London. Thanks for the support.

thank you, your post

Congratulations boss.
You've impacted on so many life's.
This is just the beginning

Thanks Wina. The community has so much strength to offer and I am glad I can draw inspirations by being a part of it.

I wish you good luck Sir

Stach to the world...Steem to the top.

This is a great news!

I am happy for you... this is just this beginning for you @ejemai

Steem to the top and STACH to the world. Thanks.

From Nigerian to the world. God bless you

God bless you too. From the streets of Nigeria to the rest of the world it is.

i felicitate with you sir
congrats and safe trip in advance

Thank you very much.

Best of trip sir. Greater impact awaits you at London. Higher heights!

Thanks and higher brights for us all.

Journey mercies... Make us proud brother

Thanks and will keep the Steem on!

Congratulations sire...this is really great are more than ready and God has prepared you for thiz day...stach is going places and O2 must hear your voice...congrats sire, I am coming to be your bodyguard sire @ejemai... lemme do some more gym..😁💪💪💃💃

Thanks brah! Next stop O2 and beyond. I will really need you for the bodyguard work because of your massive one pack. 😁

@ejemai... Big congratulations to you o....
More to come 💃💃💃

I have one request tho....
Abeg, cant i be your P. A just for the trip.... I want to go to London too o 😭😭😭😢

Lol.., me I yam looking for who will employ me as a PA self. Thanks for the support bro.

Lookat this one o
Pls go away.
Do you know how many ppl dt are already in line for this?

Wow, nice one @ejemai, I'm wishing you goodluck and a sucessful trip to london

Thank you.

I have heard alot about you sir.
I took out time to go through your blog.

Honestly you are doing well and your footsteps speaks volumes.

I am not surprised if tomorrow you become a steemit global ambassador which is on the way.

Keep up the good work.

God bless

Oh wao, I feel so happy reading hour words. Global ambassador for the Steem Blockchain.
Thanks for the kind words.

Congratulations to you @ejemai...
Keep souring higher and higher

Go represent the Steem blockchain.

Nigeria is blessed to have you

Thanks bro, you guys have a support system that makes the cause easy and winnable.

Congratulations man....more good things to come....I wish you the best of luck at the london crypto currency show

Thanks mate and best of luck in your endeavor.

This is a massive grace @ejemai. This is the just the beginning for you.
Go and represent us well.
Nigeria to the World

Thanks. Massive grace indeed and I am humbled.

Congratulations sir on the opportunity. Soar higher


Congrt sir keep on going higher

Thanks bro and more Steem to you.

A big congratulations to you sir @ejemai.
You are indeed blessed.
Keep soaring higher.
Safe trip

A big thanks to you Jeline. We will soar together to heights not yet imagined.
Cheers and stay awesome!

Thumbs up on this... Congratulations @ejemai... I trust you will blow their minds.

Thanks Phait. I am already blown away and very happy to be here today.

wow thanks for sharing can we in uyo be part of it??

When booking, use the "Promo-Steem" code to get a discount. You wouldn't want to miss this all important event that will discuss in depth

Better days ahead.
Congrats to you.

Congratulations! Sir
Keeping up the Steem spirit
If you can Dream it; You can Steemit
Go London!!!

Thanks mate. Dreaming Steemit has got to be the best thing to happen to me.

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Wow.. The little town boy has now become an
international boy. Congratulations, you sure taking it international. Am looking forward to seeing your experience over there, the sky is your stepping stone cheere
Awesome post

The little town boy has now become an
international boy.

I like that the little rhymes with international. Thanks for the support.

Congratulations sir. I think this a token of appreciation from the community for your invaluable contribution to her growth and sustainable development. More power to your elbow @ejemai

Thanks and I appreciate the community for vesting so much love on me. I am truly humbled and happy to be this loved.

this is an awesome news my friend, you have been a great inspiration to the nigerian steemit community and we are very proud of you. this is just the beginning, @ned will soon invite you to work with the steemit inc marketing department and delegate 1 million sp to @stach, you have done much to deserve it bro, i doubt any steemian preaches steemit on a daily basis like you do. more greese to your elbow. keep steeming bro.

Thanks bro. Your comment pretty much points to the fact that anything we put our hearts to do is possible. An invitation from @Ned will definitely be the crowning for a little city boy as myself.
Stay awesome and Steem on!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Still don't know how to benefit from @stach
I've tagged it for a while but got nothing.
I need some answers??

Hi, STACH is a community project seeking to bring about a peaceful world. Join the community and interact.

Congratulations big daddy... We love youuuuuuuuu

Awww, my girls cane to show me love. I love you both too and looking to seeing you soon for our planned pizza date.
Cheers and stay blessed.

I can think of no better representative for the Nigerian/African community at that show. You will be a wonder to many and they will marvel saying, "so such good things can come out of Nigeria".

