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If you read my previous post on Bitcoin.
You will see that I recommended to buy Bitcoin between the price of $5800 and $6400

Here is the link of my previous blog post:

*This is not a professional or investment advice. This is just my own opinion

I mentioned in my previous post that If I was wrong I was not going to do another analysis but since it went in the direction I predicted I feel I have earned the right to do another one :)

Also in addition I want to say that no one can be certain and the charts are not always correct but I have been doing a lot of charting in my free time and let's see If I can nail this one right one more time !

By the way If I am a little bit OFF please keep in mind I can not be dead on precise but I try to give people a direction and also this is just my opinion.

Those who followed my first Bitcoin Blog, and also decided to go with my opinion and buy BTC with me at $6400
here is another opinion in a Q & A format:

When should I Sell Bitcoin ?

Like Right now !! :) You can either sell now at $8800 or test your luck some more and wait for tomorrow or the day after to see if It has some momentum left to go up to perhaps in the $9400 - $9800 range.

Do you think Bitcoin Is going to tank again ?

Yes, Any day now so you may get a good opportunity to buy back lower.

When Should I Rebuy?

A bit early to answer but definitely lower than $7500 and best possibility and dream buy price would be $5500 -$5800 and there is a good chance but a bit early to predict weeks down the road. Lets just wait for this baby to come back in the $7000's first.

I really want to see how many times I can be right till I finally fail :) (better than what other charters have to offer yaH ? and they have 50 k followers )


Best Regards.


Thanks for your opinion

You are welcome Nata !

I sold Bitcoin at around 10k and bought NUBits, that's supposed to stay equal to 1 dollar. Unfortunately for me, NUBits is now only worth $0.56. I hope it will go back to $1 before Bitcoin goes back above $10k but I'm very disappointed. I was going to buy Tether but that could do the same thing one day. I'll have to look at other options, I'll probably buy more steem and power up if NUBits recovers.

oh I heard about Nubits. You are right, these things are so unreliable. I had Nubits too but luckily not that much. I think Bitcoin could make a bit of a run here to $11000. In the Past Nubits dropped very low and then rose back up so hopefully you will just have to wait it out :) . good luck !

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