SteemFest #BeerSaturday Challenge - It is the 21st #BeerSaturday with 20 SBD in Prizes

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Steemit #BeerSaturday Challange

LIVE from SteemFest we will have a Speech about our challenge. Friday at 14:00 Lisbon time. You have a chance to see @detlev LIVE on stage talking about the Steemit #BeerSaturday Challengeat SteemFest in Lisbon.

You might view it from anywhere in world

Just by using the LINK TO THE LIVESTREAM

Steemit BeerSaturday Challenge.jpg
(C) by pixabay and modified by @detlev for #beersaturday

So, now it is YOUR turn
to come with a nice story around beer.

20 SBD in Prizes

You may win some of our Prizes which are 20 SBD in total this week, as the wonderful @wineman sponsors on behalf of the friends at #steempub the next 4 weeks some extra funds -

The Steemit #BeerSaturday challenge
like to motivate YOU
to create some valuable content
around the topic of beer

All the SBD from this post goes to the prizes and leftovers to the pot. All SP is for my work.

The Prizes

We have this week 20 SBD in total. Prize - 5 SBD
2.nd Prize - 4 SBD
3.rd Prize - 3 SBD Prize - 2 SBD Prize - 1 SBD

#SteemPub Bonus Prize - 5 SBD

The Steemit #BeerSaturday rules

Read and act

1. Post with the challenge

Create quality content and not just one picture. Add some text! Have Fun

a. Picture a beer with 3+ pictures

b. Add a story about beer

c. use the Hashtag #BeerSaturday in your post

2 Win SBD at the challenge

As all is about quality content and boosting this main Steemit #BeerSaturday challenge post

d. Upvote this main Steemit #BeerSaturday challenge post

  -->  we count the percentage from your upvote as factor X

e. Copy the "link of your new post" into a comment to this main "Steemit #BeerSaturday challenge post" as your entry

f. Have people upvote on your entry at this post

  -->  we multiply this as well with  factor X 

g. Use a booster like @randowhale or @bellyrub to this weekly main post

 -->   we multiply this with factor X

h. The judges of #BeerSaturday may give a BONUS for great content, Resteems or other reasons

--->   we multiply this as well with X 

The BeerTicketLottery

The math of #BeerSaturday is a mixture of engagement and a random number.

From all that numbers everybody gets an specific amount of Steemit #BeerSaturday lottery tickets and we do the math and choose the winner by a random number - That ticket will win.

Means, the higher your upvote is to this main post and the more you push this post with external voting - you get a higher chance to win the challenge.

This steemit challenge offers a fair chance - even to a tiny minnow - to win a prize.
We calculate the winner by the engagement, amount of upvotes and by a random prozess.


  • You may post on any weekday but add our hashtag #BeerSaturday
  • I will check the results on Saturday midnight (California Time Zone) after I wake up on my sunday

beer-saturday by detlev.png
(C) by pixabay and modified by @detlev for #BeerSaturday

The Pot

BeerSaturday Pot.png
(C) by pixabay and by @detlev

The SBD generated by the weekly challenge posts and the weekly payout post is used for the Prizes. Any leftover goes to the pot.

There was no pot until week 13 of the Challenge, as mainly @detlev alone was paying the prizes.

Actual Pot

Value of Pot at end of week 20 = 61.06 SBD

The SBD form the payout post from week 20 in not yet in the Pot

Some very special beer lovers


As supporter and beer expert @buzzbeergeek
and @detlev (me) can't win prizes at this challenge!

Calling all #BeerSaturday lovers

This is the new weekly challenge post. Have a look to the new rules as I look forward to your post today.

@bhj @felander @ervin-lemark @siona @ginga @kaith @rebeccabe @sokoloffa @thatindianlady @lanceman @liliana.duarte @sroka87 @ulys @everybitmatters @uwelang @buzzbeergeek @jeanpi1908 @puffin @charles-d @barbara-orenya @nexanymo @liliana.duarte @brightongreg @Yann0975 @jeffjagoe @lizanomadsou @jsantan @Nolasco @joythewanderer @Yogi @Shaunf @Gamer00 @ck-cake @barteksiama @harveyword @Skyleap @Uwelang @Coldsteem

Enjoy the #BeerSaturday and steem on!


ats-david-123.jpg pfunk123.jpg

Many thanks again to @ats-david, @pfunk and @newhope for supporting the challenge at week 19.

Love to see that my idea got the attention from some powerful Whales.

More Sponsors?

You like to be named as a sponsor of this contest, please do let me know!

If you love beer - and I know that Whales love beer - feel free to JOIN as supporting beer-loving Whale and grow the challenge.

 " "detlev steemit klein.gif""

Detlev love steemit

More from @Detlev
Get / shop my book by steem

Enjoy & Engage Follow & Resteem


Wishing you the best on your speech wish I could be there to meet all the steemians and enjoy a cold one but maybe next event with some more planning and advance notice I will. Here is my entry for the 21st #beersaturday challenge. Cheers!!

Nice post, interesting name for a beer.

This one certainly looks interesting! :)

Looks like a great beer, specially with them supporting steemit as indicated by@isteemithard !!

I was doing some traveling, in the Western Cape, South Africa, when I ran into the Sedgefield Craft Beer Brewery. Please click on the link to read all about this micro brewery. I enjoyed the beer a lot.
@detlev I hope you enjoy steemfest and drink a few good beers, CHEERS!!

this looked like a lovely spot to enjoy with nice outside seating too

I'm continuing mine exploration of tiny local breweries - this week a Nano Brewery ten minutes from my house in Melbourne, Australia - Enjoy -

nice idea to stay local and I may have to steal this paddle idea and go do the same for next week at The Funky Buddha a local brewery by me that recently was bought buy the big guys over at Corona but they are keeping the rights to this local brewery location.

Hi @detlev and all other beer lovers, iam back with another review :)

thanks alot for reading
yours Jan

Good morning/afternoon/evening fellow beer lovers! I have just published my review of Mikkeller IBU 1000, check it out here:

Cheers and have a wonderful weekend!

bitter is better when its beer

If you are a hop-head, then yes! :)

I love this challenge!!
My Entry Steemit #BeerSaturday challenge post

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