Take Me to Church "Majayjay Church" - Beautiful Sunday

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In our travels sometimes unfortunate circumstances leads us to discovery. Still in the province of Laguna in the Philippines we were headed out to town of Majayjay. The road going to the town was very difficult, navigating in an upward and downward zigzag road. We were near the town when suddenly the steering wheel became very hard to turn. We need to find a parking area so we could check what was wrong. A beautiful ancient church appeared before our eyes and it had a spacious parking area just in front of it. Join me today as I take you on another tour in this beautiful church.

Majayjay Church

Located in Majayjay, Laguna it is also known as Saint Gregory the Great Parish Church and was founded in the year 1571. The first church was constructed in 1575 with nipa or native palms and bamboo poles. The church burned down twice and finally in 1599 the government authorized the church to be built in stone and completed in 1649. A part of the church burned down and was rebuilt in 1711 which was completed in 1730. It has been said that the work included forced labor of around 14,000 workers. At the time of completed it was known as the largest church in the Philippines during this time.

Our country is frequented by typhoons and the church was not spared. Reconstruction was done in the years 1839, 1842 and 1848. During the Spanish and American war in the country, the church was used as an American army command post. Damages was done due to the conflict and repairs were done in 1912.

This site is declared by the National Museum of the Philippines as a National Treasure in 2001.

The style of the church is Romanesque which is distinguished by the arches from the outside.

Statues of various Saints decorate the front of the church, it is very similar to St. Peter of Alcantara Parish Church that we visited 7 months ago.

The character of a church is greatly empathized by its doors. The entry way that has welcomed people throughout the centuries. It tells a lot about its age just by looking at the wood. Some has been replaced with new material, some are intricately decorated, but this one looks very medieval from ancient times.

The rivets on the door are very unique and you wouldn't probably see the design anywhere else. I just could not tell if it is made from bronze.

Before entering the church, we first check our vehicle to see what went wrong. What caused the steering wheel? We checked the bottom and noticed fluid was pouring out. It was the power steering fluid that was leaking as the hose blew up. My father said that he would look for a mechanic and take care of it. He knows how much I get excited over churches and told me to just enjoy myself for the meantime while waiting for it to get repaired.

I went inside the church and it was perfect timing as there was no on going mass and not much people around as well.

The church was lit by the lights that shines thru the windows from the second floor and the ceiling from of the church.

Also I noticed that the church does not have any painted glass windows which I always look for. I was a little bit disappointed with the lack of windows that I was looking forward of taking photos of. But we must realize that every church has its own unique charm and beauty.

If you would notice morning light gives a different glow inside churches. Afternoon light give a more soothing and calm effect.

The ceiling could use some repairs as there are some water marks and holes in parts of it.

The candle area is located on the right side and I see that a lot of candles are already lit up. A donation box is in front for the candles being used.


The 14 stations of the cross in in the form of paintings which decorates the walls of the church. They come in different forms wood carving, stone carving, painted glass and the stations are always visible in each church.

The confession room is also located on the right side of the church just next after the candle area.

I realized that they had sculptures in replacement to the painted glass windows. Each has been carefully set on ledges on the walls. The rough texture of the walls exposing the red bricks is a perfect way to highlight its age and beauty.


The retalbo where the statues and Saints are housed is painted with gold pillars and brightly lit up by the ceiling.

The windows has a cross pattern that seems to glow a white light. A unique and different take from the traditional painted glass that we always see.


The ceiling just above the retalbo is a painting of Christ ascending to the heavens.

The central dome from the third floor is where the light comes from. I think it was designed to spread the light evenly below.

I managed to explore some areas of the place which led me to this small chapel room. I didn't know if it was off limits, but I still went thru to see where it leads.

It brought me to a small courtyard and seems there are rooms on the side where some of the church staff maybe staying. I realized I should just head back as we would not want to be invading their privacy.

On my way back, I saw this gorgeous old holy water font. Normally, they are located near the entrance and are angels holding cups or shells. This is carved from stone and may even date back during the 1600 when the stone church was constructed.

I went outside to check the sides of the church and angels were guarding the place.

The archangel St. Michael with the popular depiction of triumph over the dragon.

The archangel St. Gabriel who is God's messenger holding a message for the virgin Mary.

The archangel St. Raphael who is associated with healing. His popular depiction is holding a staff and a fish. The gall bladder of a fish was used to heal the blind according to the story.

The sides of the church was my favorite part as it has aged very well. Here you would see the large buttress which provides support against earthquakes. No wonder there are no records or earthquakes causing damage to the church thru the centuries.

Looking up the bell tower takes you to another time as if being transported back during the Spanish era.


The trees also has moss growing on them which shows their age. Both of them has survived typhoons and conflict.

A perfect combination like a mysterious scene from a movie.

There is a side entrance with a door that is the same with the one in front. The place looks very secured and maybe it is one reason why the Americans used the structure as a command post.

With only two entrance and thick walls the place is well fortified and easy to defend.


The two trees has been deformed throughout the years branching out in different angles. It just shows how life can go on in spite of trials.

In my opinion, the exterior of the church its strongest asset. The red bricks, moss and the black patina on the stone wall blends perfectly like an orchestra. It makes the church truly remarkable with all these combinations, an architectural artwork painted by time.


All things comes to an end and my time here in this place is up. The repairs on our vehicle has been completed replacing the rubber hose for the power steering and I was told that we were ready to hit the road. It was a beautiful morning walk I always wish I could stay a little bit longer, but like life we must move on and continue on our journey.

