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Trend Line.JPG

Current Price: $6928

This is a Short Term Analysis & Prediction.

*I have been speculating quiet accurately since the end of the year, So I thought why not Post one
So here we go:

Hopefully I will comeback to this 2 weeks from now or 2 months from now and Say Wow I was right.

Good Price to Buy ?

It am calling a Mini Bull run that starts anywhere from $5600 to $6300

Are you Saying that Bitcoin will Start Flying into the Sky After it touches the $6000 Range this time?
I am only predicting the price bouncing and Bitcoin having good couple of weeks to good couple of months for now. I will have to check the chart again at that point.

The RSI and Monentum both indicate a bit more of downward action from this price which currently Stands at $6928

What is my prediction within the next month?
$9800 (do not expect it to be exact)

What is my prediction for Bitcoin highest price point for the next 2 months ?
$12000 - $13000 (do not expect it to be exact)

What could be Bitcoin Lowest Price point within the next 2 months?
hmm Around $7000-$8000

How the Hell are you Predicting this ?
Chart Analysis.

What is Safest Route for someone who does not have time for this unusual bear/highly volatile market?
Wait for $14800 when smart money comes in.
Market is currently full of price manipulators & market is still being controled by bears, including all bullish trends created by bears. (this is my opinion)

**_I saw many people post their prediction specially, on tradingview and no one has a clue as they go from bullish to bearish as price swings high & low. This made me do my own analysis and incredibly I came to this realization that the Chart has a lot of information that indicates trends I could follow.

Overall, It has been quiet fun

BTW, If I am wrong on this prediction, I will never do a speculation publicly again. It would be my first & last.
If I am right I might brag a little bit. Then continue with some more :)_**

This is NOT Professional advice, this is all just my own opinion & experience.


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