₿ Will BTC Crack Through Its Strong Support @$5750 & Create a New Low ? ₿ Short Term Analysis

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Bitcoin has now dropped to $6450, as many speculate a Rebound to 10 K due to oversold conditions, However All I am seeing is Bear Flags !

Here are all my previous Blogs where I predicted Bitcoin next move so you can determine for yourself how accurate I am:







So, I am going to go ahead and make a bold prediction here that BTC will Sell.

Can It Crack the Strong Support @5750 ?

I think it will and I see $5300 in play.

However, the reason I call this prediction bold is because of the fact that BTC has never dropped lower than this level since its rise last year.

Therefore, I will be watching very closely and do another posts if things and patterns do change in the coming weeks.

When & How will it drop ?

Now this might take weeks to 1 or 2 months.
the 2 paths I am seeing are.

BTC goes down and still cannot break the $5750 low
-Its more probable for BTC to go to $6800 and then down to crack the $5750 low (this will take weeks)
or Finally, the last and least probable scenario would be it goes to $7700 and then Bam back down and cracks the low of $5750 (this can take more than a month)

Anyhow, I see $5300 in play but not quiet sure how long this might take so I gave you the above few scenarios.

Cheers !

Stay Tune for more Posts !



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