Thank you for creating this contest ! I participate with great pleasure :-)

Is it logical that some sponsors are playing this game too ? isn't this a conflict of interest?

@netizens stop being selfish. No one is paying the sponsors or Organizers to plan this. I am happy that @Arcange is able to participate.

I think we all know what this man is doing for this platform. I was only aiming for the betterment of the process.


@Arcange could you please reconcile my older badges that are missing now? i will appreciate alot. I re submitted my application yesterday but i have a lot of my badges missing inbetween the 3rd day and 9th.

Thank you for the good work you have been doing for this community

ESP - Spain win

Hooray!!! I hit the top 25.

Ура!!! я попал в топ 25.

In spite of my 2 losses, I'm still fighting the point is fine. I see that I was not the only one who opted for Poland.

Thanks for all the rewards that you make for steemians to motivate and inspare. I still vote for you because I am sure that you are one of the best witnesses. I've writen this post about adding steem dollar to binance and I think it's important for all the community. I voted for you as a witness two months ago and I hope for your support, thanks.

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