Go and do that unique thing that only you can do sir and make us proud. Cheers!!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you so much Mosun. There is so much good in our world and we just hope to be able to find a space to use it.
I am blessed to have you on the team making stuffs happen.

This event brought increased adoption of users from the world's financial capital. new users mean the introduction of investors which in turn will boost the price of Steem in a positive way. and as long as the price of Steem will positively encourage the postings of the world's steemians

nice one sir
i am also deleted facebook and join steemit

I have always believed in you.
This is just the starting point

Thanks Sussan and I too believe in you.


i am also deleted my facebook account and join steemit

I am not surprised @ejemai is living upto your set fantasy.....
There is great power in the words we utter, I love the fact you always proclaim you are blessed and it is very obvious you are a blessed entity.
Your listeners at London should get set because they are gonna be hearing from the best.
Seriously this is just the beginning
This voice is gonna be heard by the inhabitants of the world...
@eunireal1 wishes you the very best, I am glad to know a rare steemian as you.
Remain overly blessed @ejemai.
You shall go, conquer and make us proud👏👏

Thanks for the kind and inspiring words Eunice. I make bold to say I have amazing Steemians as yourself who help make the fantasy come alive.
Cheers and stay blessed!

Awwwwn thanks for finding time out of your busy schedule to reply my comment it means a lot.
Cheers to an amazing future.
Keep been yourself👍

This is mind blowing! @ejemai you're going far with this. Keep it up!

Thanks. Keeping it up all the way up!

Congratulations sir😘😘😘

You deserve this. Keep soaring higher.

Thanks Gee. We all deserve so much more goodies in this world.

Congratulations sir. This is it!. This is a good testament to your person and also the amazing work that @stach is doing. I wish you all the best. Send my warm regards to my friend sir @allasyummyfood and i hope @anarcotech brings his little girl so you can see what a bundle of genius she is. April 14th it is!.

Thanks bro and I I will deliver your message.
Cheers and stay awesome!

Yaaaaay!. Thanks sir.

Congrats @ejemai. I share in your email excitment

Thanks bro.

Congratulations @ejemai, may you find more reasons to show blessed the lord has made you. Keep working hard and sour higher as you go.

Thanks Glorify and Amen to the best wishes.
Cheers and stay awesome.

I can't wait to see you in London bro.
We got your back and offer you our support to bring change positively to our community.

Really, imagining how the stage would be addressing such influential guys, i intercede for you in the presence of the Almighty God.

You gotta do this and you're prepared for it. I admire your kind of strength.

Thanks bro. I am still trying to figure out in my head what the stage will look like and what I see is lights camera flashhh.
Cheers and stay awesome Bob!

ha ha ha.. That feeling when so many flash lights on your face from the paparazzi. And how you can get those pics is only the issue.

Congratulation boss,many more success stories

Thanks and many more success to us all.

I know you deserve this and many more sir @ejemai. What youre doing for nigerian community is immense. Youre greatly appreciated sir. Bring fried plantain and kulikuli for us here.

😂 😂 No wahala, even is plantain finish, kulikuli no go disappoint.
Cheers and stay awesome!


This is good news! Congratulations @ejemai! I trust your ability to represent 100%, and its my prayer you have a hitchfree trip. 🙏


Amen and thanks bro.
Cheers and stay awesome.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

This is awesome news! Great to see this! We are looking forward to having u at the London crypto currency show!!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks @Starkerz for your friendly push and kind support that kept me going, and for also believing in my community. Waiting excitedly now for 14th April.

congratulations [email protected]

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wow , wonderful move, keep on soaring

God take you higher sir🙏🙏🙏 #Respect.

Amen. Stay awesome!

God take you higher sir🙏🙏🙏 #Respect.

Great news - I know the team here are looking forward to sharing the stage with you. Best Wishes with the remaining planning, administration and working through the last bits of centralised bureaucracy!

Thanks mate. If it was a decentralized system, I would have had my visa by now and not still be waiting even after 15 working days.
I am excited and hopeful, knowing I will be at the show in April.
Cheers and stay awesome.

I'm proper looking forward to meeting you @ejemai, and introducing you on the conference stage!

Awesome! I can't wait to meet you and be a part of the history making event that will be used to introduce Steem to the world.
Cheers and stay Steem strong.

This is a great news and a step towards greatness. Your love and passion for the steem planet is eventually paying off. Go make us proud @ejemai. #TeamStach taking steem to the world....

Thanks and yes, #TeamStach to the world.
Cheers and stay awesome.

Hey, nice post! I like your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit! Congratulations :) :P :)

Good luck and see you guys in London all my steemians friend!

Thanks. deserve it are now the king of steemit in Africa...well done

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