My enrty for the 21st BeerSaturday

in #beersaturday7 years ago

In my entry for the 15th #BeerSaturday I have already shown you the "Lager Bier" from the "Union Brauerei" and today I would like to show you another beer made by this brewery!

It is called the "Keller Pils" which means basement pils.

Like every beer in germany it is brewed in line with the "Reinheitsgebot". Which means that the beer is not allowed to contain something else than: Hop, malt, yeast and water!

It has a very intense taste in generell. It is tart and not much malty. Due to the fact that I do not call malty beers my favourites, I really like this beer! It is a very good craft beer-pils, even though I prefer the limited edition "Lager Bier". But I will definetly switch to the "Keller Pils" if it is no longer available :-)

This beer was brought to me by a friend. He brought a backpack full of craft beers from the union brewery once as he visited me and we had one beer or two that evening haha :D

Thanks for reading and cheers! :-)


Wait is that the old steemit logo I see on the back of bottle under Keller Pils?

You are right!!
Did not recognize that haha :D

Nice post, it looks like a really nice beer!!

Thank you @rynow! :-)

That looks awesome - I love a good pils!!

Will have to keep an eye out for this in my trips over the border...

Cheers 🍺

Yes I am into pils' too! :-)
I can highly recommend that!

I like the fact that you have a beer law in Germany :) Thanks for the nice review and cheers! 🍺

Thanks for your nice comment tho! :-)

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