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Welcome to Today's Selection of Co-Curations from Our Community.

The Lifelong Impact of Being Born -
Your Birth Story Echoes Throughout Your Life!

Author: @eftnow
Curator: @karinxxl - In this blog we are taken into the the subconscious phases of our early stages of life. So often we tend to forget how much infants take in on information and emotional awareness, while this is such an important phase in our life. This even goes all the way back to our time in the womb and is not to be underestimated!


Get Your Manifestation Wheel In Motion:
Vision Board Challenge

Author: @startreat
Curator: @artemislives - There are definite parts of the brain which respond to visual triggers. I love this reminder to create images to focus our thinking-action and to be conscious creators, rather than bewildered survivors. Star has some great content and I commend you to follow her and be uplifted.


The Newest Asian Love Hotel

Author: @artemislives
Curator: @karinxxl - In this super funny blog Artemis talks about that there is also a sustainable way on how to handle mosquito breeding around the house. Rainy season in the tropics is like a breeding heaven for these flying rascals, but there are also some traditional ways to get rid of the humming hostile takeover.


Steemit Ramble #160 -
Curating Great Posts for You

Author: @steemitramble
Curator: @kenistyles - Shadow has been a long time member at @smg and sometimes I overlook how much she does and is invested in supporting the wider steemit community. This post is from her new specified account [email protected] and just goes to show how committed she is to promoting and most amazingly manual curating!

That's something we pride ourselves with our own co-curating project with the smg digest, however she manages to do the ramble solo. If you're ever looking to find other great authors who are likeminded and in for the long growth on steemit. Trust Shadow to know who they are and the ramble is a great meeting place!


Damiana and Golden Fairies: My Winter Solstice Brew

Author: @riverflows
Curator: @artemislives - The solstice energy of looking within, appreciating and receiving from the abundance Mother Earth and the spirit of sisterly sharing is beautifully caught in this post. I also really love the flash of real-life-anxious-overwhelmed vulnerability and the synchronicity of something arriving, perfectly on time, that we "forgot". Always feel enriched by this author and commend you to support and follow her.


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Dropping by to show some love amidst our Summer escapades. Thanks for the wonderful digests. Will be visiting each one. #SMG

Great to be included again. I highly recommend quality content creators to join this genuine and caring community :D

Honoured to be curated and suported. Thank you to ALL the SMG members who make this learning-growing 'thing' just so much easier. :)

Thanks for curating and supporting my article @artemislives and @smg xxx