Bitcoin BTC Feb 22 - Technical Analysis Evening Update - Specific Setup To Consider

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General Tone:
WYX is complete. We may see a slight
bounce at the 382 fib level, which is ranging near $9,450,$9,600
Long Term Bias (6+ months) - Bullish
Medium Term Bias (Next Week) - Neutral
Short Term Bias (Today) - Neutral
Long Term Target Prediction - Primary Wave 3, $35,000+ by 2019

Here is an alternate count and waves 1-5 subwave for the final C could be done already. If we break about $9,850, it'll confirm which count.

Support zones remain unchanged.

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Lesson 12 - Swing Trading Advanced 55 EMA Strategy
Lesson 13 - Introduction To Elliot Wave Theory
Lesson 14 - Using a Basic Excel Tracker for Risk Management
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Lesson 16 - Advanced 55 EMA Strategy with Time Frames and MACD Part 2
Lesson 17 - 6 Hours Live Trade Scalping. Growing $2,000 Account into $3,500
Lesson 18 - Bitcoin BTC Feb 6 - BTC Update - Summary of ABCDE with live play.
Lesson 19 - Elliot Wave Theory, Fibonnaci Retracement & Extension (Combined with Feb 11 BTC TA)
Lesson 20 - Advanced Elliot Wave WXY With Feb 11 Technical Analysis
Lesson 21 - Using Elliot Wave, Fibonacci, And Extensions To Obtain Targets (Combined witFeb 11 BTC TA)
Lesson 22 - Risk Management, Channels, Fib Retracement, Fib Extension. Summarizing Feb 11 BTC
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Legal stuff here. I'm not financial advisor. This is just my opinion that I'm sharing with the community. All information is for yours to process how you wish.


Screw the haters, keep it up @philakonecrypto! Your analysis has been invaluable and it's awesome to see that you're getting recognized for it more and more. I remember when you had 1k followers on YT and now you're at almost 50k, insane!

Yup @philakonecrypto is the man, and Jennifer Lawrence ain't too bad as well ;)

Thanks for the daily TA Phil! By the way you said that you can't say that this is the wave B (referring to how someone else interpreted it) because it has a 5 wave structure but then the wave which you consider to be the B wave (first B wave in the 7 wave structure) also has a 5 wave count.

I'm new to EW so maybe I'm missing something, thanks!

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 17.02.28.png

Bro, I hope all is well and sending my regards to your recent twitter hack. Certainly hope you still can access to other social platform like steemit to inform all your followers how you're doing as we're all concern.

Interesting analysis. PLEASE STOP SINGING!!! PLEASE!!!
Upvoted, Followed, and Resteemed.

why stop singing?? It makes it fun.

You take whole package: Great TA + singing ;-)


Got in on this right before I left work. Got home and I was $400 richer after dinner. Now I can go to 7/11 and buy my lady some chocolate for dessert. WEEEEEE! YOU DA BESTTTT!!!!

@Philakone Dude what happened? Are you hacked? Did you recover your account? Did they get your exchange? Fuck man please update us!

Im sure we, the community, can come together to support you if you've lost big. We all owe you so much!

Much love my dude.

Great TA you got there. I've also done a simple TA on BTC price few days ago for those who arent much familiar with TA graphs and terminology. Feel free to check it out

Hope you're ok Phil. Sorry to hear about your recent troubles.
I really miss your daily TAs.
But take care of yourself first and hopefully you'll be back soon!!!!
If you need help let me know.

Mama whale, All your 23 lessons, 45 seconds level 2 and short lessons are now downloaded. If you need them please shoot me a message on Twitter, I go by the same name. Take care.

Thank you for the update @philakonecrypto What do you think about this pattern? It matches with the Elliott waves:

you're awesome!!

thank you, took profit thanks to your analysis :D

lol thank you

Love your singing! Love trading naked!

I only ever trade naked, it's the only anyone should do it!

Thanks, watching now.

Thx for keeping us informed. If anyone loves free coins via fast airdrops check my blog.

Please DO WHATEVER you want in your videos. You are providing us FREE education. If someone wants sophisticated education, where the guy is boring & teaches textbook stuff. Please hop on to Udemy ;)

AWESOME!!!! Nice slip about scratching ba.....cks LOL!

Philakone, I want to personally thank you for your generosity in sharing your technical analysis. I am just starting out and your videos help me tremendously. You are a good teacher - thank you!

Where are you? I miss you Mumma Whale!

You sir, are a chart making machine.

el es como forrest gump, todo le sale bien jajajaja lol....

You still have Steemit to post even though your Twitter is down. Good work.

I am sorry to hear about your accounts. Hope they stay safe with your money in it. Our best wishes are with you Mama Whale.

I heard about the hacking on Twitter if you want me to tweet something with your hashtag to let people know, just send me a message.

Thanks for the update. Oh boy.. you are also fun & crazy in this video :)

I hope you are doing well there sir. whoever hack you is really jealous of you man.

The Prodigy! Genius. You are a trader, also a gamer at the top of the world!

Say it aint so, phil!?!

Well done man. Keep it up!

Mid way through wave 3 @ $10395 - Good wave structure so far. Wouldn't mind stepping into the future to see how it reacts to the resistance at 10900

I hope you are o.k after the hack? Our thoughts are with you right now. I have backed up all your tutorials, 2nd level order book short lessons and all your recent TA for BTC,BCH,XRP,LTC,IOTA,ETP and of course ETH. Here to help if you need it :)

Love and positive vibes, brother. Dust yourself off and get back up stronger than ever. Your analysis speaks for itself, but the community sentiment echoes just how well it is regarded.

You have 7-11 in Canada!

Hope you are doing well, be the bull in face of these bears. Be strong, i wish i could do something to help you, but be sure that i'm really feeling the pain for you.

Hope all is going well considering the situation at hand. Extremely frustrating, especially if you're ID is at hand as I presume. Lots to lock down. Hopefully not all your finances are exposed, but we would all help build you up. I don't worry about that part though. The very attitude & persistence that helped you ascend WoW leaderboards despite innumerable wipes & eventually to conquer a financial market through many losses, leaves me w/ no doubts that you will persist & topple this situation. Keep pushing forward my friend, & remember you have support that wants ALL of us to succeed. Some will be greedy & offer nothing, but many would pay it forward and gladly return all the help you've afforded to us.

hope te hear you again on twitter and here m8!!

Superb ;) love you way & strategies.
Thx for sharing, upvoted & retweet.
Full power!!!

Thank you for making this!
Love your dedication! 😊

Keep doing the great job you're doing for the community !!!

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