Thank you again for joining me in this tour of Majayjay church. If ever you visit this town be sure to stop over at this church as it is well worth it. Please let me know what you think and tell me what is your favorite part of this place. Hope to see you again on our next journey until then, have a relaxing #beautifulsunday everyone.

In our journey here are the links to the other churches that we have visited. Feel free to visit the these beautiful architecture from our country.

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Majayjay Church



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Oh, wow, what a beautiful church, @watersnake101 ! Seems like it has a lot of history that has passed through it and that its characters make it seem as if it comes from a different time, a different world...

Beautiful photos, also <3 I really enjoyed this post <3

You got is spot on my friend. It is like walking in a different time and even the atmosphere around the area is very different.

Ancient churches have such magic and charm. Your photos are awesome!

Hey there my friend. How are you? Thanks for joining the short tour.

That's a very nice looking church. Here we mostly have beautiful old temples and a few ugly modern churches or not so special looking ones.

Oh the old temples in your area sounds compelling. What kind of temples do you have there?

Makes me wonder if there are any priceless treasures buries in there somewhere.

Hmm it has been said that a lot of treasures were buried in this province by the Japanese during WW2. My father told me that there was a church in the area where the mayor had it excavated. Guess what he found? Nothing lol. Well no one really can pin point where the treasures were buried.

Maybe, it will turn out one day.

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i see you have a lot of church review . i love this .. i follow you , and you get my 100% upvote

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I am very glad that you loved it. I appreciate the support. I am always on a lookout for new churches to visit. I hope you got the chance to check out the old ones that I visited.

I love the texture places like this have. Truly incredible. Comprehensive photographs and a wonderful write up. Thanks for sharing.

Yes the walls and old bricks gives it so much character and I am glad they kept it as it was. Thank you so much for enjoying my post.

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Wow! Such a wonderful and magnificent structure. I would really love to visit this church if it happens that I visit there someday. Not just that it is my pride being a Catholic but also to honor the significance of these historical churches to our lives. It only reminds us Filipinos who have a long history of Catholicism in our blood which always keeps us strong and determined to everyday challenges of life.

Good job for showcasing this and other churches in the country for us to read! Cheers!

Hello kabayan. I am glad you liked the post. It is my goal to document all the old historical churches in the country. So far this is my 10th church to visit but right now I am limited to closest ones in our area.

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Love you Sunday adventures everyweek @watersnake101, thanks for sharing those beautiful places!

Sunday is the only time I could do some content and I am very glad that you enjoy them. More adventures to come lol.

I don't mind waiting for your post at all...

Impressive art and old architecture, love the old wooden doors. History preserved in old buildings is testimony to how many lived in a region before we arrived.

Yes the doors are very beautiful. Also did you notice the rivets on the door? It feels somewhat medieval.

Believe it or not, my favorite photo is the one with the craved out doorknobs. The housed Saints are cool too.
Was your steering wheel okay? Need fluid? Stay safe on those winding roads.

Yes those doors are indeed fascinating. The retalbo where the Saints are house plays a major part in churches and they are always there in the churches that I visited. The oldest one I have seen was in a museum made by an unknown artist with vines carved as decorations. It was very beautiful. Thanks for asking about the steering it got fixed after replacing the rubber hose. Its an old vehicle lol I am hoping nothing else would break any time soon lol.

I drive my cars until they will drive no more. lol

That is beautiful and I'm glad to see it is being kept in good repair. I can only imagine what it is like to stand inside. I like to think about all the people who built it, back when they had no gas or electric.

Proud member of #powerhousecreatives

Standing inside old churches give you a very calm vibe. Sounds weird but I get butterflies in my stomach everytime I visit old churches maybe it is just the excitement I am feeling. This church took a lot of time and a lot of people to construct it. No heavy equipment all done manually which is amazing how they accomplished it.

It's so fasinating to see those ancient churches and i really appreciate you sharing this with us to get a glimpse of what life was like in your country hundreds of years ago! I love all the fabulous artwork there too! I wish I could have been there with you touring the old church, there is so much history there!

Ah if you were here I would point you to the best ones. Visiting old churches grew on me seeing old stone, painted glass and artifacts. Something I did not expect that I would love. If only I was well off I would be out on the road all the time seeking out more of these amazing structures.

Wow! Beautiful church I'm not religious, but I love the architecture and art you find inside

Posted using Partiko Android

I am not a Catholic but like you the architecture and art just blows me away. I have high respect for the religion, structure and art. Also the history and stories of each church is very interesting.

Yes, I am fascinated by the history. And how much was accomplished so many centuries ago!

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Resteemed upvoted tweeted

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Very much appreciated my friend. Very true unexpected beauty is around us we just need to take a look a little closer.

Beautifully and sensitively photographed @watersnake101. The statues on the outside of the church are so beautiful: Having weathered all the storms of the ages so well too. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Which ones did you like was it the archangels or the Saints in the front? Storms, earthquakes, war all played a part in making these churches in what they are right now. I hope they stay the same for the next generations.

St. Gabriel and St Michael. Yes I hope they remain in tact too. The world needs beauty that man makes, as well as natural beauty. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Those are lovely photos! Thank you for taking me to Churches that I never went to. Your posts really make me feel like I'm in an adventure. One thing that I wish to do with those kind of Churches is to climb their Bell towers hahaha. I hope that your car is functioning better now. May you have a great day!

Since you mentioned it. I have been trying to gain access in those bell towers but it seems to be always restricted and locked. The first church that I documented had stories of possession of some kids who climbed up. I am not sure if it is true but it adds mystery to the place. If you want to see the church this is the first one I did St. Mary Magdalene Church on the link.