Blockchain and Tribe

in bitcoin •  3 years ago 

When you look at the issues going on the world many seem to be linked back to our tribal nature.  Despite often utopian promises, they never seem to materialize.  Whatever is proposed we fall back to our tribal nature.  Perhaps its time to accept our tribal instincts and look at where technology help us live within those constraints.  

Its very simple, groups of human tend to gravitate and work well in smaller groups where the same ideologies value persist.  If others try to join these groups and not integrate to there way of life, they are rarely accepted and conflicts occurs.  This is very much linked to our tribal nature.   

The Blockchain allow groups (tribes) to cooperate as one system without the friction that can happen in forced integration.  Nothing shows a better example that the current bitcoin public blockchain.  There you have miners and nodes living in disparate parts of the world, adhering to different cultures and speaking different languages.

Just a thought...

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Shifting communities to blockchain

Blockchain shows early but promising signs of powering an entirely new kind of organizations called Decentralized Autonomous Organization. As the name suggests, the organizations will be decentralized (that is, not controlled by a few people) and autonomous (that is, self sufficient in itself). What does that mean in practice?

It means the organization without hierarchy, not even implied, will be possible. And these organizations will allow brands and corporations to officially support (not run) the global communities around their brands. The enterprise will only be responsible to define the constitution of the community and put it in the code. Beyond the constitution, the brand has no role to play; the members powers the community entirely.

The important decisions in the community is not taken by the top of the pyramid (remember, there’s no pyramid like hierarchy) but by everyone. Every proposal gets submitted in the form of a Smart Contract on which everyone can vote. If the threshold defined in the constitution is met, the proposal gets activated for the community. Such contracts can help a community organize meetups, events and get togethers.

Even the contracts to unanimously assign certain responsibilities to an individual is possible. The members vote in to assign a role to an individual but if the person doesn’t fulfill his/her job well (or behave like a total jerk), the votes can be withdrawn, making the role taken away.

Communities and organizations will thrive in an environment where power is not converged in the hands of a few.


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