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Bitcoin has just passed upwards towards the $8000 Level.

Many are calling this a Bull Run to $50 000 but the truth is that in the short term Bitcoin is due for a Pullback !

Here are my previous Blogs:





My First 3 Predictions were right on the money $$

However, My very recent prediction that Bitcoin will go lower slightly did not exactly go as I analyzed but If you read my whole entire post again, you will notice that I did Post as an Unlikely scenario that Bitcoin price would go up to the $7700 level and then make a pullback which is exactly what is about to happen !

Currently BTC at $8150 ( $7700 or $8150 or few hundred dollars higher all the same thing yah) sorry do not have a crystal ball to predict it to the exact Dollar.

Now BTC will make a Pullback in the coming days.

It is Very Important that it holds the $6800 level.

We will have to see how the market is behaving in the near future and analyze it further but for now guys the Signal from our side is a "Sell"

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