#BeautifulSunday and #SublimeSunday :) - The Jardin Majorelle and Museum Yves Saint Laurent, a must visit landmark of Marrakech, Morocco

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Hi, my friends,

This is my entry for the #BeautifulSunday challenge, initiated by @ace108. Thanks, my friend!

And I'm also posting today inspired by #SublimeSunday, a tag from @c0ff33a! Thanks!

Today I'm bringing you to a special place in Marrakech, Morocco, the Jardin Majorelle. Since a while ago I wanted to make a post about this iconic and must visit landmark, but for one reason or another, I've been postponing it. Today is the day! Come with me!

Les Jardins de la Majorelle 8.jpg

Les Jardins de la Majorelle 10 detail.jpg

Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé discovered Marrakech in the 60's and immediately fell in love with this place. They bought and restored the Jardin Majorelle in the 80's, where they lived when they often traveled to Morocco.

Les Jardins de la Majorelle 22.jpg

Les Jardins de la Majorelle 26.jpg

The main house is smaller than I had imagined, but its architecture is a true jewel, painted with a strong indigo blue, with safran yellow and intricate Islamic details. All the compound exhales the true soul of Morocco and Orient and today is a must visit landmark when you visit Marrakech.

Les Jardins de la Majorelle 36.jpg

Les Jardins de la Majorelle 40-2.jpg

The gardens are luxurious, with hundreds of species of cactus, a bamboo forest, lots of palm trees, and many other kinds of plants, all in the middle of water channels surrounding all the property.

Les Jardins de la Majorelle 89 rego 3 best.jpg

Les Jardins de la Majorelle 59.jpg

There are also some pergolas and beautiful corners with benches that provide shadow and tranquility to those who wish to deeply enjoy the beauty and atmosphere of the place. We could easily imagine those two having beautiful moments of relaxing and inspiration in this perfect place.

Les Jardins de la Majorelle 68-3.jpg

Les Jardins de la Majorelle bamboos people 4-2.jpg

There's also a shop where we can see or buy souvenirs, like copies of the beautiful drawings and collages Yves Saint Laurent made during is life, as well as books depicting his life and career.

Les Jardins de la Majorelle 52 love 10.jpg

Les Jardins de la Majorelle 52 love 15_.jpg

Just next door, a museum was built in Yves Saint Laurent's memory. It's a modern building with a clean architecture that houses the heritage of the fashion designer, showing the evolution of his collections, from the black and neutral colors he used in the beginning to the vivid colors he started to apply after falling in love with the warm and spicy colors of Marrakech.

Les Jardins de la Majorelle museum.jpg

Les Jardins de la Majorelle museum 4_.jpg

The collection depicts unique Berber and Islamic art, as well as some iconic and famous gowns and other haute couture pieces of Yves Saint Laurent.

I hope you enjoyed this visit with me :)!

My original text and photos.

Thanks, @ace108 and @c0ff33a :)
Have a great Sunday, my friends!

Hippiesoul @nolasco

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I'm sure besides YSL, there are other people who will fall in love this place. it's nice.

Indeed! That's my case ;)... and yours, once you visit! Thanks, Ace!

You're welcome

Que maravilha, minha querida! Só tu!!! Beijinho muito grande cheio de saudades!

Obrigada, querida linda! Mil beijinhos de volta, cheínhos de saudades!

This is fantastic, I adore the blues - incredible - what an amazing building. You do it justice as well, fantastic photography and some wonderful angles that make it all the more appealing.

I throughly enjoyed your trip to the Jardin Majorelle for #SublimeSunday, thank you so much for sharing it with us.

#thealliance #witness

The pleasure was all mine, my friend! I'm happy you liked it! I hope I can always be a good surprise for you with my #SublimeSunday posts! Cheers and have a wonderful day!

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